Android4D eco system study


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Android and Smart Devices are shifting the development

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Android4D eco system study

  1. 1. Android: emerging eco-system & business models a case study, Sri Lanka Work in progress eNovation4D ICT4D & M4D consultants, UK Oct, 2012 Contact:
  2. 2. Android Smartphones 4DSmartVillage project » Shared Ownership models (community vs telecentre) » Development applications » Education » Micro-enterprise promotion » Apps vs Social networking Donor partners – Tag ID and Google Project started in 2011 Feb. eNovation4D
  3. 3. Exploring......with community Idea development ??? » Who are the emerging champions? » Are they using Apps? » Is shared access a viable model? » How do different age groups interact with these devices? » Apps vs Social networking? eNovation4D
  4. 4. User Developer/ App Logo Category Installs Description Ratings Publisher SETT Sinhala/Tamil web SETT Sinhala/Tamil (Sri Lanka/India) web01 Communication 197 10,000-50,000 browser is the Only Sinhala/Tamil enabled Bhasha, Inc. browser web browser for Android. SETT Hindi comes with an innovative02 SETT Hindi web browser Communication 149 10,000-50,000 rendering engine which renders Hindi Bhasha, Inc. Unicode within the app. TamilSMS is a sms application which allows Microimage Mobile03 Tamil SMS Social 46 10,000-50,000 users to send sms in Tamil with easy Tamil Media keypad typing mechanism. Sinhala Tamil Eng The First English to Sinhala / Sinhala to04 Books & Reference 125 5,000-10,000 Sachith Dassanayake Dictionary English dictionary on the Android Market. Sinhala Dictionary Offline English to Sinhala / Sinhala to05 Books & Reference 111 5,000-10,000 English Dictionary for Android version 2.1 Sachith Dassanayake Offline and above. Manoj Sri Lanka Radio Live is free simple radio06 Sri Lanka Radio Live Entertainment 25 5,000-10,000 Prasanna with over 10 Sri Lankan Live Radio stations. Handapangoda Helakuru Sinhala Bhasha Helakuru is the First & Only07 Tools 54 1,000-5,000 phonetic Sinhala keyboard & IME for Bhasha, Inc. Keyboard+IME mobile phones. From this application you can get Train08 Sri Lanka Train Schedule Travel & Local 49 1,000-5,000 Schedule, Train Delays and Ticket Prices of Dilshya Sri Lanka Railways. Bhasha Puvath (Sri Lanka - Sinhala, Tamil,09 Bhasha Puvath News & Magazines 44 1,000-5,000 English) is a Multi-Channel Trilingual Sri Bhasha, Inc. Lankan News Reader. Sri Lankas premier Sinhala breaking news Wijeya Newspapers10 Lankadeepa News & Magazines 36 1,000-5,000 website updated 24/7 on your Android Ltd. Mobile.
  5. 5. Emerging Android eco-system in Sri Lanka Case study: Etisalat App Zone and Book Hub, Sri Lanka Software companies Supplier support App dvt support App quality Marketing effort? Book publishers Content provider Staff allocation ResourceService App allocationconsumer developer Content quality Subscription decision Customer Price scheme targeting Mobile operator selection Staff allocation Actors in the eco-system Book Hub Awareness raising App Zone Interactive place (android Forums) » Leading mobile operator App Partnership Dev. Community Revenue sharing » Business community mechanismRural offline » Book publisherconsumer Join or not? Degree of » Software Subscription engagement decision company Price scheme selection » Local geeks (App developers) NGO » Youth circles Awareness support » NGO Service level Resource » Community allocation 2010 July 2010 Nov 2011 Jan 2011 Nov 2012 Feb eNovation4D Source: eNovation4D research paper, work in progress, 2012
  6. 6. Data Consumer Developer community IT related companies / Non profits Content Providers (Non IT ) App developer hSenid MobileService Microimage Ltd.consumer Customer targeting Supplier support Supplier supportSubscription or Mobile App dvptnot? Opportunity AppBenefit vs price? assessment development M.D. Gunasena Marketing Marketing effort? Ltd. effort? Content provision Etisalat Resource Platform operator Book Hub allocation Awareness raising App Zone Andorid forums (skill dvt) Partnership development Business modelRural offline App community Sarvodaya-consumer Fusion. Join or not? What is it? Awareness Degree of building engagements Resource What benefit? allocation? Community Business community
