What Is Web 2.0 V4


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What Is Web 2.0 V4

  1. 1. What has web 2.0 got to do with me? http://www.slideshare.net/smiler29/what- is-web-20-v3 Mark Riley Strategic Partnership Manager BT Tradespace
  2. 2. Agenda • What is web 2.0 anyway? • What does that mean for small businesses? • What BT has done about it? • An intro to BT Tradespace
  3. 3. What is Web 2.0? • F r o m W ik ip e d ia , t h e f r e e e n c y c lo p e d ia • W e b 2 . 0 refers to a perceived second generation of web-based communities and hosted services — such as social-networking sites, wikis and folksonomies — which aim to facilitate collaboration and sharing between users. • HTML to XML • Paradigm shift
  4. 4. E s s e n t ia lly … Conversation Community Collaboration
  5. 5. POWER - What's next? • Feudalism – land ownership • Industrialisation • Printing Press, Steam engine, trade, states • Emancipation and Enlightenment… • Capitalism – means of production • Marxism? (cancelled) • Distribution Networks - supermarkets
  6. 6. • Knowledge Networks – Internet • Democratisation of Information • Empowerment through collaboration • Emancipation and Enlightenment… = D ig it a l M a r x is m – the knowledge revolution
  7. 7. Web 2.0 terminology (or how to bluff your way at web 2.0) • B lo g • M ic r o - b lo g g in g • Podc as t • Ma s hup • AP I • UGC • C r o w d s o u r c in g ( C o lle c t iv e In t e llig e n c e ) • C lo u d C o m p u t in g • S e m a n t ic w e b • G e n e r a t io n C
  8. 8. Web 2.0 Terminology cont… • B e h a v io u r a l T a r g e t in g a n d r e t a r g e t in g a d v e r t is in g • RS S • W ik i • P2 P
  9. 9. What does this mean for small businesses?
  10. 10. Web 2.0: Small business gets it. Do you? Its good news by the way. • Claim 1: Marketing innovation using social media is going to be driven by small business • Claim 2: Large enterprises are going to struggle with Web 2.0 as a conversational marketing tool … • Claim 3: ….unless they make big changes to the way marketing works and behave more like small businesses
  11. 11. Audience fragmentation hurts large enterprise • On average, [European] online consumers spend 14.3 hours online a week compared with 11.3 hours watching TV and 4.4 hours reading newspapers and magazines (Forrester Research inc) • 36% say that they watch less TV because they've been online (Forrester Research inc)
  12. 12. Will it blend? Over 100m hits!
  13. 13. Obama campaign
  14. 14. Compare the Meerkat - 500,000 fans on Facebook, quotes up 80%
  15. 15. O n lin e - W h a t t h e C u s t o m e r w a n t s To be inspired Respect A Voice! To be delighted To be understood
  16. 16. The cacophony of computerised conversations
  17. 17. Top Tips •Fish where the fish are •Be yourself – transparency, authenticity, integrity •Be timely – finish conversations, respond, listen •Plan an integrated transmedia story •Disseminate - spreadability trumps stickiness •Use Video •Don’t sell; engage
  18. 18. W h a t h a s B T d o n e a b o u t it ? A n in t r o d u c t io n t o B T T r a d e s p a c e
  19. 19. B T T r a d e s p a c e …t h e P la c e f o r S o c ia l C o m m e r c e • A p la c e t o f in d a n d g e t t o k n o w b u s in e s s e s – Rich business profiles built on Web 2.0 tools – Ratings – Reviews – Recommendations • A p la c e t o n e t w o r k a n d t a l k t o b u s in e s s e s a n d o th e r c u s to m e rs – Community discussions – Ask questions – Create and join events • A p la c e t o b u y a n d s e ll g o o d s a n d s e r v ic e s – Marketplace and ecommerce • B u s in e s s D ir e c t o r y + C o m m u n it y + M a r k e t p la c e
  20. 20. BT Tradespace: A Tool for Conversational Marketing Make contact Demonstrate easy expertise Be reviewed Showcase and sell Recommend
  21. 21. BT Tradespace … The Place for Social Commerce • A p la c e t o f in d a n d g e t t o k n o w b u s in e s s e s • Rich business profiles built on Web 2.0 tools • Ratings • Reviews • Recommendations • Sell online • A p la c e t o n e t w o r k a n d t a lk t o b u s in e s s e s a n d c u s to m e rs • Community discussions • Ask questions Launched April 2007, over 350K registered businesses • Create and join events
