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Design & technology

  1. 1. Design andTechnologyBradley Smith
  2. 2. Grooming Brands Hackett is an upmarket British gentlemans designer company found in 1983 by Jeremy Hackett Ashley Lloyd-Jennings. Because Hackett are a old company a lot of their advertisement are old fashion but sophisticated and their target audience are aimed at business men aged from 20-40 year olds.Lynx is a brand of male grooming products, owned by British-Dutch company Uniliver and marketed for the young malesdemographic. Lynx or Axe was launched n France in 1983 byUniliver. Lynx have many different advertising skills forexample how there TV ads are made for a younger targetaudience (12- 18 year olds) because there videos areinspirational for teenagers to get girls . I think that if Lynxdidn’t have these international adverts then they would notbe as worldwide as they are.
  3. 3. Grooming Brands Fish is an English company and began with two staff in 1987, then in 1995 Harrods sold their waxing products and in 2000 Fish launched their whole product range in Boots. Fish is a brand that they advertise with celebrity’s such as Russell Brand and David Becham which are known for there iconic interesting hair styles. Fish are products for men and women which gives them a bigger target audience also I think there target age group is 16- 30 year olds.Mr Natty is a brand that is made in England which specialises formale grooming for example: Hair wax, after shave and shave oil.Mr Natty uses a different style of advertisement which is seemedto be for elder men with moustaches, I think this is becauseyoung men (20-30 years old), are finally able to grow facial hairand I believe it is inspirational. Mr Natty reminds me of a veryold fashion Barbour shop because of the text used through outthe products.
  4. 4. Old Spice is an American brand for male grooming products. The original producer of Old Spice was founded in 1934 by William Lightfoot Schultz. The first Old Spiceproduct was intended for females but then was made for men the year after in 1938. I have chosen the brand Old Spice because I believe that they use to target their products at the older generation because of their Old Spice original range which began in 1938. But on the other hand I believe that it is advertised to a youngergeneration because of the adverts they create being silly but funny. For example the advert of the black man using is muscles to play instruments, this makes a youngergeneration aspire to be muscular, but I believe Old Spice are also trying to advertise their product to black people. I even brought a deodorant of Old Spice original because I like this brand so much, and I am very happy with my purchase. I have chosen this product because not only does the adverts make me laugh but also because of the musky smell which smells very bold and grand.
  5. 5. What Is a Point of Sale Unit? A point of sale unit is a specialised form of sale promotion, they are made to draw the customers attention to the product. Point of sale display units could be used for a new product or a special offer. What Is a Good & Bad Point of Sale Unit? Good Bad• Eye catching to the customers. • The point of sale unit is not safe.• Clear and obvious of what the brand • Doesn’t advertise the brand well. is. • The unit is not stable.• Suitable to the product. • Does not tell the customer the price of• Located in a certain place in the shop. the product.• Accessible to the customer.
  6. 6. Point of Sale Displays I think that this point of sale is This point of sale is also one This point of sale is one of great because it advertises of my top three due to its my top 3 because it stands the brand well with eye yellow attractive colour and out and is interactive with catching colors and is also in also how all of the ‘foot care’ the customer. The colours an ideal place in the shop products are all under one are very bright which being able to get to it and stand which helps the makes it stand out in the also is at head height. I customer for his/her shop because of its bright believe this point of sale purchase. The stand is colours due to the suites its target audience suitable for all the products different colours/flavours being women because of the because of the shelves that of the other lollipops. bright pink and white colour hold all of the items. scheme. This point of sale is not This point of sale is a stand This point of sale is a expensive to which I believe is very poorstand of ‘Pocket Money manufacture due to its because I believe if you are Toys’ which is great cardboard cut out, which buying glasses the first thingbecause the stand is not is normally found on the you take in mind is how they too tall so that children check out desk. This look and there is no mirror oncan pick which item they point of sale is still the sunglasses stand, also this want to show their effective because how it point of sale is not eye mother and is also easy is quite eye catching due catching and doesn’t to take of the rack this to the colors used and advertise the brand well. means it is interactive. the picture. It is also very cleat that it is a case for your glasses. This point of sale is very This point of sale is one of This point of sale is eye bland only sticking to my top three because of catching as the promoting one color being red/ many reasons such as; the image looks as if it’s a pink which doesn’t color is very bright and celebration of their brand really stand out to suites the color scheme of giving customers the customers. This point of the walkers logo, also the impression of a quality and sale des suite its target price is very clear at ‘75p’, reliable brand that is worth audience because of also that cardboard is very purchasing. The colour scheme the shelves the easy to manufacture. is also effective as it matches products are on. the various nail varnish colours that are available.
