Newsletter nov 9, 2012


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Newsletter nov 9, 2012

  1. 1. nd2 Grade News Mrs. Ealy’s Class November 9, 2012 Letter from Mrs. Ealy Next Week’s Specials Dear Parents, Yesterday we had an assembly in the morning. It was called the Monday – P.E. (Wear Sneakers) NED show. Mr. Gary did a presentation with his friend NED about becoming Tuesday – No School! a champion. He also did a lot of yoyo tricks while presenting. Each letter of Wednesday – Music and P.E. (Wear Sneakers) Ned’s name stands for something. N is for never give up, E is for encourage Thursday – Library and Music others, and D is for do your best. The students really enjoyed the Friday – Wellness presentation! An order form was sent home yesterday for anyone who is interested in purchasing a yoyo. We also had an assembly today in the afternoon. The 4th graders What We’re Learning About! put on a wonderful performance for Veteran’s Day. The students were able Math – This week in math we learned how to do frames and arrow to learn about Veteran’s day while listening to some exciting songs. Be sure problems with two rules. To help remember what the rule is for each type to ask your child about this! of arrow we put the rule right on top so we wouldn’t forget what to do. We With the weather fluctuating so much please be sure to watch or also spent a lot of time this week buying different items and determining listen to the radio in the morning to help send your child to school with the how much change we should receive back. This is a hard concept for 2 nd proper clothes. Lately it has been nice one day and cold the next! It is also graders to grasp. A great way to practice at home is to use real money and good to have sometime of sweatshirt in your child’s backpack as well. We set up a “mini store” with items from around your house. Have your child never know what the temperature in our room is going to be like. buy an item from you, but they have to figure out how much change they Tonight is Family Fun Night at Lakeland High School! It is from should get back. Monday we will be playing a review game to prepare for 6:00pm – 9:00pm and it’s FREE! There will be games, swimming, mileage our test on Tuesday. A test alert was sent home on Wednesday to also club, speed stacking, and more  This is the last year of the Physical prepare for the test at home. We will start our next unit on addition and Education Program Grant. It is a great way to celebrate a wonderful subtraction next Wednesday! program that has been brought to our school. On Tuesday, November 20th we will be having a Thanksgiving Reading – We have been working really hard in reader’s workshop this snack. There will not be a party, but simply a snack to celebrate what we week. We started discussing the difference between a main character and are thankful for. If you signed up to donate an item, I have sent home a a supporting character in a book. We read many books as examples to reminder today. We are still in need of three chocolate pies, one big bag of learn how to figure out who the main character(s) are and who the popped popcorn, and 25 cups. If you would like to help donate any of these supporting characters are. Students even started doing this on their own during independent reading time. We did our first readers response journal items please let me know! entry this week. Students used a book from their book bin and wrote down If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. all of the characters. After that they had to put a MC for main character or Remember you can reach me by our folder, by email, or by phone. SC for supporting character next to each character they wrote down. We will continue to practice this in class, but be sure to ask your child about Sincerely, this when they are reading at home! Mrs. Ealy Writing – This week we read a biography about Jonathan London. From • Please remember to return library books every Thursday! this we noted that he chooses to write stories about experiences from his • Please remember to send your child to school with a coat! own life. After that we took our noticing’s a bit further by thinking about the reasons behind his crafting choices. For example: He probably chooses VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!! to write from his own life experiences because he can do a better job We will be making play dough on Tuesday, November 20th to go along with explaining the details and making us feel like were there with him. Another our science unit on mixtures. If you would like to volunteer your time from example: He probably uses circle endings in some of his stories because he 9:30-11:00 to help make play dough please let me know! Thank you in wants us to see that the story could happen all over again. We also worked Upcoming Events and Dates to Remember advance! on adding some of his crafting concepts into our own stories. Specifically, we did similes (comparisons using like or as) and also dialogue.Nov. 12 OPC Meeting @ 6:30 Social Studies – Even though we finished out social studies unit last week, Mrs. Gerken and I decided to do some extension activities this week. We Market Day Pick-Up spend time making a circle map to describe why White Lake is a greatNov. 13 Picture Retake Day community to live in. We then took the ideas we came up with and wrote descriptive paragraphs about White Lake. We also took our first socialNov. 21-23 No School! studies test. We will definitely be starting our first science unit on Monday. All the materials are ready to go!