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Dahon jetstream p8 folding bike

Dahon jetstream p8 folding bike






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    Dahon jetstream p8 folding bike Dahon jetstream p8 folding bike Document Transcript

    • My Associates StoreShopping CartProduct DetailsDahon Jetstream P8 Folding BikeFrom DahonPrice:$1,449.00 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping onorders over $25. DetailsAvailability: Usually ships in 24 hoursShips from and sold by Amazon.com3 new or used available from $400.00Average customer review:(5 customer reviews)Product DescriptionIf the fast and sleek JetStream XP is like a Ferrari, the JetStream P8 is closer to a Range Rover:robustly performance-oriented with an air of refined elegance. The JetStream P8 is a sporty fullsuspension bike that is as comfortable on long tours in the countryside as it is bombing aroundthe city at rush hour. However you like to ride, you wont be able to ignore the sporty, go-fastdesign of the JetStream P8. Thanks to the Kinetix¿ Q fork, designed by Dahon in collaborationwith suspension meisters German-A, the JetStream is possibly the plushest riding folding bike onthe market. Look no further if you are searching for a do anything folding bicycle.Product Details Amazon Sales Rank: #615608 in Sports & Outdoors Color: Tech Bronze Brand: Dahon Model: 92-5-02 Dimensions: 14.00" h x 26.00" w x 36.00" l, 23.81 pounds
    • Features Lightweight 7005 alloy frame with forged lattice hinge Custom-drawn Sonus tubing for strength and stiffness Folds in seconds for easy travel and storage Air/oil rear shock and fork suspension for smooth riding Durable, puncture-resistant Marathon Racer tiresEditorial ReviewsAmazon.comThis bike is the ultimate urban commuter. Lightweight and ultra-portability, its great for a ride tothe park for some afternoon rays, downtown for a Sunday brunch with friends, or to nearbyshops for some quick errands. The Dahon Jetstream rides like a regular full-size bike, and in aslittle as 15 seconds, folds into a compact package that you can pick up and take anywhere yougo. The robust 7005 aluminum frame features Sonus custom-drawn tubing and a forged latticehinge. The custom Kinetix air/oil rear shock is tuned to match the Kinetix Q fork for a smooth,comfortable ride. The bikes special edition Schwalbe Marathon Racer tires offer durability,puncture-resistance and speed. Whether you use it for work or weekends, the Jetstream P8 isanother environmentally-sustainable form of transport from Dahon that will get to point Bquickly.Assembly of the Bike:This bike comes mostly assembled. Minor assembly is required before the bike can be used.About DahonThe Dahon story begins in 1975. At the time, Dr. David Hon, founder of the company, was aphysicist at Hughes Aircraft Corporation in California, working on highly classified governmentresearch projects. Considered a leading expert in solid-state laser technology, Dr. Hon hadalready been awarded numerous U.S. patents for advancements in laser technology.Breakthrough laser technology that he and his team developed would later be used on NASAspace shuttles, US missile guidance systems, and laser-guided anti-aircraft guns. Despite hissuccess, Dr. Hon eventually found the work unfulfilling, because his energies were devoted toinstruments of war, rather than for the betterment of society. Then, in 1975 came the oil and gascrisis and the seed for Dahon was sown.One afternoon, in his third week of waiting in hour-long lines to buy gasoline for his car, Dr.Hon was struck by the magnitude of the worlds dependence on oil, a non-renewable resourcethat would likely be depleted within the lifetime of his grandchildren. Brainstorming forsolutions to weaken the worlds dependence on oil, Dr. Hon ended up going back to his primarymode of transportation in college--the bicycle. Totally clean, and just as important, cheap enoughfor people around the world to access, Dr. Hon considered the bicycle to be a good candidate as asolution. While the bicycle was perfect for short trips, it was not practical for longer trips, forexample, if you lived 30 miles from work. The bicycle needed to be improved and transformed,
    • to make it more broadly functional and needed to integrate more readily with other forms ofenvironmentally-sustainable transport, like trains and subways. Dr. Hons solution: a portablefolding bicycle. Working evenings and weekends in his garage over the next seven years, Dr.Hon built dozens and dozens of prototypes, trying to perfect a folding bicycle that wouldmaintain the riding performance of a regular bicycle but would fold quickly and to a compactsize.Amazon.com Bicycle Buying GuideFinding the Right BikeTo really enjoy cycling, its important to find a bicycle that works for you. Here are some thingsto keep in mind when youre in the market for a new bike:The Right RideIn general, bikes are broken down into three major categories: Road and Racing Bikes--As a general rule, road and racing are built for speed andlonger distances on paved surfaces. Thinner tires, lightweight 29-inch (700c) wheels anddrop bars that allow for a more aerodynamic position are the norm. Most road bikes,regardless of price, offer many gears for tackling both hilly and flat terrain. Mountain Bikes--With their larger tires, hill-friendly gearing and upright position,mountain bikes are very popular for all types of riding, both on pavement and off.Mountain bikes that are designed specifically for rugged trail use typically feature asuspension fork. Some may have rear suspension, as well. A quick change of