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Social Identity for Rachel Otto, PMP
IDHUB Assignment

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Otto rachel 3318219_idhub

  1. 1. Rachel Otto S3318219 1
  2. 2. My persona My social identity is a combination of my career in project management, my interest in knowledge management, culture, media, communications and social innovation. I want my audience to see a unique project manager that has knowledge in multiple capacities to build interesting and innovative projects. I think that a well-known brand story has multiple elements to make it unique and compelling. My personal statement : Reshaping Project Management: new frameworks of ideas, building knowledge…to grow. Through reshaping the common ideas behind project management and how it is a growing field. Project management is an imperative ingredient of any successful media or advertising project while social Innovation is all about collaboration and knowing whose working on what, when and what’s coming up next. I want to show value of knowledge in experience overseas, social innovation, through the media and communications through a fresh perspective. I am focused on attracting the attention of professional in the project management field in media and social innovations. I have attempted to achieve this persona through my platforms in the following manners: • Pictures on Flickr to show my travel and experience of different cultures, • Blogging about media projects I am working on , • Videos in which I address key aspects pm’s need to address as well as progression of projects in relation to audience and media (sadly my videos have not been working properly- took the link off and changed this to LinkedIn), • Youtube videos on interests, lectures, inspiration, • Expertise through past work. 2
  3. 3. Positioning Statement, Value Proposition and Brand Story 3 …interested in reading more…find me at
  4. 4. Literature and Theory Discussed4  Additional Literature on readings can be found on the blog.
  5. 5. Mind Mapping 4 cont. …interested in reading more of the Mind Mapping pictures…find more at
  6. 6. My own interests relevant to objective 5  Additional blogs on interest can be found on the blog.
  7. 7. Tweeting on Course Material 6
  8. 8. Engaging in # conversation6 cont.
  9. 9. Any replies or interactions with people within or outside your class 7  Although I have not received any responses, I have new followers in the industries that I’ve been trying to reach on Twitter and two businesses have commented on my Wordpress blog.
  10. 10. A diagram of my platforms 8 Would like to add
  11. 11. Connecting my persona through the platforms 8 cont. I have added pictures which come from different travel and times of my life which have helped define who I am. It was the experience which opened my eyes to the world. Vimeo has videos that show my progression in showing communication and social media in projects as well as build a relationship with my audience. I was having difficulty connecting my videos, this is something I would like to add in the future. YouTube is collaboration of music, Ted talks, Alan Watts lectures, Social Media Grow, all of which I find highly inspirational and interesting to help me think “outside the box. LinkedIn shows my experience, education and knowledge as a project manager. Twitter allows me to connect with individuals, companies and students who are interested in the same ideas, share information or broadcast ideas Wordpress allows me to express myself, ideas on the theories and put them into practice Connecting it to bringing my ideas into a collaboration of my social identity ->