Which is the best dental implant system


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Which is the best dental implant system

  1. 1. Which is the best Dental Implant System? Criteria for choosing Dental Implants for you? Nobel Biocare Dental Implants, Hyderabad, India
  2. 2. What are Nobel Biocare Dental Implants? • Nobel Biocare Dental Implants are one of the best dental implants in the world. • Nobel Biocare is a brand [Very old company in Dental Implant]
  3. 3. Are there any types in Nobel Biocare Dental Implants?
  4. 4. Different types in Nobel Biocare Implants.. • External: Branemark, Mark 3, Speedy, Speedy Shorty (3.3 to 6mm Diameter, Length: 10 to 18) • Trichannel Internal: Replace Select, Replace Groovy, PMC-0.75 Machined Collar (3.5 to 6mm Diameter, Length: 10 to 18) • Internal Conical: Active, Replace Groovy,PMC (3.5/4.3/5; 6-Groovy; Length: 8/10/11.5/13/16 • Single Piece: Nobel Direct
  5. 5. Confusing???? • These are the various types in Nobel Biocare. Most of the Implant dentists don’t have all the varieties and promote one variety of it. • The cost also varies between Mark 3 and Active. • Each Implant has its own advantages and disadvantages. Your Dental Implant surgeon will explain you the differences between each design. • At The Dental Specialists, We are transparent and follow Tell Show Do Technique. We show all the varieties, Types and Designs.
  6. 6. Which is the best Dental Implant System in the world? Is BMW the Best in the world?
  7. 7. 5 Criteria for choosing Dental Implants for you? 1. Your Dental Implant Surgeon is the best person to decide the best implant . Your Implant surgeon should have good experience and specialized in Prosthodontics, Oral Surgeon or Periodontist. Along with this he should be certified by ICOI, ISOI, AAID, ABOI etc; 2. Every patient ‘s bone is unique. Your Implant surgeon decides the Dental Implant based on your Bone Quality and Quantity and not on the Brand. 3. You must realize that the bone doesn’t know which company implant is being placed. It requires a good design, good surface, good length, good diameter, good number to equally distribute the forces, good planning and obviously a good surgeon for a good bone Integration (Osseointegration).
  8. 8. 4. Titanium Implants do require maintenance. You get stuck if you need any maintenance and the parts are not available. So your Implant Surgeon is the best person to decide which implant to place. 5. Dental Implant surgeries sometimes will have medical emergencies. It’s advised to have a Hospital - Medical setup and back up for any medical emergencies.
  9. 9. • Dental Implant surgeries have to be done under strict sterilization protocol. Any Hospital setup with ISO/ OSHA standards maintain strict asepsis. • Does the Implant setup have the facility for laboratory investigations and Xray facility?
  10. 10. The Dental Specialists Advantage? • We have more than 10 Dental Implant companies approved by FDA/ CE. • 99% Success rate with TTPHIL Technique. • Full time Dental Implantologists availability. • We have the best Dental Implantologists in Hyderabad, India (Fellow, Diplomats, Masters International Congress of Oral Implantologists, USA. • All Investigations done under one roof. • Hospital Dentistry. • Any time Service. • Life time warranty.
  11. 11. • For more information/ Appointment/ Free Quote: Call +91 9963511139/ +91 9177671117/ 040-23350991 www.thedentalspecialists.in info@thedentalspecialists.in dentalspecialistsindia@gmail.com