New Vibrations Telecom Group Company History Ver6 09 01 09


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New Vibrations Telecom Group Company History Ver6 09 01 09

  1. 1. Company Presentation January 2009
  2. 2. Index 1. Company Holding Structure 1. New Vibrations SGPS S.A. (Holding) 2. Operating Companies, Europe, Asia, Africa 2. Presentation quot;New Vibrations concept” 1. Mission 2. Positioning 3. Values 4. Company History 3. Major Service Offering 4. Contacts
  3. 3. New Vibrations SGPS S.A 1. Company Holding Strategy
  4. 4. New Vibrations SGPS S.A. - Structure Market Unit Market Unit Market Unit Market Unit Asia, Middle Central & Europe South Africa East, Latin East Africa Central & West Africa America South America Serviços de Telecom Telecom Telecom Telecomunicacoes Services Lda - Services Lda – Services Lda – S.A. - Portugal UK Kenya South Africa 70% 100% 100% 100% SGPS S.A. (HOLDING)
  5. 5. 2. Presentation “New Vibrations concept” 1. Mission 2. Positioning 3. Values
  6. 6. Background - Vision & Values New Vibrations was founded in early 2005, and from the very first day began to play a key role in the supply of mobile • engineering consulting services for major mobile operators and suppliers Our vision has been to rapidly become a multinational company supplying mobile engineering outsourcing & consulting • services worldwide throughout Europe, Central and Latin America, Africa , Asia and the Middle-East. With HQ already established in Portugal, and subsidiaries in Portugal , UK, Kenya, South Africa and plans for subsidiary in • Dubai and the US in course, the company group is preparing for substantial sustained and planned growth between 2008 and 2012 . Our strategy and core business focuses on the supply of mobile engineering consulting services such as, Project • Management, Implementation and Network Rollout , O&M, Design & Optimization of networks in the areas of Core, Radio, OSS, Transmission, with a special focus on world class leader technologies, such as Ericsson, Alcatel, Nokia, Siemens, Huawei, Marconi, etc Our experienced personnel come from all around the world and today play key roles in helping our customers achieve their • objectives, not only from an operational perspective but also a cost management one. The New Vibrations Telecom Group additionally focuses on delivering outsourcing services to customers, and not mere • resources. Currently some of our customers have put their trust in the rapid and efficient delivery of such services.
  7. 7. Mission New Vibrations is committed to providing the best level of services to its customers, helping our customers achieve their • business and operational goals. New Vibrations aims to become one of the major players, focusing on Mobile Engineering Outsourcing and Consulting , • supplying specialized services and highly skilled and motivated engineers, and engineering systems and tools. New Vibrations has specialized as one of the top companies in this field wherein world class customers gain trust in our • network engineering outsourcing services, and mobile engineering specialists are motivated and attracted to work. The NV Group has attracted investors to solidify the following areas: • • The creation of regional companies, focusing on Business Development, Marketing, Sales and Delivery to our World Class Customers, being both Mobile operators and Mobile Manufacturers The creation of an R&D/Product Development and Management Centre for the research and development , • manufacturing , and product management of Mobile Engineering systems within the following areas Mobile Network Operation & Maintenance Centers (NOCs), • Mobile Network Design, Mobile Network Planning and Mobile Network Optimization • The introduction of IT business into the group in terms of services, focusing on consultancy and outsourcing •
  8. 8. Positioning Markets: Outsourcing for telecommunications companies with a main focus on Mobile Operators and Suppliers Customers: Telecommunications mobile manufacturers and operators Territory : World Wide with a focus on Europe, Africa, Asia, South and Central America, as well as the Middle East, and the US Regional Companies: Establish local Regional companies in the business hubs for business development, sales & marketing, and operations Research and Development Unit : An R&D Unit /Product Development & Management Unit focusing on the research and development of mobile engineering systems Customer Delivery : Providing the full service ( Team Outsourcing, Project Outsourcing, Search and selection, placement, integration into customer and project, constant follow-up of service requirements and consultant requirements HR In-House Policy: Hiring of in-house staff for business development, sales & marketing and Operational Delivery of Total Mobile Engineering Outsourcing Services. Mind Coaching as a main part of HR Strategy HR Expertise Consultants Policy: Access to the best qualified and experienced engineering consultants for team and individual outsourcing placement within positions of a high level of responsibility within customers; Rapid placement within customers ranging from 3 days to 1 – 2 weeks, depending on customer urgency
  9. 9. Values • Provide a service of excellence to our customers worldwide • Manage and take care of employees and experts providing them with the best suited packages and opportunities • Manage customers, suppliers and partners respecting contract conditions and committed deadlines • Adhere to national and international laws regarding legal, migration, and tax issues • Respect cultural differences, operating in the interest of all : Customers, our experts, suppliers, administrative employees, management and shareholders
  10. 10. Company History New Vibrations was founded in 2005, as a result of a spin-off . The main shareholder decided to focus on “mobile • engineering services” as a result of the vast networking, business and operations know-how of mobile telecommunications gained during several years at Ericsson and Vodafone worldwide During 2005-2006 New Vibrations is recognized by Ericsson Portugal as an important supplier of outsourcing and consulting • mobile engineering expertise services, due to the focus, know-how and quality of services provided for Angola to the mobile operator Unitel Angola At the beginning of 2006, Alcatel in Central America, also recognizes the value of services provided and so New Vibrations, • becomes an official supplier for mobile engineering consulting services In 2007 Ericsson South Africa, Ericsson Portugal, Ericsson Kenya, and Alcatel Central America count on such services. New • Vibrations is present in several major networks in Africa ,Europe and the Americas. New Vibrations has started to operate in Asia, Middle East and by 2010 will also operate in the US As from 2008 New Vibrations has been delivering key personnel and services to multinational mobile operators with • networks in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.
