The Speed to Cool: Agile Testing & Building Quality In
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The Speed to Cool: Agile Testing & Building Quality In



Presentation delivered at Agile 2011 in Salt Lake City by Craig Smith and Adrian Smith. Ensuring that the approach to testing and quality is understood and appropriately valued in an agile world can ...

Presentation delivered at Agile 2011 in Salt Lake City by Craig Smith and Adrian Smith. Ensuring that the approach to testing and quality is understood and appropriately valued in an agile world can be a struggle for many organisations, especially when resources are limited and our customers are expecting business value in a timely manner. In this session we will define what quality means and share a number of tools for measuring it, discuss approaches to improving the skills, empowerment and role of testing in the organisation and share why testing is the coolest role on the team and why it is everyones responsibility.



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The Speed to Cool: Agile Testing & Building Quality In The Speed to Cool: Agile Testing & Building Quality In Presentation Transcript

  • TheSpeed to Cool:Agile Testing Craig Smith& Building Adrian SmithQuality In
  • Welcome… “Eyyy!”Image: © Fuzzy Door Productions / 20th Century Fox Television C A
  • Welcome… Not Related…Image: © Universal Pictures C
  • Not Australian for Beer!Image: C
  • The speed to cool…Image: Pineapples101 (Flickr) C
  • Thumbs up… Cool!Image: C
  • Choke...Image: C
  • So, What is a Tester?Image: A
  • Look left… Lookright… A
  • Look up…Image: A
  • CSI: SoftwareImage: © Jerry Bruckheimer Television C
  • Agile & TestingImage: C
  • To Do Analysis Develop Test Done We reflect work like this... C
  • To Do Analysis Develop Test Done Which is really workinglike this... C
  • Remind you of something?Image: Craig Smith C
  • Testers in an Analyst / agile team Customer Project Elaboration / Specification Acceptance Criteria Manager High Performing AGILE Developer Automation Tester C
  • Testers in an agile team Analysts need more testing involvement AnalystTesters need moretechnical involvement Tester Developer Developers need more testing involvementMore Less Requirements Functional / ExploratoryTechnical Technical Automated Customer Specialist Unit Test Manual Design Collab. Code Tests Test Test C
  • Definition of Quality… (noun) the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something oxforddictionaries.comImage: / A
  • Quality means different thingsImage: A
  • Implicit / Explicit QualityImage: A
  • Testing ≠Quality A
  • Building Quality InImage: C
  • Quality is everyone’s responsibilityImage: © AP C
  • Everyone likes to be seen to value qualityImage: © Reveille Productions C
  • Quality from kickoffImage: © United Feature Syndicate C
  • Success sliders Cost Scope Quality Time Fixed 1 X 2 X 3 XFlexible 4 X C
  • Cost Scope Quality Time Your Fixed 1 X Turn! 2 X 3 X Flexible 4 XImage: A
  • Quality almost always at number 3 Cost Scope Quality Time Fixed 1 X 2 X 3 XFlexible 4 X A
  • Correctness A
  • Quality Interoperability Maintainability RobustnessTrade- Reusability Availability Testability Portability Efficiency Reliability Flexibility Usability Integrity offsReliability + + + + - + +Robustness + + + -Availability + +Integrity - - - - -Flexibility + - - + + +Usability + - -Interoperability - + - +Efficiency - - - - - - - -Testability + + + + - +Maintainability + + + - +Reusability - - + + - + + +Portability + - + - + - + A
  • What does quality meanDefining 1 Quality Advocates to the different roles in the team?Quality 2 Quality Taxonomy What are quality attributes? Quality How do we know what 3 Prioritisation quality attributes to include? What are risks with the 4 Quality Tradeoff Risks quality attributes we are trading off? 5 Quality Measurement How do we test and measure quality? 6 Success Sliders How does quality relate to the sliders? 7 Quality Definition What does quality mean? 8 Next Steps How do we apply quality to our work C
  • QualityDefinition C
  • Shared understanding of qualityImage: © 2008 Melissa McKenney C
  • Strategy & PlanImage: A
  • Simple teststrategy& plans A
  • Simple teststrategy A
  • Reporting & MetricsImage: © Sesame Workshop C
  • Understand continuous integrationImage: C
  • Understand code metricsImage: C
  • Report how testing is goingImage: C
  • Your Turn! #1Image: A
