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AIESEC Estonia internship_Wanda Piekutowska Infopackage


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  • 1. Information Package (Pre-internship preparation) Company: DZINGEL, Estonia Intern: Wanda Piekutowska, Poland Type of the internship: management AIESEC representative: Aigerim Rustemova
  • 2. About AIESEC AIESEC, the world's largest student organization, is the international platform for young people to discover and develop their potential so as to have a positive impact on society Present in over 1700 universities in 107 countries and territories , AIESEC, the world's largest student organization, is the international platform for “ The United Nations has long young people to discover and develop their potential so as to have a recognized that the imagination, ideals positive impact in society. and energies of young men and women are vital for the continuing development Towards this aim, we run more than 470 conferences , provide 5 500 work of the societies in which they live. abroad opportunities , and offer over 7,700 leadership positions to our AIESEC has contributed to this members each year. Together with a focus on building personal networks development by serving as an agent of and exploring the direction and ambition of their future, AIESEC has an positive change through education and innovative approach to engaging and developing young people. cultural exchange to develop a broader understanding of cultural, Our partner organizations , literally thousands from all sectors , look at socio-economic and business AIESEC as a way to support the development of young people and to have access to high-potential young talent from around the world. management issues. ” Our alumni are leaders within these organizations and their communities Kofi A.Annan - using the experience, skills, and increased vision that AIESEC gave them Ex-Secretary General, The United to be agents of positive change . Nations
  • 3. AIESEC internship program Exchange is the most intense learning experience that we offer and links together our global network. Each year, we provide over 5,500 members the challenging opportunity to live and work in a foreign country in areas of management, information technology, education, and development. Types of Exchanges • Management – internships related to administration, finance, accounting, marketing, project management and HR. • Development – usually with NGOs, internships usually relate to wide variety of issues in community development. • Technical – internships related to management and development in web, software, networks, and databases, plus some engineering. • Education – internships related to promotion, curriculum development, teaching, and counseling in education sector.
  • 4. About Poland The Polish People – Poles Poland is pretty much ethnically homogeneous. Ukrainian, Belorussian, Slovakian, and Lithuanian minorities reside along the borders. A German minority is concentrated near the southwest city of Opole. The capital and other cities are experiencing some inward migration from foreigners. Religion and Importance of Family Capital: Warsaw • Religion plays an important role in the Polish society and is deeply Climate: Temperate with cold, cloudy, intertwined with Polish culture. moderately severe winters with • Catholicism is the most widely practiced religion. frequent precipitation; mild summers • The family is the centre of the social structure. One’s obligation is to with frequent showers and the family first and foremost. Extended families are still the norm and thundershowers really form an individual’s social network. Population: 38,5 mln • Poles draw a line between their inner circle and outsiders. Family Ethnic Make-up: Polish 96.7%, members are naturally part of the inner circle along with close friends, German 0.4%, Belarusian 0.1%, usually “family friends”. Poles will interact differently with their inner Ukrainian 0.1% circle and outsiders. The inner circle forms the basis of a person's Religions: Roman Catholic 89.8% social and business network. There is an elaborate etiquette of (about 75% practicing), Eastern extending favors and using contacts to get things done. Orthodox 1.3%, Protestant 0.3%, other 0.3% Government: Republic
  • 5. Business Etiquette and Protocol in Poland Meeting & Greeting Polish businesspeople initially take a formal approach to business. This may come across as quite distanced but is not the intention. You may also notice differences in style between government officials who maintain formality and entrepreneurs who willingly dispense with formality. It is best to let your colleagues determine the level of formality used. General tips include: • Shake hands with everyone upon arriving and leaving; • Handshakes are quite firm and eye contact is valued; • Titles are considered prestigious. Academic or professional titles are used with the honorific titles with or without the surname; • Business cards are exchanged without formal rituals. Read more about: Relationships & Communication | Business Meeting Etiquette | Business Negotiation | Business Dress | Business Cards HERE