  7. 7. University students Refresh Colombo Started in 2010 Freelance App developers Inspired by Refresh MiamiApp 80 ~ 100 memberscommunity No guiding rules Early start ups (individuals) No-broader vision Common purpose Individuals representing Gather monthly basis software companies Share best practices Promote App development Social workers (M4D Non-profits) Support start-upsJournalist / bloggers eNovation4D
  8. 8. Case study 1: App developer – (Explorer) Refresh Colombo MotivationE e Needs Values •Geek culture•Purpose (job / explorationetc.) • Radical• Understand the future • Challenging bigdirections company culture• Learn from best Goals • Sharingpractices • Serving local needs• Affiliation with latesttechnology• Be a part of a newrevolution• Be a part of a network Immediate Medium term Specific: Vague: Specific: Vague: Testing Creating an App Recognize missing Publishing in business gaps Android market opportunities
  9. 9. Case study 2: App promoter – Social worker MotivationE Needs Values e• Influence the future • Ethical / moral valuesdirections / trends • Radical• Learn from best • passion for mobile /practices Goals IT• Affiliation with • Sharingmobile technology • Serving local needs• Be a part of a new • Promoting localrevolution values / culture Immediate Medium term Specific: Vague: Specific: Vague: See 200 new See his influence, More rural (BOP) Social enterprise locally developed contributions to new community App success Apps Apps users
  10. 10. Individual App developer First app in 2010 University projectApp Won m-Billionth Award in 2011developer D. Perera Set up company Age 25 Publish in Android market 2011 University student Leading App among local Apps Rural origins 10 ~ 50,000 downloads 7 Apps in the Android market 2012 eNovation4D
  11. 11. Case study 3: App developer Motivation Needs ValuesE•Passion to affiliate with • passion for mobilemobile Goals • Innovation• Purpose (business / education ) • Sharing• Serve local App developers• Be a part of a mobile • Serving local needsrevolution Immediate Medium term Vague: Specific: Inspire & Vague: Scaling up Specific: Creating Diversity of apps, market expanding to support opportunity corporate solutions, segments other App developers, Building USP (local Social mission (to serve create a local App language) broader public) market
  12. 12. SarvodayaFusion – Sri Lanka 15,000 communities 50 year old national NGO SEEDS 3000 village micro-enterprisesMission : e-Empowerment of communities US$31mn operation Capacity building>> ICT education and skills Economic Building partnerships Accessibility >> sustenance of to leverage impact Telecentres, mobile, Community + Smart-Phones partners + Applications>> Fusion Fusion ICTA (Gvt) Education, FarmerNet 620 telecentres Corporate telecomsSocial bottom line Economic bottom line Microsoft HSBC Donors eNovation4D
  13. 13. eNovation4DWe are a small group of UK based consultants working within the InformationCommunication Technology for Development (ICT4D) and Mobile for development(Mobile4D)Our target group >> European organisations (Corporate, Donor organisations,International Dvt. Organisations) working in Asia and AfricaOur clients>> CTA, UNCTAD, Tech4trade, CABITogether with Fusion, we develop new ideas, concepts that can be adaptedto our European target group. (e.g. Social Impact framework of ICT4D) eNovation4D
  14. 14. Software companies Supplier support App dvt support App quality Marketing effort? Book publishers Content provider Staff allocation Resource Service App allocation consumer developer Content quality Subscription decision Customer Price scheme targeting Mobile operator selection Staff allocation Book Hub Awareness raising App Zone Interactive place (android Forums) App Partnership Dev. Revenue sharing Community mechanism Rural offline consumer Join or not? Degree of Subscription engagement decision Price scheme selection NGO Awareness support Service level Resource allocation Eco-systemSri Lanka network App We are seeking developers partnerships, eNovation4D collaborations and opportunities to Building partnerships to leverage impact expand our business! App developersCore team4 Senior consultants+ Virtual team Bottom of the Pyramid communities eNovation4D
  15. 15. eNovation4D ICT4D & M4D consultants, UKContact: eNovation4D