Agile Testing & How We Need To Change

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Rene Maslen and Craig Smith presentation from SIGIST Brisbane September 2010

Rene Maslen and Craig Smith presentation from SIGIST Brisbane September 2010

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  • 1. Agile Testing & How We Need To Change Rene Maslen Craig Smith Suncorp Suncorp
  • 2. Welcome Image:
  • 3. Speed to cool... Image:
  • 4. The Agile Team
  • 5. Technical Divide
  • 6. Image: Skills even more important
  • 7. Image: Involve Early / Test Early
  • 8. Image: ATDD
  • 9. Image: Automation
  • 10. Image: Quality everyone’s business
  • 11. Image: It’s all about delivery
  • 12. Image: Opportunity
  • 13. Change in the organisation Image:
  • 14. Change Image:
  • 15. Training and Coaching Image:
  • 16. Roles & responsibilities Image:
  • 17. Processes & practices Image:
  • 18. Tools and Infrastructure Image:
  • 19. Communications Image:
  • 20. Implement Change Example Project Engagement Model JULY AUGUST SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER Preferred Project A Tools Implement Project B Strategy Minimum Pilot Project C SkillSet Training Strategy Project D Input Strategy Preferred Recruit Deliver Project E Input Staff Training Tools Create Refine TRAINING & COACHING Training Training Harmonise PROCESS & PRACTICES Strategy HR ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES Guide Consolidate TOOLS & INFRASTRUCTURE Tool Set COMMUNICATION & CHANGE MANAGEMENT
  • 21. Build Quality In Image:
  • 22. Wrap Up Image:
  • 23. Image: Individual passion & craft
  • 24. Image: Organisational change
  • 25. Questions ?? Rene Maslen Craig Smith @renemaslen @smithcdau Suncorp is one of Australia and New Zealand's largest diversified financial services providers, supplying banking, insurance and wealth management products to around 9 million customers through well- established and recognised brands such as AAMI, Australian Pensioners Insurance Agency, Shannons, Vero, Asteron and Tyndall, as well as Suncorp and GIO. Today, Suncorp is Australia's fifth largest bank and second largest domestic general insurance group, with over 16,000 staff. Suncorp has representation in 450 offices, branches and agencies throughout Australia and New Zealand. ( The Agile Academy is the next wave in Agile learning and collaboration. Designed for IT professionals, the Agile Academy is a knowledge hub that promotes Agile related learning, knowledge sharing and capability development across the IT industry. We offer an integrated curriculum of leading edge courses across the entire solution development life cycle, covering all roles at varying levels. (