The Boyscouts of America Campaign


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The Boyscouts of America Campaign

  1. 1. TABLE OF CONTENTSGETTING STARTED Table of Contents 1 Who We Are 2 Memorandum 3FINDINGS Situation Analysis 4-5 S.W.O.T. Analysis 6-7CREATIVE WORK Creative Brief 8-9 Style Guide 10-11 Direct Mail 12-13 Outdoor Advertising 14-15 TV Spot 16-19 Non-Traditional Media 20-21 Radio Advertising 22-23 Social Media 24-25 Promotions 26-27 Public Relations 28-29MEDIA PLAN Calendar 30-31CLOSING Conclusion 32-33APPENDIX Research 34-35 Sources 36-37 P E A R L I N T E G R AT I O N S
  2. 2. ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE WHO WE ARE ACCOUNT COORDINATOR Lauren Kerwin Katie Dingersen Lauren is a senior at Michigan State Katie is a senior at Michigan State University University pursuing a degree in Advertising. pursuing a degree in Advertising. Katie is a Lauren is an active member of Alpha Phi member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. sorority and Michigan State Hillel. Her Her internships include Geoffrey Weill and internships include Marie Claire Magazine, Associates, a travel public relations firm Ambassador Magazine and Ignition Media in New York, where she was very involved Group. While at her internships, Lauren in creating media campaigns for specific worked mostly on social media, event accounts. planning and administrative duties. ACCOUNT MANAGER PRODUCTION MANAGER Taylor Smith Marla Sternberg Taylor is a senior at Michigan State Marla is a senior at Michigan State University University pursuing a degree in Advertising pursuing a degree in Communication with a with a specialization in Public Relations. specialization in Public Relations. She has Taylor is a member of PRSSA and Sigma worked for public relations agency’s Truscott Kappa sorority. Taylor worked for McDonald Rossman and Behrman Communications, Garber Broadcasting where she was very and Yad Ezra Food Pantry, where she was involved with promotional activities and involved in media relations, social media sucessful with finding co-op activities.She and copy writing. is interested in sales, public relations and fashion marketing. CREATIVE DIRECTOR Jordan Smietana COPY EDITOR As a senior at Michigan State University, Kate Norris Jordan Smietana is pursuing her Bachelor Kate is a senior at Michigan State University of Arts degree in Creative Advertising. She pursuing a degree in Advertising with a was selected to be a part of the Intense specialization in Public Relations. She was Portfolio Workshop at Michigan State for an advertising intern at Good Fruit Video the summer of 2011. Jordan has interned and took on a leadership role in the Gamma for Know Advertising where she worked as Phi Beta sorority. an Assistant Art Director and Luftig Warren where she focused on marketing.2
  3. 3. Boy Scouts of America,We at Pearl Integrations would like to thank you for giving us theopportunity to share our work and enlighten you on our findings.As a team, we enjoyed learning about your organization and how ithas progressed over time. This program teaches men of all ages howto become responsible, self-sufficient, and respectable members oftheir communities. MEMORANDUMWe hope that our research will be valuable to your organization andhelp you with future marketing efforts.Best,Pearl IntegrationsLauren Kerwin Marla Sternberg Jordan SmietanaTaylor Smith Katie Dingersen Kate Norris P E A R L I N T E G R AT I O N S
  4. 4. SITUATION ANALYSIS CLIENT HISTORY The Boy Scouts of America organization was founded in 1910. There are four programs available for youth to participate in: Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venturer Scouts, and Explorers/LFL. MAIN CHARACTERISTICS MAIN CHARACTERISTICS Value-based organization that works to teach youth to be responsible, conscientious and productive members of society. KEY CHALLENGES KEY CHALLENGES Attract and retain school-aged boys interested in the Scouting program. Get the message out to prospective members. Limited funds available for advertising and promotional events. BARRIERS TO OVERCOME BARRIERS TO OVERCOME The “uncool” status, lack of volunteers, competition from other programs, uninformed audiences and a faith-based institution. IDEAS OF EXPANSION Boost, strengthen and raise membership numbers through more effective advertising strategies, community involvement and increased access to schools.4
