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Content Map Canada

  1. 1. TCSS Canada Content Map Teachers: Grade/Subject: 6th Grade Unit: Canada Date Range: Social Studies Unit Essential Question: How do geographic, historical, government, Standard(s): economic, and understandings influence Canada? Concept 1: Concept 2: Concept 3: Concept 4: Geography History Government/Civics Economics Lesson Essential Questions: Lesson Essential Questions: Lesson Essential Questions: Lesson Essential Question Location Conflict and Change Power, Authority, & Governance Production, Distribution, & 1. Where are the physical features of 6. How did Canada become an 8. How does the structure of the Consumption Canada located? (SS6G5a.) independent nation? (SS6H4b.) national government of Canada 9. What is the economic system of Human-Environment Interaction 7. Why does Quebec seek distinguish the role of its citizens? Canada? (SS6E1c.; SS6E2d.) 2. How do location, climate, and independence from Canada? (SS6CG3a.) (Compare Canada with Cuba and natural resources affect people in (SS6H5a.) Brazil; Be sure to include that they Canada? (SS6G6a-b) (where people are located on a continuum live and work; access to water; impact between pure market and pure on trade) command economies, and the 3. How have environmental issues system for exchanging currencies) affected Canada? (SS6G7a) (acid rain 10. How does specialization and pollution of Great Lakes; encourage trade between Canada extraction and use of natural resources; and other countries? (SS6E2a.) timber resources) 11. How do trade barriers affect Culture Canada? (SS6E2b.) (tariffs, 4. How does the literacy rate affect the quotas, and embargos) standard of living in Canada? 12. How does NAFTA play a role 5. How did the French and English in trade in Canada? (SS6E2c.) influence the language and religion of 13. How has Canada been Canada? (SS6H4a.) influenced by the presence or absence of economic factors? (SS6E3a-d) TCSS 6th Grade Social Studies Document last changed: 7 October 2008 1
  2. 2. TCSS Canada Content Map Vocabulary 1: Vocabulary 2: Vocabulary 3: Vocabulary 4: Places Sovereign state Constitutional monarchy Pure market St. Lawrence River Commonwealth of Nations Parliamentary democracy Pure command Hudson Bay British Commonwealth Federation Mixed economy Atlantic Ocean “Quiet Revolution” Personal freedoms Continuum Pacific Ocean Voting Specialization Great Lakes Prime minister Trade barriers Canadian Shield Tariffs Rocky Mountains Quotas Terms Embargos Permafrost Imports Natural Resource Exports Extraction Diversification Timber North American Free Trade Population distribution Agreement (NAFTA) Air pollution Exchange Acid Rain Currency Wildlife Human capital (education/training) Standard of Living Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Literacy Rate Investment Capital (factories, machinery, and technology) Entrepreneurship *Not specifically stated in the state standards TCSS 6th Grade Social Studies Document last changed: 7 October 2008 2