  7. 7. Point of SaleDisplays bland,point of sale iscatching This with no eye quite This point of sale looks very basic and dull, most colours or features. The sunglasses stands have interactive stand is effective as mirrors for customers to use customers can browse the whilst testing the products various cards for sale with therefore this should be ease and at there own pace, added for customer however it could be improved satisfaction. The lower by giving it a more modern, sunglasses for sale are hard to professional look with bright reach and therefor could be a colours. problem for disabled or tall customers. This point of sale is one of the worst I have seen in any shop This is not a point of sale, due to how basic is the lack of advertisement and also the position fails to promote the of the sale in the shop different products and is being on a low shelf. not relevant to the brands There is also no for sale. It is also indication of the unattractive with no sales prices on the item prices, overall it doesnt which I believe is one stand out in the shop. of the key things a customer looks at before buying.
  8. 8. Brief SituatioI will be designing a new point of sale In think a situation with Old Spice is thatdisplay unit for a male grooming they have recently completely changedcompany, the brand I have chosen is Old the age group and also even theSpice. ethnicity which I feel has lost many ofTask the elder customers.AnalysisAesthetics:Modern, art deco, high Cost to Manufacture: Expensive- high range Customer: Young, teenager, Materials: High end materials- Function: Bracket, shelf, simple,range materials, pop materials, well elderly, adult, carbon fibre, stainless advertises well,art, strong, interactive, manufactured, strong wealthy, rich, poor, steel, gold, oak, uncomplicated, lighteye catching, sleek, and durable. mahogany. up, bright, spraysimplistic, light, Mid-priced- popular Safety: Mid end materials- fragrance, interactive,hidden, vintage, retro, materials, Sharp edges, easily aluminium, glass, touch screen, playsminimalistic, organic Cheap- bad materials, broken, stable, strong, pine. music, theft cord.shapes, straight lines. easily broken, durable, ergonomic, Low end materials- temporary and less cardboard, MDF. Environment: well manufactured, safe. Recyclable? Chemist, accessible, tagged to supermarket, corner prevent theft, screwsColor: shop, post office, by Social Media: covered, nails covered, Size:Bright colors- red, the till, stand, shelf, Twitter, Facebook, smooth, no small parts, Tall stand, high shelf,blue, yellow, pink, up high, accessible, YouTube, adverts, Bebo, wiring covered, wiring tray, large, medium,green. outside. QR codes, insulated, no tripping small, accessible, suitedDull colors- black, hazard, to the product,white, grey
  9. 9. Links FXLogical – I believe it is very logic to have the brand name displayed clearly on the point of sale unit so that the customer can clearlyidentify it’s brand. I also think that the actual product that is being advertised by the point of sale unit, should be on display so thecustomer can pick up the product have a feel of it and test the product. It is also logical to have the price of the product on the displayunit so the customer can become clear of if the price is in their money range and for the size of the point of sale unit to not be too big andnot too small. The positioning of the point of sale unit should be on right hand side as you enter the shop because this is the placecustomers normally go to, the point of sale should look clear and obvious to what product it is advertising.Illogical – If the point of sale is too interactive for example, it has a TV or it play’s a song, this may put of some of the customer to goingover to that certain part of the shop to look at the product. Giving out too many free samples of the male grooming product is illogicalbecause you may end up loosing more money than gaining money from actually selling the product because people may just takemultiple free samples.Needs – The brand will have to have its brand advertised in larger text on the display unit to make the customers know who has createdthe product,. It also needs to attract the attention of the customer by being eye catching or having some sort of interactive feature, whichpulls the customer in. The product on display will have to be secure so that it is prevented from theft, by having some sort of cord fromthe point of sale unit, or having a tag on the product.Keeps – The thing on my point of sale display unit that I would keep would be that it draws the attention of the customer, it is eye linewith the customer, it advertises the product well and that it advertises the brand well by being bold and large.Scrap – The thing I would scrap from my point of sale unit is that it will not have a TV because it will cost a lot to manufacture and mightput customers off,Form Vs Function – I want my point of sale unit to look really good so that it attracts many customers and makes the customers want tobuy the product my point of sale is displaying, but have not many functions because I feel too many functions may put the customer offand also it costs a lot to manufacture functions for each point of sale unit.. So will settle with 75% on the form and 25% on the functions.X Factor - My point of sale will be unique and stand out from other point of sale units because of the wooden locker theme which will beinteresting and will draw the attention of customers.