  5. 5. FUTURE GOALSFUTURE GOALSIncrease Area 2 membership to 140,000 Scouts within the next five years.VISION VISIONReverse the declining trend of Boy Scout membership through innovativeadvertising and marketing tactics. COMPETITIONCOMPETITIONOther extracurricular school activities and sports programs that attractschool-aged youth and religious organizations.TARGET TARGETAdults, school-aged youth and community members. P E A R L I N T E G R AT I O N S
  6. 6. * FAVORABLE STRENGTHS INTERNAL • Nationally recognized organization that delivers lifelong skills • Instills tradition, survival skills, team work and an active lifestyle • Greater high school and college graduation rate • Wide variety of activities • Environmentally friendly organization • Strong local presence OPPORTUNITIES EXTERNAL • Target kids and parents differently • Promote and grow the Venture Club • Reach out to uninformed individuals in new geographic areas, specifically influential community members • Bring together different regions to give participants the opportunity to meet a more diverse group of friends6
  7. 7. S.W.O.T. ANALYSIS WEAKNESSES UNFAVORABLE *• Insufficient information and advertising provided to INTERNAL parents and children• Traditionally directed toward Christian caucasians• Handbook promotes traditional gender roles• Cost of Boy Scouts program is not advertised effectively THREATS EXTERNAL• Bad public image due to corrupt individuals in organization• Lack of interest due to gaming and social media• Broad range of after school activities available• Uninformed individuals P E A R L I N T E G R AT I O N S
  8. 8. CREATIVE BRIEF MAIN OBJECTIVE FOR ADVERTISING Increase participation in the Boy Scouts program by changing negative perceptions while continuing to motivate Scouts and volunteers to stay active in the program. TARGET MARKET Adults, school-aged youth and community members. TONE Child and parent friendly; thrilling yet direct. MANDATORIES Maintain core values and always include the website in advertisements.8
  9. 9. COMPETITORSThe Boy Scouts are faced with competitionsuch as youth athletic programs, religiousorganizations and after school programs. PROBLEM AND OPPORTUNITYOur technology driven society creates more Current problems have been maintainingalternative activities for children. membership because of limited knowledge and changes in member interest as they mature under peer pressure. Current opportunities for the Boy Scouts are to maintain membership, increase target market and attract committed volunteers. NET TAKEAWAY The Boy Scouts has been and will always be a traditional, service based organization. Scouts should take away lifelong skills that will help them become strong members in their societies. P E A R L I N T E G R AT I O N S
  10. 10. STYLE GUIDE It is important for the Boy Scouts of America to follow a style guide because it will unify the look of the campaign. FONTS DIRTY EGO BEBAS NEUE Abadi MT Condensed Light • Dirty Ego is a headline font primarily used in advertisements directed toward children throughout the campaign. It is the font used when writing the slogan “Get on Our Level.”, written in capitalization. • Bebas Neue is a font used in headlines for parent advertisements. Its impact is similar to Dirty Ego, but has a cleaner readability. • Abadi MT Condensed Light is the font chosen for the body copy in all advertisements. It also compliments both headline fonts.10
  11. 11. LOGO LOGO SWATCHESThe updated logo helps A rustic, burnt red and deep navy blue havethe organization look been substituted for the former colors becauseunified and makes their it will appeal to an older crowd, and make youthactivities a little more feel more sophisticated and responsible. Aintense. black swatch was added to the palate to make scouting seem tough, cool and more extreme.BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:0 C:48 M:100 Y:100 K:21 C:100 M:100 Y:44 K:38 C:100 M:100 Y:8 K:100 BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA STYLE ELEMENTS• When using a black background, the splatter brush in Adobe Illustrator can be used. The splatter marks are always white and at a 25% opticity. P E A R L I N T E G R AT I O N S
