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AIESEC Estonia_Chemi-Pharm internship in Tallinn_Finland

  1. 1. Marketing and sales internship opportunity in Estonia
  2. 2. ESTONIA
  3. 3. Some facts about Estonia • Capital: Tallinn, big cities – Tartu (student city), Pärnu (summer capital) • Population: 1,3 million people • Independence: 24th February 1918 • European Union: 1st May 2004 • Skype and mobile parking were invented by Estonians • One of the first countries to develop e-state and e-government • One of the most innovative and IT developed countries in Europe • Tallinn is the European Cultural Capital in 2011 To get to know more about Estonia visit: • AIESEC Estonia wiki: • Estonia in Wikipedia: • Estonia in YouTube:
  4. 4. This internship is only for interns from Finland!
  5. 5. About company – Chemi-Pharm Name – CHEMI-Pharm Web-page - Business type: Chemical Industry Service - Production and sales of disinfection and cleaning agents In Estonian market – since 1997 (import of disinfection agents from Great Britain, 2000 - transition of production to Estonia) Scale of operation – International Export countries – Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Greece
  6. 6. About company – Chemi-Pharm • Established in 1997 and based on British as well as Estonian capital, CHEMI-PHARM AS produces and markets disinfecting and cleaning agents and products of special care. • Year 2000 started manufacturing in Estonia. We are successfully entered to Latvian, Lithuanian, Finnish, Swedish and Russian market. At the moment we have ~ 5000 customers. Disinfectants and cleaning agents are mainly sold to medical institutions, dental offices, family doctor offices, schools, kindergartens, food industry companies, cleaning companies, sports centers, spas, etc. • Baltic’s headquarters and warehouse are situated in Estonia. AS Chemi- Pharm offers more than one hundred different products for disinfecting, cleaning or maintenance.
  7. 7. Chemi-Pharm is looking for Marketing manager who will lead the expansion strategy of the company to Finland and keep the existing partners!
  8. 8. NB! There is no TN form for this internship in yet, as company requires quite specific profile of people only from Finland. However the selection process will look the way: • All interested EPs are applying by sending CV and EP form; • Passing successfully selection process from the company • AIESEC Estonia adds TN form in and Match is assigned • Preparation for interns arrival BUT! The company has already taken intern to expand to Greek market and you can check the realized TN TN-In-EE-MC-2008-1232
  9. 9. Internship description • Get to know the products and services of the company and its strategy for expansion • With the help of company managers create and start executing expansion strategy to Finnish market • Perform market research of potential partners, which are operating in the targeted market • Hold contacts with existing clients in the target country, keep negotiations and service current partners • Contact with potential new partners in order to establish long-term cooperation with them
  10. 10. Background expected from intern • Advertising + Public Relations (P) • Import - Export (P) • International Marketing (R) • Market Evaluation and Research (R) • Chemical Engineering (P) • Ecology and environmental science (P) Other information • Starting date: June 2009 • Duration: 3-6 months (it can be your internship for summer!) • Salary: 850 USD
  11. 11. Expectations to intern • Enthusiastic and proactive person, active learner • Marketing background and skills • Knowledge about chemical industry (beneficial) Your learning points after the internship • Broadening your sales and marketing skills • Knowledge and experience in company market expansion strategies • Planning your work time effectively • Working discipline
  12. 12. Want to know about current internś experience? Kyriaki Kalogeropoulou, Greece • Managing the project to expand Chemi-Pharmś product to Greek market • Going to be the official company representative in Greece • Developed her entrepreneural skills, expanded her marketing background Want to know more? Ask Kyriaki directly!
  13. 13. Sounds weird being Finnish to come to Estonia? We try to convince you to come… WHY? • Gaining the professional experience in your area being not far from home; • Getting to know more about the economical relationships of both countries; • Expand your marketing background and develop your entrepreneurial skills; • Opportunity being the company representative back home; • Travel home for weekend  • Learn quickly Estonian language as its similar to Finnish; • Getting to know more Estonian culture, which seems similar to Finnish, but its not ; • Cheaper alcohol   
  14. 14. Interested? Write to TN manager, MCVPX AIESEC Estonia, Aigerim Rustemova – Apply right now! Send your CV + EP form!
  15. 15. Estonia is waiting for you!