  10. 10. Initial SpecificationAesthetics – I believe that the colour for my point of sale should stand out to the customer by using materials that point of sale unitsdo not usually use for example old oak wood panels for the base because how Old Spice is quite rustic and reminds me of boatsbecause of the adverts seen on TV of Terry Crews being on an island. I also feel that it should look modern because this will help theunit stand out in the shop to attracts the customers eye.Cost – The cost of my point of sale display unit will not be too expensive because their will not be many functions but the material thatI will use will be oak wood which will cost quite a bit, but will be worth it because it will stand out in the shop.Customer – My point of sale display unit will aim to attract men for ages 16-50, but the customer that normally buys the malegrooming products are women from research I have discovered because they are the person that normally goes shopping for thehusband or child. So the point of sale unit will have to also attract the female gender.Environment – The environment for my point of sale display unit will be anywhere where the product is being sold for example,chemists and supermarkets. It should be located in the area where male grooming products would be found, and should be on theend of isle so that it is the first thing the customer will see.Size – The size of my point of sale display unit will be medium size so that it stands out in a shop to customer and also is not too bigbecause it will be hard to deliver to the shops and will be too heavy because of the oak material I will be using.Safety – The safety of my point of sale display unit will be safe by not having wires that are on show because this may cause a trippinghazard. Also my point of sale display unit will be stable by having plastic gripped feet to stop the point of sale from falling of a shelf.Function – The functions of my point of sale unit will be very limited because most of the money that will be in the product will be itsmaterial, but the theme of my POS will be a wooden locker which will need a spotlight to shine on the product.Materials – The material of my point of sale display will be made from old oak because it fits with the theme of my brand, it will alsomake my POS very attractive because of its interesting style.
  11. 11. Research and Product Assembly: Questionnaire: I will be looking online I will be creating a questionnaire to find out the preferences of my target and also going into audience. This will then give me an idea of an appropriate product which meetsTime Plan shops to find out the my target audience wants by asking them effective simple and multiple choice Environmental Snapshot: different types of questions.By taking an environmental snapshot will help me assembling for Person and Product Interaction: think about where I want to locate my point of different point of sale I will visit a shop for example Boots, and I will watch carefully peoples sale in the shop. I will find the product Old Spice units. I will be looking behaviour when looking at point of sale display units. I will find out how they in a shop for example a supermarket and will at the different types interact with the POS for example how they test the product and how they hand take an image of how the product is displayed to of materials for the product. This will then help me greatly in finding ways to make my point ofthe customers but also look at where it is actually example acrylic and sale display unit more user friendly. located for example, next to the skin care cardboard used and products. I will also consider the colors around First Hand Existing Design Analysis: also if they are already the products and the size of the existing point of I will research different point of sale units, by going to different shops that sell made or the shop sale display units for male grooming products. fragrances and asking a member of staff if I can take pictures of their POS units. employees have to make them their self. This will help me find out what makes a good and a bad point of sale display unit. For each point of sale unit I will be using ACCESS FM to analysis the POS in real detail. Brand Profiling: I will be looking at the brand from the very start all the way up to the year 2012, this will help me see how Old Spice has changed over the years for example how the logo has change, how the target audience has changed. I will use the internet to help me find out all of this information because I believe it is the easiest and more detailed. Customer Profiling: For my customer profiling I will be asking questions to people that already purchase Old Spice things such as what type of car do you have, how old are you, what type of house do you have and do you wear designer clothes. This will give me a better understanding of the type of people my target audience are. Mood Board: I will create a mood board by inserting a numerous amount of images that relate to ‘Old Spice’ the male grooming brand. I will insert pictures of different material I will want to use, the style of the product, the colors, the textures and the themes.