  12. 12. FRONT COVER COPY 1 The goal of direct mail is to capture LEADERSHIP. Does your child have what it takes? attention of households with boys ages five to seventeen. This direct mail targets The righthand side has an opening to pull out the insert. 2 not only the adults but also children by Once fully removed, the cardstock having two unique elements. One element is springs open into a cube. informational while the other is a pop-up box The back side interlocks the two 3 to grab the child’s attention. flaps with a slit in the center. The Boy Scouts of America logo is also in the center. 5 CUBE SIDES: COPY INSIDE HEADLINE 4 1. Get on our level. 2. Does your child enjoy Can you shred this hard? snowboarding, white water rafting that have encouraged 3. Do you clear this or playing video games? them to become much air? 4. Have you motivated, responsible survived a high ropes COPY and dedicated members course? 5. Outpaddle If you answered yes to any of of society. Don’t miss the toughest rapids? the above, sign your child up to this opportunity to help become a Boy Scout of America. your child stand out Not only will he develop the from the crowd. Sign up WHERE IT WILL BE SENT good values and morals of a true today! The direct mail piece will be leader, but he will build lifelong sent to households in the friendships while participating in To sign up online or area with boys the ages of some of the most exciting indoor learn more about the and outdoor activities around! five to seventeen. The mailer Boy Scouts of America will only be sent to boys who program visit For years, the Boy Scouts of are not currrently in the Boy America have successfully taught Scout program. young men important life lessons12
  13. 13. 1 2 54 3 DIRECT MAIL P E A R L I N T E G R AT I O N S
  14. 14. 1 214
  15. 15. OUTDOOR ADVERTISINGOutdoor billboard advertising is an GET ON OUR LEVEL.effective method that could potentially SIGN UP BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATION AND MEETING DATES:leave lasting impressions on drivers andpassengers. Through clear and concisemessages and visually appealingimages, the billboards are designed totake viewers into the moment as thoughthe activity is actually happening. BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA 3 Facebook: Boy Scouts of America @bsa100years VISIT US ONLINE AT The “Get on Our Level.” LOCATION spent on outdoor billboard slogan not only refers to • Outdoor billboards will be placed advertising. the extreme activities the along southeastern Michigan • On average, drivers only view Boy Scouts participate in, highways that experience heavy each billboard for 2-4 seconds. but symbolizes how they traffic on a daily basis. They will • Billboard extensions can be achieve and attain different attract the attention of drivers added from 5 to 5’6 feet on levels throughout the and increase brand recognition top, 2 feet on the side, and 1 program. in the community. foot on the bottom, depending • Poster advertisements will be on local restrictions. Placing a life-like child hung along the walls of local2 public classrooms and hallways Posters will continue on the outer edge of the 3 billboard initially will shock encouraging students to sign up. to follow the “Get on the viewer, engaging their Our Level.” slogan and attention. Afterward, stress ADDITIONAL FACTS style guide. Dates for is placed on the fact that • The average size of a billboard informational meetings will the Boy Scouts of America is 14 feet by 48 feet. be given and space will be are tougher than you think. • In 2010 over $6.1 billion was provided for sign up. P E A R L I N T E G R AT I O N S
  18. 18. TELEVISION SPOT This TV ad shows young men engaging in extreme sports, not traditionally associated with Boy Scouts of America. The commercial illustrates a new image of a thrilling and vibrant organization. Shots and music are fast-paced, exciting and uses a tone that captivates viewers. ADDITIONAL FACTS • 97.8% of all American households have televisions • Kids ages 6-11 spend about 28 hours a week in front of the TV • 71% of 8 to 18 year-olds have a TV in their bedroom • In about 2/3 of households, the TV is “usually” on during meals • In 51% of households, the TV is on “most” of the time • Most children’s programming does not teach what parents say they want their children to learn18