the tires onany mountain bike--even one that you use regularly on trails--adds to its versatility andmakes it a worthy street machine. Comfort/Cruiser Bikes--For tooling around on bike paths, light trails, or for cruising aquiet beach-side lane, comfort/cruiser bikes are the ticket. With a super-relaxed ridingposition, padded seats, and limited or no gearing, these bikes are made for enjoying thescenery and having fun with the family.The Right PriceA bikes price boils down to three essentials: frame materials, bike weight, and componentquality and durability. Entry-level--Youll find a wide range of comfort and cruiser bikes in this category, aswell as some lower-end mountain bikes and road bikes. Most will have steel frames andcomponents that are designed to last for several years with frequent use. Mid-range--Bikes in this range may feature a lighter aluminum frame with mid-rangecomponents that keep performing after miles of use. If youre looking for a quality bikethat is relatively lightweight and will stand up to abuse, this is the "sweet spot." Mostserious commuter and touring bikes fall into this category, as do mid-range mountainbikes with a decent front suspension. High-end--Racers and serious enthusiasts who expect lightweight, high-performancecomponents will want to stick to this category. For road bikes, exotic frame materials(carbon fiber, titanium) and ultra-lightweight components can add thousands to the price
    • tag. Mountain bikes in this class often feature advanced front and rear suspensiontechnology, as well as components designed to handle lots of rugged trail action.The Right SizeFit is crucial for comfort, control, and proper power and endurance on a bike. Here are somebasic bike fit tips: Stand-over Height--To find out if a bikes overall height fits your body, measure yourinseam. Next, determine how much clearance youll need between your crotch and the toptube of the bike. For a mountain bike, youll want three to five inches of clearance. Aroad bike should offer between one and two inches of clearance, while a commuter bikeshould have two to four inches. Compare the stand-over height for a given bike to yourmeasurements (inseam + clearance) to determine the right bike height. Top Tube Length--You can measure your torso to get a good estimate of proper top tubelength. First, make a fist and extend your arm. Measure from the center of your fist to theend of your collarbone (the part that intersects your shoulder). Next, measure your torsoby placing a book against your crotch with the spine facing up. Measure from the spine tothe bottom of your throat (the spot between your collarbones). Finally, add the twomeasurements (arm length + torso length), divide the number in half and subtract sixinches. This is your approximate top tube length. Compare this number to a bikes postedtop tube length. You can allow for about two inches longer or shorter, as most bikes canbe adjusted via stem length/height and saddle fore/aft position to make fine adjustmentsto the fit. Bikes for Women--Proportionally, women tend to have a shorter torso and longer legsthan men. Bike makers design womens bikes that offer a shorter top tube and manycomfort/cruiser bikes built for women may also provide more stand-over clearance.The Right AccessoriesWhen you make a bike purchase, dont forget these crucial add-ons: Helmet (this is a must!) Seat pack Lock Hydration pack, or water bottles and bottle cages Spare tubes Portable bike pump GlovesCustomer ReviewsMost helpful customer reviews10 of 10 people found the following review helpful.Love it even more after 2 years riding it in San Francisco
    • By XavierDahon Jetstream P8 Folding BikeI have had this bike for 2 years now, riding it 3 or 4 times a week, and updated the review to 5stars because like a good woman, it has never failed me and the minor shortcomings seem lessimportant compared to the fun, usefulness, and overall beauty of it. The bike is very strong andthe industrial look never fails to get positive comments. The brake issue has not been criticaleven on steep hills. I would love to see dahon bring this bike back at the same price or even a bithigher but not the 1200 or so I see rumored.A smooth and fun ride. Well built with a strong and light frame. This bike it totally underrated. Iknow people write pages about their Bromptons and Bike Fridays, but I found them jittery (andexpensive) in comparison. Also for me 16 inch wheels are just too small. I like the Dahon MuXL which is lighter. But without a suspension, I found the ride too harsh. My other bike is a nicehybrid, but I usually choose this one for several reasons: 1) It is simply a blast to ride - with thesame size wheels as a BMX, this bike is maneuverable but not jittery. Jumping curbs is noproblem, and lowering the seat makes for a BMX ride feel 2) It is light and easier to carry downthe stairs using the frame as a handle 3) I can throw it in my car so when I have to re-park (due tothe 2 and 4 hour zones), I can ride back. I actually enjoy having to move the car and being forcedto take a ride ! 4) If I ride somewhere and dont feel like riding back, I can throw it in a taxi orbus with no problem 5) I dont need to bring the extra tube and tools, because if there is aproblem - see number 4. 