  12. 12. MoodBoardI have chosen these items, advertisement and materials because Ibelieve it represents Old Spice for example how the woodreminds me of quite a rustic look and also how wood is usedmainly in gyms which is represented by how one of the Old Spiceadverts is of him tensing his muscles to create ‘muscle power.’ Ialso feel that the type of men that buy Old Spice are interested inmodel women and also want to have the top designers clothingto look suave.
  13. 13. Brand 1930’s In 1934 the Shulton company original producer of Old Spice, was founded by William Lightfoot Schultz.ProfilingThe first Old Spice product was intended forfemales, which was introduced in 1937. In 1938they changed there target audience completely and 1940’sstarted making it for males. 1950’s 1960’s 1970’s The first Old Spice after shave I believe this product was sold to product, introduce in 1937, was customer in late 2007, this show intended for females. As you you how the logo has changed, can see the logo is different to but how the bottle has stayed 1980’s how it is now, but the bottle the same for old customers to has stayed the same shape as a recognize the product buoy.In 2006 Old spice shaped their cologne products as 1990’sbuoys. Also in 2006 they won FHM’s grooming In February 1993 the clipper ship was replaced by theaward for best sporty fragrance. yacht logo. 2000’s On July 14, 2010, Old Spice launched the fastestIn early 2008, the original Old Spice scent was growing online viral video campaign ever, garnering 6.7repackaged as "Classic Scent," both in the after million views after 24 hours, ballooning over 23 millionshave and cologne versions. views after 36 hours. 2010’s
  14. 14. Customer ProfilingWhile observing customers that buy Old Spice products from the shop Boots, I noticed that a largepopulation were mothers which were buying for their sons, partners and teenagers. A very smallpopulation of people buying the product were the older generation of men because of how Old spicewere quite popular in 1940’s. Their was a mixture of white and black people. These customers fit into my `intended target market. When I spoke to one of the staff I asked who intends to buy the product OldSpice and they replied mainly mothers that are buying for their sons.
  15. 15. First Hand Existing ProductAnalysis The aesthetics for this point of sale I think is quite The aesthetics for this point of sale unit are very eye pleasing with the plastic roses and a the good choice of catching due to the different colors representing the female colors, but it doesn’t have a quality finish. The cost different types of fragrance. The cost of this point of sale for this POS unit wouldn’t be very expensive due to the unit would probably be quite expensive due to it being material being very cheap and how it is mass production made of wood and acrylic in large amounts, but it can be made. The customer that would buy this POS would be a re-usable by sticking different products of brands over the women, I know this because of the colors used and how existing unit. The customer that would be buying this Juicy Couture is only made for women. The environment product would be around twenty due to its sweet for this POS was as you can see was at the end of an isle in summer smells which relates to the color choice. The the fragrance section this was one of the first things that I environment for this eye catching point of sale unit is in saw when I walked over to the section. The size of this the shop Debenhams, located in the fragrance section. point of sale was I think an reasonable size for a ground The size of this unit is about five feet length, one feet standing unit, and Is perfect for the average height width and 1 feet depth, which I feel is a very good size for women. This unit was very safe because it was securely a POS because it made me look at it first because it was at on the end of an isle and had plenty of room around it for my eye line. This POS is very safe due to how much it customers not to trip on. There wasn’t really any stands out in the shop, the space around the unit and functions on this point of sale unit apart from a tester, but having no wires to trip on. There is no functions within functions are not usually used on cardboard point of sale this POS unit because it doesn’t really need any but units. The materials that it was made out of were maybe a light in each shelf to advertise the product cardboard which is a very cheap material but is effective better. because it does the job. This makes it a very easy manufacturing process and is also recyclable. This a POS unit is I feel is very aesthetic due to its The aesthetics for this display is very eye catching expensive look using the color gold which grabs your because of its tallness and the colours are effective attention straight away. The customer for this product because of the brands style. The cost of this point of sale would be someone who likes the smell of the fragrance would be quite expensive due to the amount of materials and is a women. The cost for this POS I feel would be used and the quality of the POS. the customer buying this quite expensive because of the materials used but product would be female and men because of the because the size of the unit is small there wouldn’t be a different colours for each product and also because it had lot of materials used. The materials used are stainless a poster of a women on one side advertising the product steel and clear acrylic over the photograph of the even more. On the other side there was a poster of a man women. This point of sale is very safe because it has advertising the male product. The environment of this rubber feet to stop it sliding of the surface. It is also point of sale was in the fragrance section in Debenhams relatively heavy due to its high quality materials. The and had plenty of space around it for customers to walk functions of the unit is that there is a tester which is good round. It was also in the middle of the males and women for the customer to interact with the product. The section because it has two different genders of fragrance. customer for this unit is women due to the poster of a There is no functions within this POS unit because it women on display, also the colours that are used are doesn’t really need any but maybe a light in each shelf to purple, pink and gold which is aimed for women that are advertise the product better. This display is very safe into the designers to look good. The environment for this because of the space around it and also how it is secured POS was on the counter where you would pay, this is for to the floor to stop the point of sale being knocked over. customer to test the product while they are waiting to The materials used is wood and acrylic which doesn’t pay. Which makes the customer try the fragrance. make the point of sale too expensive.