  19. 19. CURRENT PROBLEM CHANNELS TO AIR ONIt has become apparent, boys are leaving Television stations that adults andthe program due to lack of acceptance children both watch on a regular basis.from peers, interest in other activities The TV spot will run on the local ABCand time constraints. This advertisement and NBC affiliate stations as well aswas created to improve the perception Nickelodeon and ESPN. These stationsof the Boy Scout program for youth. reach our target market and perfectly pair with our upbeat TV spot. WHY IT WILL WORK our plan OUR PLANBased upon our research, we areconfident that this commercial will be The commercial will run weekdayssuccessful in attracting members who during afterschool hours and weekendwould otherwise opt for activities other mornings. Our research has shownthan the Boy Scouts of America. our target audiences tend to watch TV during these time periods. EXPLANATION P E A R L I N T E G R AT I O N S
  20. 20. NON-TRADITIONAL WHY IT WILL WORK Part of our creative work includes preshow movie marketing because it connects with an attentive and captive audience. More than half of all theatergoers are in their seats during the preshow and with the right pre- U.S. MOVIEGOERS movie advertisement, the Boy Scouts of America can excite and influence boys SEE ABOUT 6 FILMS and their parents about signing up for the program. PER YEAR PREFLIX MOVIE FACTS • Advertisements run before a captive audience, before all shows and 7 days per week • 100,000 movie patrons per month • Each cinema runs 4 to 5 shows per day per auditorium Approximately: 2160 to 2700 shows per month • Program begins 15 minutes prior to every show • Advertisement length pricing is listed in 15 second ad spots • 26% of U.S. moviegoers are within the age of 2 to 17 (our target market) • The average moviegoer (18-39 at 42%) sees approximately 6 movies a year • Payment plans available20
  21. 21. Preflix movie marketing was selected as part of ouradvertising plan because it connects to an attentive andcaptive audience. Nearly a third of all U.S. moviegoers arewithin our target market. Since the average moviegoer seesabout six movies annually, the right preshow advertisementhas potential to excite children and parents about signingup for the Boy Scouts of America program. 45 * MOVIEGOERS BY AGE GROUP 40 42% 35 30 25 20 26% 15 21% 10 5 11% 0 2-17 18-39 40-59 60+ 2010 MOVIEGOERS: $222.7 MILLION | 2010 TOTAL ADMISSIONS: $1.3 BILLION P E A R L I N T E G R AT I O N S
  22. 22. RADIO AD The radio advertisements are testimonials that provide copy targeting Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and adults that have participated in the program. The testimonials will capture the individual stories about what the program means personally. Expressing action and adventure will be the main objective which will be a a great representation for the potential that the Boy Scouts of America has to change lives. SUGGESTED STATIONS • The top 8 morning and afternoon stations in the area • Popular among children ages 5-15 and adults 30-5022
  23. 23. RADIO ADVERTISEMENT 1 RADIO ADVERTISEMENT 200:15 00:151. MUSIC: Light upbeat drum comes in at the 1. MUSIC: Light upbeat drum comes in at thebeginning. beginning.2. (FADE IN/FADE OUT) 2. (FADE IN/FADE OUT)3. DR. GOLD: Hi, my name is Dr. Gold. I was and 3. JACK: Hi, I’m Jack.always will be a member of Boy Scouts of America. 4. TOM: And I’m Tom.4. DR. GOLD: Growing up, Boy Scouts of Americaoffered programs that made me want to help 5. JACK: Last week we went white water rafting andpeople and enhance others lives. I knew I wanted to saw the coolest a doctor ever since I was handed a first-aid kit.I couldn’t put it down. Boy Scouts of America gave 6. TOM: But then our raft got stuck and the skills and dedication that helped me throughmedical school. If it wasn’t for Boy Scouts of America, 7. JACK: We stayed calm and used the skills weI don’t know where I would be today. I save lives. I am learned to fix it!a scout. Get on my level. 8. TOM: When was the last time you had an adventure5. MUSIC: Light music comes in at the end. like that? We are Boy Scouts.6. (FADE IN/FADE OUT) 9. JACK AND TOM: Get on our level.7. ANNCR: For more information on Boy Scouts of 10. MUSIC: Light music comes in at the endAmerica visit 11. (FADE IN/FADE OUT) 10. ANNCR: For more information on Boy Scouts of America visit P E A R L I N T E G R AT I O N S