6) Despite, their desire to be bike friendly, San Francisco is not a verysafe place to ride a bike. The roads are crap. The bike lanes are generally dangerous and there arethinks happening in every direction like bad drivers, doors opening, people right turning withoutlooking, people who think bikes dont belong on the road, potholes, streetcar tracks, and mostlypeople not paying attention. So it is often better to ride on the sidewalk (politically incorrect buttrue). With this smaller bike I feel the reaction of the people is minimal when compared toapproaching on the sidewalk on my full size hybrid. Plus with the low stepover height, jumpingoff to walk, then back on is a non issue, so I am more likely to do it. 7) I can take most of theterrain with this gear set, if not - just jump off. Be serious, do you really want to ride up Hydestreet? 8) If you dont want to carry a lock, most places will let you bring it in. and 9 ) A smoothand fun ride. 10) Took it over the GG bridge to Sausalito several times with no problems. Sogreat for moderate length trips too, unlike most folding bikes. 11) The industrial look of this bikeis just cool, and I get lots of positive comments even from kids.Weaknesses - the front brake fades in an out as the front suspension operates, but this does notmake me less confident on a steep hill like I expected as it is consistant. Also the brake levers arepoor. Changing for a different Avid set (only $25.00) improved the brake feel (but not the fade inand out). Difficult to fit a rack. Shifting accuracy is not that great. The magnetic latches areuseless.Folding: Yes the fold is not tiny, and it is a bit awkward when folded, but if you really use afolding bike you will find a petite fold is not the key issue. I still fit it into the so called storagearea of a friends Smart Car(a very tiny thing ). Usually I keep the frame unfolded with thehandlebars and petals folded, which makes for a good fit in a narrow hallway. And this fold getsme into most places with my bike anyway. By the way, for a cleaner fold, I recommend foldingthe front wheel to the inside of the fold, not the outside as recommended in the instructions.
    • Riding this bike for 2 years in San Francisco, I find it just fun to ride and very smooth. I highlyrecommend this bike !4 of 4 people found the following review helpful.Dahon Jetstream P8By Billy D.I bought a 2010, bronze, Dahon Jetstream P8 for $650 which included shipping. The Jetstreamwas dropped shipped from Dahon without going frist to a retail vendor. The Jetstream arrived ingood condition with no shipping damage. However, all of the adjustable parts were out ofadjustment including the frame latch, the handle bar latch, the rear derrailleur, and the front andrear brakes. The wheels were out of true. Thus, before riding the Jetstream, I spent several hoursbringing the Jetstream into proper adjustment.I have been riding the Jetstream for several months. It is fun! It is very responsive. Even with thehigh bottom bracket heigth and the small, 20 inch wheels, the Jetstream is reasonably stable. It isvisually interesting and draws comments from other riders. The Jetstream is a bit bulky whenfolded. It is not nearly as compact as a folded Brompton. I estimate the Jetstream weight ataround 25 pounds. It is not as light as a Brompton. I have the stow bag which I use to transportthe Jetstream in public buildings. Because of its weight and seize when folded, carrying theJetstream any distance is awakward and burdensome.I have made a number of changes to Jetstream, The Arclight rear rack can be modified to fit theJetstream. The Archlight is a well made rack which complements the Jetstream and allows themounting of a tail light. There are several ways to accompliish the modiffications. Dahon makesa clamp for the seatpost that allows the use of a standard seat with rails. My seat is a leather,Ideal saddle. There is also a riser that will add heigth if the stock handle bars are retained. Iadded the Reelliight reflectors to the wheels.I expect to change the stock tires for the Schwalbe Big Apple tires. I ride roads with roughsurfaces. I believe that the larger contact patch will increase over all stability. While the brakesare adequate, I plan to change the front brake adding a Magura hydraulic front brake to improvewet breaking performance.I am well pleased with the quality of the frame, the paint, and the components. I recommend theJetstream to anyone looking for a folding bike at a reasonable price. The Brompton is simply toexpensive.4 of 4 people found the following review helpful.Dahon JetstreamBy A. PromtetI bought this bike to ride between the train station and my house. Initial impressions: The bronzeand black colors go well. No kickstand, nor a seatpost pump (other Dahon models have themstandard), and the seams on the frame look unfinished.You need a shock pump to adjust the rear suspension. Adjusting the read suspension correctly
    • makes a huge difference. I inflated the tires to around 60 PSI which was too low. I got a flat inthe rear wheel. After patching it and inflating to 80 PSI, I havent had any problems. I had to goto schwable website to get a replacement inner tube, because my local bike shops were out ofPresta tubes in this size. I bought a cateye taillight and tried to attach to the seatpost. The seatpost was too wide for the clamp so I had to order the SP-9 clamp from the cateye small partsstore.When folded, theres supposed to be a velcro strap that holds the wheels together according to themanual. I must have thrown it out on accident with the box.Overall, the bike rides very nicely. The grip shifter is great, nice suspension, and the brakes aresolid. Im average height, and the bike fits me perfectly. If youre really tall, it may not be thebest bike for you.See all 5 customer reviews...My Associates Store | Shopping Cart Browse by Categoryhome & kitchenshoesdresswedge sandalsbikes AccessoriesSlime Digital Tire Presta Valve ...$12.39