  • BVC PROJECT TESTING 9 25 7 5 8 New Risks & Issues Raised Number of Risks & Issues 6 7 20 Number of Defects 4 Number of Tests 5 6 15 3 5 4 4 3 10 2 3 2 2 5 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 HEALTH 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 TEST Iteration Iteration COVERAGE OVERALL DEVELOPMENT USER 5700 1800 9 $30 5600 1600 8 5500 $25 1400 7 Number of Features Lines of Test Code 5400 Business Value Lines of Code 1200 6 $20 5300 1000 5 5200 $15 800 4 5100 600 3 $10 5000 4900 400 2 $5 4800 200 1 4700 0 0 $-MAINTAINABILITY 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 PERFORMANCE Iteration Iteration A
  • Agile Testing PracticesImage: C
  • Low Value vs High ValueImage: © The Curiosity Company / 20th Century Fox Television C
  • Good: Basic AutomationImage: C
  • Better: ATDD / BDD Plain text test Step definition Production codeImage: C
  • Best: Specification by exampleImage: C
  • Quality MaturityImage: © Gracie Films / 20th Century Fox Television A
  • Agile QualityPractices A
  • Team Self-Assessment A
  • QualityRequirements A
  • QualityDevelopment A
  • QualityTesting A
  • Quality TeamImage: A
  • Your Turn!Image: C A
  •  Test artifacts are treated with the same importance as code and are4 properly maintained and refactored  The relevant ____ility and security tests form part of the test strategy  Non-functional requirements are agreed and included in the test strategy3  Test planning is based on risk (technical complexity and business impact)  Test strategy is agreed and understood by the team and includes2 targets (coverage, defects, …)  Test strategy is documented and visible as a BVC used by the team  An agreed approach to testing that is aligned to a definition of quality1  Tests are considered a valuable asset that can be reused as features are progressively implemented  No agreed approach to testing Test-1  Tests are not considered a valuable asset Planning C A
  • Collaboration: Estimating: Recruitment & Development: I work with analysts and SMEs to I am involved in developing I am attracted to the organisation ensure that testable acceptance estimates for projects at a story because testing is a cool career path criteria are created for all stories level, for tools and infrastructure that offers heaps of opportunities and a and also for deployment/release way of continually developing my skills activitiesAutomation:I work with developers toautomate tests that provide Reporting:business value and identify I provide metrics that givesystem risks insight into project health and system qualityStrategy & Planning:I am involved in the project at all Agile:stages to ensure that testing I understand Agile project deliveryprovides the greatest value and and the differences between testingquality objectives are achieved in the different phases of an phase Qualifications & Training:Tools & Techniques: I have recognised qualifications inI use both manual and testing and continually update andautomated techniques using the maintain my skillspreferred testing tools based onthe situation Architecture: I have an understanding of the system architecture and can create tests that Community & Teams: verify individual components and the I am part of a community of Development: system as a whole testers that are embedded I take an interest in within teams but share development practices and common values monitor code quality metrics Future tester C A
  • Testing SkillsImage: A
  • Architecture SkillsImage: C
  • Technical SkillsImage: A
  • Share with communityImage: C
  • Tools & AutomationImage: Martha (Picasa) A
  • Get Involved EarlyImage: C
  • Queue To JoinImage: C
  • Wrap UpImage: © Chuck Lorre Productions C
  • Do you have a testing skillset (or are you just doing testing)? CImage: © Jerry Bruckheimer Television
  • Does everybody understand their role in quality?Image: A
  • Are you building quality in from the start?Image: © HiT Entertainment / Hot Animation A
  • Are you measuring testing and assessing quality?Image: © Talent Associates C
  • Are you hunting down best practices?Image: © King Features Syndicate / Lee Falk A
  • Are you testers empowered?Image: © DC Comics A
  • Don’t forget to use(or improve) our quality templates C
  • Testing is cool…Image: © Miller-Milkis Productions C
  • ...but I love it when quality comes togetherImage: © Universal Television C
  • Craig Smith Questions ??? Dr. Adrian Smith @adrianlsmith
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