  24. 24. SOCIAL MEDIA FACEBOOK advertisement. This differs from Facebook because it serves as a “Share Your Story” way to market via YouTube and As an extension of the radio ads, there will be a contest once a Scouts are able to post their month for a story to be featured personal stories to hopefully be on the main website. chosen for the next radio ad. Scouts can continually post their Monthly Troop Takeover stories and every two months A different troop takes over the Boy Scouts will choose one all social media each month new story to run. by posting videos about their troops as a whole, their projects Weekly Post and activities. Members are able The post will contain information to share why they love the Boy regarding Boy Scouts along Scouts and what the Boy Scouts with specific troops community has taught them. service projects. There also will be posts about the new Personal YouTube Page advertisement campaign. Each troop has their own YouTube page that feeds into the Monthly Troop Takeover Boy Scout main YouTube page. Each month a troop will be selected to post about what TWITTER their troop is doing. The specific individuals within the troops can Weekly Tweets discuss projects, fundraisers Tweets will inform followers and new activities. This engages of new activities, projects and the current members as well as valuable information about the informing perspective members Boy Scouts. on each troop. Boy Scouts of America YOUTUBE @boyscouts “Share Your Story” Also an extension of the radio bsa100years24
  25. 25. Social media is the newest form of interactive advertisingreaching a wide variety of individuals. This tool is free andextremely easy to use when properly managed. The Internet,being a primary source of communication and entertainmentfor our youth, gives us a fresh, inexpensive and convenientpath to reach our target market. P E A R L I N T E G R AT I O N S
  26. 26. 1 DISCOUNT PROGRAM POSSIBLE SPONSORS an exciting game with their friends, but also fans will learn about the Boy Scouts Work with local museums • Henry Ford Museum / program and how they can potentially Greenfield Village and/or sporting venues to • Grand Rapid Children’s get involved. create a discount program. Museum The program gives family • DeVos Centers 3 LUNCH TRAY LINERS members of the Boy Scout • Van Andel Arena program memberships or Boy Scouts of America will provide tickets at a discounted price. lunch tray liners to schools in advance These discounts are all 2 WHITECAPS SPONSOR to promote the scheduled visit at the given at venues that support beginning of the school year. The liners the active and educational Sponsoring a West Michigan will include information about the school lifestyle which the Boy Scout Whitecaps game will be visit and how to sign up. program supports. beneficial to the Boy Scouts of America program. Not only TRAY LINER ELEMENTS will members get to watch • Energetic Colors • Games • Sign Up Dates • Pictures 4 STICKERS / SILICONE WRISTBANDS Promotions for Boy Scouts of America Stickers and wristbands will be will involve potential Boy Scouts and the distributed to students during school visits. They will be used to supplement community. By involving the public in the plan, informational papers and excite it will not only increase the number of boys students. Stickers can be placed on their notebooks or t-shirts and wristbands can interested in the programs but will also give be worn, increasing brand recognition. Details about information night will be the Boy Scouts of America a more positive printed on the stickers. image.26
  27. 27. 2 1 34 PROMOTIONS P E A R L I N T E G R AT I O N S
  28. 28. Public Relations can strengthen an organization during positive and negative times. It is vital for the Boy Scouts of America to have a strong presence in the community to shed a positive light about themselves. Strong relationships with local media outlets is a great tool to provide free advertising.28
  29. 29. PUBLIC RELATIONSPRESS RELEASEFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Taylor SmithMay 12, 2012 231-838-0462 NEWS RELEASE The Boy Scouts to Host Local “Mud Run”Local Boy Scout Troops will be organizing the race as part of their newcampaign, “Get on Our Level.”East Lansing, Michigan, The Boy Scouts of America, region 11 troops, will be hosting localmud run races in the area during the coming weeks and into July, 2012. The scouts will be helpingwith set up, sign up and flow of all contestants as well as clean up.Different troops will be cheering competitors on with water along the way as part of the new BoyScout campaign, “Get on Our Level.” There will be a booth at each event for competitors and theirfamilies to get more information about the organization and hopefully sign up for any level of boyscouts. The new campaign is encouraging young men to step their game up in school, family,social and physical aspects of their life.For more information on the Mud Run or the Boy Scouts of America call Taylor Smith at 231-838-0462 or visit to find your local boy scout troops. #### P E A R L I N T E G R AT I O N S