  16. 16. First Hand Existing ProductAnalysis This point of sale unit can be displayed at the counter of a store to persuade the costumer to make an Very unique design instantly draws attention because of the circular shape and use of electronics to light impulse buy. It would be found in a the point of sale up. This would high end store as it has a top quality make the unit cost a lot more then finish and the materials used would others units and the framework has be plastic and metal which would be been made completely out of glass more costly. The colour scheme also adding to the cost. However it looks professional and links to the adds to the units professionalism brand, in particular the gold strip of and exclusiveness. A Smart colour metal around the display is a similar scheme as the blue contrasts with colour to the fragrances colour, this the white bottle of aftershave and a makes it stand out instantly drawing floating effect has been created as the attention of the costumer. the bottle is encased in glass making However as it is so small it can only the product more desirable. It would be placed on the counter of the store attract a wide range of costumers as where some customers would not the POS is exclusive. The see it, only ones that approach the environment would be somewhere counter therefore relying on the at the till so that the customer richer costumers who can afford the interacts with it while waiting to be impulse buy. served. This point of sale is very unique and A great colour scheme instantly the aesthetics of it really grabs the drawing your attention and a customers attention. This is a very safe product to have on sale because unique design which uses an it has heavy materials and the expensive looking shinny environment of this unit would be on plastic with a good finish in the a counter or a shelf of where the shape of the product on sale. products are being sold. This POS This will attract many would be quite expensive due to the costumers and is placed in an making of the display would be very area of heavy footfall, however difficult to create the complex as it is such a different design it shapes. The materials used would be a well polished acrylic, which would have probably cost a lot makes it look very stylish and meaning only a really high end expensive. The functions of this unit brand name can create these is that the product is interactive by types of point of sales. being able to take of the stand and spray onto their skin. The size of the unit is quite small but fits its purpose of sitting on a shelf.
  17. 17. EnvironmentalSnapshot This is an image that I have took in Boots at Bromley Glades, as you can see old spice is on the second and third shelf closest to the camera. Old Spice is most definitely the most eye catching products on the shelf due to their bright red color theme. Old Spice’s products were located under the men’s section in the deodorant isle which was the second isle on the right hand side when I entered the shop. In Boots there wasn’t any mens deodorant point of sale display units but opposite the isle there was two mens fragrance POS’s of the brands ‘Dolce and Gabbana’ and ‘Giorgio Armani.’ I feel at the ends of the isles there should have been a point of sale display unit that was advertising one of the products/brands but there either wasn’t anything or it had no relevance to its isles category.
