Welcome to second grade newslettter 1


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Welcome to second grade newslettter 1

  1. 1. SECOND GRADE CLASS NEWS VOLUME 7 NUMBER 1 August 31, 2009 Welcome to second grade! Guys wanted!!! Studies show that children, small boys in particular, do not see enough men reading. In order to combat this growing problem, I’m asking that DADS come to our room and read a short story to the class. I’d be happy to send a book home so you could practice it and look through it – or perhaps you have a favorite you’d like to share. Just let me know if you are interested by calling me at school 723-3382 or at home 892-6810. Moms, we’d love to have you read to us as well!!! Book orders galore! Because children need such a variety to read from, I will be sending home several different book orders. The first book order will be due Thursday, September 10th. You can make checks payable to Shelly Mikkelson, as I order online.
  2. 2. LIBRARY Library is always on Tuesdays. Those absent on Tuesday are allowed to visit the library during recess on another day to choose new books. Photo Album Page Please have the provided photo album page complete with pictures and a short explanation under each picture back to school by Tuesday, September 8. The pages will become a class photo album. Remember, the pictures you choose could be of pets, family, baby picture, a memorable time, or about anything of importance. I will send the pictures home with each child at the end of the year. A Look Ahead This coming month we will continue to read books independently at a “just-right” level and think about what we are reading. Please listen to your child read on a regular basis and have him/her talk to you about what he/she just read after every couple of pages. In math, we will be understanding the sequence of numbers up to 100, developing strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems, learning addition combinations, and showing our thinking. A parent newsletter with some ideas of how to help your child see math in every day life will be sent home at the beginning of every unit. In science, we will learn about plants as we observe and journal about our brassica plants and lawns. We will soon be growing wheat in a straw. In writing, we are thinking about small moment stories which really happened in our lives and writing descriptive stories about those events, including detailed illustrations. PARENTS WELCOME! I encourage you as parents to keep in touch with the school and with me. Please feel free to call me before or after school, or during our lunch period.
  3. 3. School starts at 8:00 and ends at 3:20 with our lunch period from 11:20-11:55. I am looking forward to a great year in second grade! Important Dates Sept. 4-- No School Sept. 7-- Labor Day—No School Sept. 10-- Book orders due Sept. 11-- School Day Sept. 18-- Intersession Oct. 2-- Homecoming—early dismissal Mrs. Mikkelson & Mrs. Suiter