  11. 11. 3. Major Service Offering 1. Market Vision 2. Profile 3. Core Competencies 4. Managed Services and Consulting 5. Portfolio Example of Projects
  12. 12. Market vision • OpCos in different market life cycle phases, have different focuses. • Countries where GSM/3G coverage is extensive, need a different portfolio of solutions when compared to countries where there is a focus on network rollout and coverage • New Vibrations has developed the right set of skills to provide solutions for the various life-cycle phases of the OpCos
  13. 13. Business Consulting Profile • Business Consulting works as a bridge from network strategy to implementation • New Vibrations focuses on translating defined network strategies into workable solutions • These include programmed management, change management and skilled project management, Implementation, O&M, Babysitting and Network Support.
  14. 14. Market Core Competencies Mobile Engineering Technology & Applications Business Opportunnities Consulting Skills Program Management Methodologies Business Processes Financial Modeling Technology Knowledge Market Knowledge Core Competencies Mobile Engineering Specialists
  15. 15. Managed Services and Consulting. Siemens, Ericsson, Alcatel, Huawei, others Consulting – Supply of expert Managed Services – Supply Engineers as mere resources of Packaged Services (GSM/3G) (GSM/3G) NETWORK Rollout OMC/Field Network Proj Managers and O&M Engineers for Audit, Planning & Supervison, Performance, Core, Radio Optimization Configuration IN & VAS Engineers Radio Radio O&M Engineers for Core Core Core, Radio Txmission Optimization Engineers for Txmission Radio, Core, Tx
  16. 16. Portfolio example of projects 2005 - 2009 • Consulting for Vodafone Italy in : – UMTS - ” 3G Video Telephony design & specifications” – UMTS “ 3G Core Network design and specifications” • Outsourcing & Consulting for Ericsson Iberia, Ericsson South Africa, Ericsson South Latin America in – Project Management Implementation , Network Rollout, Radio Swap for GSM, GPRS, UMTS – Core Network Installation, Core OMC , Field O&M and babysitting using the MSS Server and MGW for GSM, UMTS – Radio Network Installation, Radio OMC, Field O&M and babysitting for GSM, GPRS, UMTS – Core Network Design ,Planning & Optimization for GSM, GPRS, UMTS – Radio Network Design, Planning & Optimization for GSM, GPRS, UMTS – Transmission Network Design, Planning & Optimization for GSM, GPRS, UMTS • Outsourcing & Consulting for one of leading South African Mobile Operators – OMC Operation and Management, Senior Project Management, Network Audit and Optimization • Outsourcing and consulting for Alcatel C.A. in – Radio Network Engineering O&M for GSM, GPRS, UMTS – Radio Network Design , Planning & Optimization for GSM, GPRS, UMTS
  17. 17. Global Customer portfolio 2005 - 2009
  18. 18. Contacts • Global CEO for the Group & Operating Companies – Steve Fernandes Telf : +351 91 9560373 • Global CTO for the Group & Operating Companies – Jose Amaral Telf : +351 91 9546268 • Senior Customer Program Manager - Africa – Quintin Smith Telf : +27832120412 • Customer Program Managers , Procurement & Sourcing – Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East, Central America – Helder Martins Telf : +351 91 5188041 – Paulo Duarte Telf : +351 91 4911007 – Neil Paul Telf : +44 (0) 208 228 1137 – Stephanie Enyioha (Nigeria) Telf +234807500942 • Sales Directors – Europe, Middle East, Asia, Latin America – Steven Paul Telf : +44 (0) 208 228 1137 – Nick Amato Telf : +44 (0) 7737 256 649