  18. 18. Questionnaire In this questionnaire I have asked fifty members of the public from two different towns, trying to target a mixture of age group, gender and ethnicity. This has helped me out find out what the customer think, and what they want in a point of sale unit. On the left you have the results from the questionnaire. These are the following questions I asked: What age group do you think Under 16 16-25 26-35 36-50 51+ Old Spice are targeting?What features would you like on Lighting Testers Sound Effects Video Storage a point of sale unit?What size do you like a point of Extra Small Medium Large Extra Large sale unit? SmallWhere is the most popular place Boots House of Fraser Supermarket Superdrug Other to find Old Spice products? Where about in a shop would Counter End of an isle Escalator Doors Otheryou most likely see a POS unit? What materials would you like Wood Carbon Fibre Stainless Steel Glass Acrylic to see on a point of sale?What attracts you to a POS unit Colour Interactive The Product Sounds Other ? What point of sale do you remember? Comment:
  19. 19. Person and ProductInteracting I observed it for ten minutes andWhen I went to Boots in Bromley I stood just of a point of sale thatwas advertising fragrances andwatch how the customer would interact with the product. I don’tthis with two different point of sales as you can see below. When I was observing the first point of sale a male aged about twenty two walked up to the ‘Ed Hardy’ point of sale unit after about one minutes of me waiting. He sprayed the fragrance on his wrist, took a smelt and because he then sprayed it on his neck, I guess he liked it. He picked up the product which was being stored next to the tester in the point of sale display unit and took it over to the till to pay. I think the customer was very attracted to the POS because of how tall it stands in the shop and how it advertises the brand name well which ensured the customer to buy the product. The second point of sale that I observed was Joop! Jump! This took ages for someone to interact with, but when a women did come over she sprayed in the air and walked into the smell. It was quite obvious she quite liked it, but didn’t know where to actually buy the product because there wasn’t any products being sold near the POS which I feel was a huge disappointment and put the customers of because she gave up looking for it, and walked out the shop. Although the POS did catch her eye because it was very tall (around 7ft) and looked aesthetically pleasing, it didn’t make her buy the product due to the point of sale function.
  20. 20. Product AssemblyI found out how different types of point of sales are assembled depending on their material and size andhow they are transported throughout different countries. Depending on the material, point of sale displayunits are normally made out from cardboard, plastic, glass or wood. All of these materials are very easy toassemble and are normally packaged flat packed. When shops order point of sale units, they would mustprobably buy a mass quantity amount of the product and the point of sale would come free.I found out that Cardboard is oneof the most popular materialsused for point of sales becausethey are recyclable. Theynormally come in panels ofcardboard in flat pack carton, thisis great because it is not heavy,not bulky, and is not fragile. Theyare also very easy to make bycoming with instruction andrequire no bolt and nuts.Although cardboard is not verystrong only being able to holdsmall weighted product it isground standing which is ideal forsupermarkets.
  21. 21. FurtherSpecification match the theme of the brand that I have chosen because when I visitedMy Point of Sale Will:• Use very bright colours that will Boots, the point of sale display that drew my eye the most, was the colours that were most attractive for example bright reds and blues.• Have the brand clearly displayed in very bold writing on the point of sale display so that customer can recognise the products brand straight away, I have learnt this from going to different shops and taking pictures of successful existing point of sale units.• Not be too small due to it will not stand out and draw the customers attention to it on the shelf. Not be too big due to the cost of the amount of materials and also I have found out that many supermarket shops do not have much room for free standing point of sale displayed units, this also would be a problem for customers with trolleys.• Be made from not too expensive materials such as wood and acrylic, this will give it a professional look and will also suite the theme of the brand that I have researched.• My Point of sale will be modern because the POS’s I have seen in the shops are mainly modern using not complicated shapes this makes it stand out making the unit look bold in the shop.• Have the same font style as the brand name, this will make it look professional and also allow the customer to recognise the product without looking at the brand name.• Be very safe by not having any sharp edges, loose wires and being stable and well made, this will make the unit last longer. When I have been doing my research not one point of sale I looked at was not safe, this means my POS must follows these expectations.
  22. 22. Summery of • • Able to test the product from the POS unit. Theme of the brand on the POS unit.Research • Brand name on the POS unit. • Eye catching to the customer so that the POS unit will stand out. • A lot of POS unit are made from cardboard. • Make the customer interact with the product. • Replace the clipper ship with a yacht for the new Old Spice logo. • 6-25 year old as a target audience.• Displayed at the end of an isle in the shop.• Having the product to buy next to the POS.• Interactive feature on the POS. • Place near front of shop• Positioned in the same area of • Using medium priced other mens grooming products. material such as, wood, acrylic and metal. • POS unit will be stable. • Unit will be interactive with the customer. • Will have a light inside the POS unit to spotlight the products. • The POS unit will be modern. •
  23. 23. 50 Sketch Ideas1. On a Bicep2. On a Boyd3. On a Yacht4. In a Gym locker5. On a Weight6. On a towel7. Floating in the sea8. In Terry Crews hand9. On a red old fashioned chair10. On a mini running machine (constantly rolling)
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