  • 6. Business Etiquette and Protocol in Poland Communication Styles • Generally speaking, Poles judge others by their personal qualities. They therefore like to spend time getting to know people as individuals. This allows them to size people up; • Honesty is highly valued in Poland since trust is the cornerstone of business relationships. Building personal relationships is essential for successful business dealings, especially if you are looking for a long-term business relationship • Poles are known for being direct communicators, i.e. they say what they are thinking. However they are also very sensitive to other’s feelings and let that determine how and what they say • While direct communication is valued in Poland, there is also emphasis on finessing what is said in order to deliver information in a diplomatic way; • The level of the relationship mostly determines how direct someone can be; • For newly established and more formal relationships, a great deal of emphasis is placed on diplomacy. Once a relationship has passed through the initial phases, people feel more comfortable speaking frankly with each other and animated exchanges become more common
  • 7. About Wanda Three most important objectives in your mind for this internship? • Gain knowledge about Estonia, Estonian culture, traditions and people • Get personal and professional experience in marketing, hotel management and tourism • Improve my language skills How are you changed at the end of the internship? • I'm more self-confident and patient. I'm experienced in living and working abroad. I'm strongly aware of my professional goals. Personal data: Your interests, hobbies, leisure time activities etc. Wanda Piekutowska - Going places: picnics, cookouts | bars, discos, clubs | travelling just to go someplace new | bars, discos, clubs 15 September 1986 | City - Bialystok, Poland| Bialystok Technical - Sports and Outdoor Activities: dance | bowling | University| Tourism and Recreation camping | swimming | aerobic (BSc) | Foreign trade management - Doing Things: cooking | bonfires | barbecues | karaoke (MSc)
  • 8. Tell us something about yourself I'm 23 years old. I live in Białystok with my family. I study Foreign Trade Management, last year I finish my bachelor of Tourism. I've joined AIESEC in October 2005 – since them I'm active AIESECer with various experience (EB member, OC member, CEEDer in AIESEC Prague in Czech Republic). In next months I want to apply for Alumni. I'm working as a tour leader in high tourist's season – this job give me opportunity to work with different kind of people and let me visiting interesting places in Poland and abroad. I love this job! I'm very open for new ideas and challenges. I think I'm quite good organized and I love work with people. I appreciate punctuality and honesty. I can't wait to meet all of you!
  • 9. About Wanda Why did you choose Estonia as the country to go for an internship? I was in Tallinn last summer, but I spent only few hours there. I couldn't see interesting places which I wanted, so I decided to visit Estonia one more time in the future. When I've found traineeship at Dzingel Hotel I realized that it's great opportunity to get to know better Estonia. This country seems to be very interesting, is located not far away from Poland, but Estonia is not popular destination here. Would you like to travel around the country during/after the internship? Yes, I would. I love travel:) It will be perfect to visit as much as possible in Estonia | Tartu; Pärnu; Narva; Saaremaa and Hiiumaa islands | Abroad: Riga, Saint Petersburg
  • 10. About Wanda • To what extent are you willing to help the Local Committee in its present activities while you are on internship? I was VP People Development 06/07 in AIESEC Białystok so I can support you mainly in this area. Also I can doing some recruitment stuff, coaching, run trainings, attended in conferences (as a delegate, OC, maybe FACI), promote exchange (EPs and TNs side) I want to participate in AIESEC events eg. presentations, LC meetings. •Do you want to take part in local AIESEC projects? If yes, what can you perceive your contribution to be? Some cultural and country presentation, trainings, maybe AIESEC promotion at Universities. Generally, it depends of the needs, but for sure I want to be involved as much as I can. • Can you conduct training sessions on any specific subject? If yes, what? Yes, I can. I have experience in various trainings for newies, leaders and EB members. I run introduction trainings: AIESEC history, structure, culture, The AIESEC Way, AIESEC 2010, competency model etc. Skills trainings: coaching, time management, body language, team work and management, self motivation, etc . Get to know each other sessions, dream sessions and Personal Goals Setting
  • 11. About Wanda • Favourite food? I don't have any • Food you don’t like? Mushrooms • What do you know about the national holidays in Estonia? I know Independence Day in February ;) • What holidays do your celebrate? Christmas, Easter Yes, New Year's Eve. They are national holidays. • Would you like to spend a day in Estonian family? Yes, I would • What kind of music do you like? Rock music • What are your favourite activities? Travel, sightseeing, meeting friends and new people, cooking, watching movies; • Would you like to take some lessons of Estonian language? Yes!!! :) • According to you, what are the biggest cultural shocks you will have to face? It can be Estonian language • How can we help you? Teach me some words :)
  • 12. See you in July already!
  • 13. AIESEC The international platform for young people to discover and develop their potential to have a positive impact in society