  22. 22. Small business gets it #1: Arena Flowers Customer service agents blogging (and really well) Building brand and winning new leads through Facebook “Although traditional means of generating traffic to the site are still effective, the Web 2.0 seems to have taken into a new level. User generated content plays a vital role in branding and marketing. For example, the facebook application has been a great branding exercise for us with a good percent of traffic from it.“ Response to comment on Arena Flowers’ BT Tradespace Blog
  23. 23. Small business gets it #2: Chocolate Truffle Company Using blogs for customer research Building a dialogue with customers (and great chocs too)
  24. 24. Small business gets it #3: Steve the Brickie Could Steve the brickie do a Blendtec? Demonstrating expertise Creating a new revenue stream (if I ever need a brickie, he’s convinced me)
  25. 25. Go for it! • Take the t im e to explore web 2.0 opportunities (its often free) • Tell y o u r story and be part of the conversation • Take the leap – its c o s t e f f e c t iv e sales and marketing • In n o v a t e t o a c c u m u la t e – don’t fear change • There's an old Wayne Gretzky quote that I love. 'I s kate to w he re the puck is g oing to b e , not w he re it has b e e n.' And we've always tried to do that at Apple. Since the very very beginning. And we always will." Steve Jobs 2007
  26. 26. How? • In 2 0 m in u t e s – n o e x p e r t is e n e e d e d • Go to w w w .b t t r a d e s p a c e .c o m • R e g is t e r a n d g e t c h a t t in g !
  27. 27. …then follow steps in your ‘Tradespace Manager’ and you are off….
  28. 28. What’s the media saying? “BT Tradespace drags businesses kicking LEADERSHIP and screaming onto Web 2.0.” THE REGISTER The significance of this [BT’s on-demand and social media partnership with VISION Microsoft] cannot be over-emphasised.” SCOTLAND ON SUNDAY “The thing I find most interesting about something like Tradespace is the way it’s partly bringing back some of that personal interaction between customer and business that you had in the days when you could chat to your local butcher / baker / DELIVERY candlestick maker while buying stuff.” TECHSCAPE TV (blog)
  29. 29. What are customers saying? “In the first three months of using BT Tradespace, Daisy Diva went from being a relatively unknown business with no website to getting nearly 2,000 hits. And as well as upping sales, we got an entirely SALES new business contract with a company called Naturalicious, an online organic cosmetics company that was impressed with our home-made products.” DAISY DIVA, NATURAL SKINCARE “After just one month using the BT Tradespace service, the HedgePig Tradespace page had received over 1600 hits. This corresponded with the main website seeing a substantial TRAFFIC rise in visitors and sales, resulting in a monthly turnover increase of around 20%.” HEDGEPIG, NOVELTY GIFTS “Tradespace helps us to improve our business model…Being part of the BT Tradespace community really does allow us to add that personal touch, particularly with the blogs and podcasts options.” SERVICE ARENA FLOWERS, ETHICAL FLOWER SALES
  30. 30. Thanks! To continue the conversation … mark.4.riley@bt.com Search “Mark Riley BT” on Linked in Or to find out how small businesses are using social media to promote themselves visit: www.bttradespace.com – the place for social commerce
  31. 31. Further reading… • W ik in o m ic s – D o n T a p s c o t t a n d A n t h o n y D W illia m s ( A t la n t ic B o o k s ) • W e - T h in k - C h a r le s L e a d b e a t e r ( P r o f ile Bo o ks ) • T h e L o n g t a il - C h r is A n d e r s o n ( R a n d o m Ho us e ) • G r o u n d s w e ll – J o s h B e r n o f f a n d C h a r le n n e L i ( H a r v a r d B u s in e s s P r e s s ) • T h e F u m o ir ( b lo g ) h t t p :/ / w w w . f u m o ir . c o m / • T e c h c r u n c h U K a n d Ir e la n d h t t p :/ / u k . t e c h c r u n c h . c o m / • N e w M e d ia A g e M a g a z in e h t t p :/ / w w w . n m a . c o . u k • R e v o lu t io n M a g a z in e h t t p :/ / w w w . b r a n d r e p u b lic . c o m / r e v o lu t io n / • J e r e m y O w y a n g ( b lo g ) h t t p :/ / w w w . w e b - s t r a t e g is t . c o m / b lo g /
  32. 32. Web 2.0 The Machine is Using us • Youtube Video
  33. 33. Shift happens • Video