  30. 30. CALENDAR JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN RADIO * * * * * OUTDOOR ADS * * * * * * SOCIAL MEDIA * * * * * * PROMOTION TV * MOVIE ADS * * PR * * * * * * DIRECT MAIL * * * Outlined is our flighting schedule. Each anticipated element of our campaign will have particular months when it will be prevalent. 30
  31. 31. JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC * * ** * * * * ** * * * * ** * * * * * ** * ** * * * * * 2012 PERSPECTIVE YEAR P E A R L I N T E G R AT I O N S
  32. 32. CONCLUSION We believe this information will be valuable to you and your organization and we appreciate your consideration. The “Get on Our Level.” campaign will be a way to target new audience members while continuing to improve the Boy Scouts of America image. Please refer to our Appendix for further research along with our contact information for further questions. Thank you for your time, Pearl Integrations32
  33. 33. P E A R L I N T E G R AT I O N S
  34. 34. RESEARCH FINDINGS SURVEY QUESTIONS 1. Has your son ever participated in Boy Scouts? If so, what level did he reach and/or why did he quit? 2. Does your child attend summer camp? If so, what type? 3. What are your first impressions of the Boy Scout program? 4. Do you feel the program is racist? 5. What values do you try to instill in your child at a young age? 6. Would you prefer signing your child up for Boy Scouts or a sport, and why? 7. Do you find basic survival skills or technology skills more useful? 8. Is there any sort of stereotype you associate the Boy Scouts with? 9. What is your husband’s career/ your career? 10. Do you currently reside in a big city or small city? 11. Do your children go to a public or private school? Is it religious or not? 12. What are some of your son’s interests? 13. Has any news/media influenced your thoughts about the Boy Scouts of America? 14. How often does your family sit down for dinner together? 15. How old is your son? 16. What time of day does your child watch the most TV? Please include any other thoughts, comments or concerns about the Boy Scouts of America: CREATIVE WORK NON-TRADITIONAL ADVERTISING • On average, more than 62% of theatergoers are in their seats during the preshow34
  35. 35. • UniqueScreen Media represents 2,800 screens in 35 states and over 325 individual theater locations• 74% of Americans attend movies• Cinema attendance is up 20% over 2008• Audiences arrived at the theater an average of 24 minutes early• 122 million movie tickets are sold each month in the United States• 27% of audience are in their seats 15 to 20 minutes prior to the advertised showtime• 48% of audience are in their seats 10 to 15 minutes prior to the advertised showtime• 74% of audience are in their seats 5 to 10 minutes prior to the advertised showtime• 99% of audience are in their seats 0 to 5 minutes prior to the advertised showtimeSCREEN LOCATIONS• Alma: 6 Screens• Benton Harbor: 14 Screens• Coldwater: 7 Screens• Grand Rapids: 47 Screens• Grandville: 27 Screens• Hillsdale: 7 Screens• Lansing: 39 Screens• Muskegon: 16 Screens• Owoso: 7 Screens• Portage: 15 ScreensPROMOTIONS• In 2010, the Boy Scouts of the Dallas/Fort Worth area set up a similar discount and special promotions plan.• Participants included The Texas Motorplex, Cowboy Stadium, Pizza Hut Park and the Museum of Nature and Science P E A R L I N T E G R AT I O N S
  36. 36. SOURCES PHOTOGRAPHS • NightLights: • Sdfriend • asm024 • gerlos • Basheertome • EricMagnuson • Medhi • Dr. Nomad • Ian Hayhurst • Bma4573 • Doonvas • Radio Rover • Doug Greenberg • Richtpt • Xavier Donat • J Patz • Julian- • Nhuisman • Alfred Hermida • Phaith Fotos • frankjuarez • red.dahlia • VivaAntarctica • John Steven Fernandez • Idea dude • Balise42 • Adewale_oshineye • VancityAllie • candiceecidec • e-magic • See-ming Lee • Official U.S. Navy Imagery • Jennuine Captures • Ed Yourdone • The U.S. Army • megankhines • kbaird • joeldinda • Micha Taylor • Matt biddulph • gredaline • GoodNCrazy36
  37. 37. INFORMATIONAL SOURCESwww.scouting.orgOUTDOOR ADVERTISINGwww.oaaa.orgSOCIAL StephensAccount ExecutiveUniqueScreen Media, a Cinedigm >>Your Child >>Topics >>A Guide to Information & Support for >>U.S. >> >>Culture Events in Dallas >>Boy Scout of America Discounts & Special Promotions P E A R L I N T E G R AT I O N S