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Suncorp & the Agile Approach -  Why it's a Must Have for your Future
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Suncorp & the Agile Approach - Why it's a Must Have for your Future


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A presentation given at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) in April 2011 to graduate students on Suncorp and why an agile culture is important for any prospective place of work.

A presentation given at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) in April 2011 to graduate students on Suncorp and why an agile culture is important for any prospective place of work.

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Suncorp and the Agile Approach: Why it’s a Must Have for your FutureCraig SmithSuncorp
  • 2. Welcome Image:
  • 3. I wasonce like you... Image:
  • 4. Suncorp is a unique, diversified financial services group. We have businesses thatprovide banking, general insurance, life insurance and wealth managementproducts and services. They operate in Australia and New Zealand. • Top 25 ASX listed company • Around 17,000 employees • Over 228,000 shareholders and around 8 million customers • One of the largest general insurance groups in Australia and New Zealand • The fifth largest bank in Australia • The Suncorp Group is also home to 26 well-known brands across Australia and New Zealand. So it’s not surprising we can offer you some amazing career opportunities. Who is Suncorp?
  • 5. Corporate Human Group Group Finance Group Risk services Resources Marketing Five operating divisions Personal Commercial Vero NZ Suncorp Bank Suncorp Life Insurance InsuranceShared Business Business Real Estate Procurement Services TechnologySuncorp Group Structure
  • 6. Living Agile Image:
  • 7. A quick wayback machine ride Image:
  • 8. A tribute to W.W. Royce Image:
  • 9. A tribute to W.W. Royce Read past page 2! Image:
  • 10. Fad after fad after fad... Image:
  • 11. Fad after fad after fad... Image:
  • 12. One TPS report too many Image:
  • 13. Image: in business land...
  • 14. Image: techniques
  • 15. Image: after fad after fad...
  • 16. Image: in a factory
  • 17. Agile An umbrella term Image:
  • 18. Agile Manifesto
  • 19. XP
  • 20. XP Image: Beck, Kent – Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change
  • 21. Scrum Image:
  • 22. ScrumImage:
  • 23. Image: manufacturing
  • 24. Gettingback to basics Image: /
  • 25. Why Agile: More with less Image:
  • 26. Competitive advantage Image:
  • 27. Speed of delivery Image:
  • 28. Solutions customers want Image:
  • 29. Seat at the table Image:
  • 30. Marsh- MallowChallenge Image:
  • 31. Agile Pyramid Approach Practices Principles Values Image:
  • 32. AgileValues Image:
  • 33. Trust Image:
  • 34. Innovative Accountability Image:*2wdaTOzddSe7nxP6PU6UN8tci/questionsignpost.jpg
  • 35. Courage Image:
  • 36. Honesty Image:
  • 37. It’s All About Culture Image:
  • 38. AgilePrinciples Image:
  • 39. Image:
  • 40. Image:
  • 41. Image:
  • 42. Image:
  • 43. Image:
  • 44. Image:
  • 45. AgileApproach Image:
  • 46. 5% Image
  • 47. 10% Image
  • 48. 80% Image
  • 49. 5% Image
  • 50. AgilePractices Image:
  • 51. EstimationBecause somebodywants an estimate Image:
  • 52. Break Down -> DoneImage
  • 53. Daily standup
  • 54. Retrospective
  • 55. Development dials to elevenImage
  • 56. Pair Programming
  • 57. Co-location
  • 58. Cross functional team Project Sponsor Project Manager Program Manager Consultants Iteration Manager Team lead Comms Officer Busines Core Team Member Owner Team Quality Assurance Bus. SME Project Officer Team Specialist Support Other key Analyst stakeholders Extended TeamSkills Image
  • 59. Frequent small releases Small iterations Release often Image:
  • 60. Test driven development Acceptance criteria for every story Image:
  • 61. Continuous integration Image:
  • 62. Visualise the flowGet it in peoples faces
  • 63. Business release planning
  • 64. Infrastructure planning
  • 65. Story cards
  • 66. With acceptance criteria
  • 67. Image: visual charts
  • 68. Futurespective
  • 69. Image: Sense?
  • 70. Image: in IT
  • 71. Image: in the business
  • 72. Image: do I care?
  • 73. Sounds Great...How Do IJoin The Team? Image:
  • 74. What We Look ForOur Criteria ‘Sure we want to talk to graduates who’ve had academic success, but we’re also interested in your contribution to the community and past experience.’What can you offer as a Graduate?We ask for evidence that you have the:• Motivation for the role• Organisational fit• Skills and competency• Potential to developWhat do we look for in Graduates?• Passion• Strong communication and interpersonal skills• Ability to be innovative and think outside the square• Demonstrated ability to apply your technical knowledge• Analytical and problem solving skills• Flexibility/ Adaptability• Team player /Collaborative• Leadership
  • 75. How Do Suncorp Source? Tips and HintsSourcing ActivitiesCorporate Website • Start researching employersOnline Job Board Advertising • Set up job alertsPrint Advertising • Submit an expression ofIndustry Events and Associations interestSocial Networking Sites • Apply during peak graduateCareers Fairs recruitment periodsEmployee Referrals • Career planning – what areDatabase Searches your long and short termRecruitment Agency Partnerships goals? How can ‘Suncorp’ helpUniversity Partnerships me achieve these goals?
  • 76. Graduate Program Developmental Plan – grow1-2 year program your technical & Support structure – Buddy, interpersonal skills. Build Mentor & Graduate *Rotation* on your commercial Manager acumenNetworking Events Meet the business & other Suncorp Grads
  • 77. Selection Process Resume Telephone AssessmentApplications Screen Screening Centre Manager Once Cognitive Offer Checks Removed Interview Assessment
  • 78. Benefits • Paid Community Service leave• Apart from National organisation • Paid Paternal/Adoption leave owning over 26 Major Companies, 17000 employees. • Additional unpaid paternal leave• Fantastic career development • Opportunity to purchase add annual opportunities, a great team culture and leave a challenging and rewarding career – there are many more perks to working • Opportunity to cash out leave for Suncorp..... • Paid Personal leave• Paid Permanent position • Paid Sick leave• Paid Superannuation • Opportunity to salary sacrifice• Fortnightly pay • Access to Suncorp’s Employee• Opportunity to start employment early on a casual basis whilst studying Assistance Program• Paid study assistance and the • Discounted personal insurance opportunity to undertake professional • Fee free banking accreditation • Discounted credit cards and lending• Paid internal corporate training products (i.e. Home and car loans)• Paid study leave• Paid annual leave • Discounted health insurance• Paid public holidays • Discounted travel• Paid Compassionate leave • Discounted mobile phone and internet packages • Discounted Apple products (i.e. iPods, computers, iPhones)
  • 79. Cool Stuff Image:
  • 80. What sort ofenvironmentdo you want to work in? Image:
  • 81. More Information?Website: to us on Facebook: