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  • 2.5 billion photos added each month, 80 billion photos hosted globally 3.5 million created each month, more Events than the top 5 Event websites put together, including Evite 14 million videos added each month 3.5 billion pieces of content added each week 55 million status updates each day Millions of groups have been created, average user is a member of 12 groups 1.6 million active Pages with 5.3 billion Fans globally 350,000 applications live, 250 have over 1m users
  • Shared moments about things that matter Be human Hang out with your audience  
  • Build Social into wider strategy Link with offline media Use Social Media to build your strategy
  • Do not be anything you are not, your audience will know Invite feedback Define your value proposition  
  • Amplify – good things Change – perceptions of your audience Ignore – white noise, haters  
  • David Parfect - #smib10 Presentation

    1. 1. Opportunities for brands & businesses within Facebook David Parfect – Group Head Facebook UK dparfect@facebook.com
    2. 2. 1 Facebook: Where we are & How we got here 2 Connecting with Consumers: How it can be done & examples 3 Closing Points Our advice for the social space
    3. 4. www.facebook.com – 12+m people a day
    4. 5. Real people, real identities <ul><li>Who we are & what we do </li></ul>
    5. 6. Facebook reaches 1/3 of the UK <ul><li>60% of the online population </li></ul>Source: Facebook internal data, April 2010 Note: Active users are registered users who have logged on to Facebook at least once in the last 30 days 24 million – 50% return daily 2008 2009 2010
    6. 7. Source: Total UK active audience, Facebook internal, data April 2010 Facebook has a mainstream UK audience 35+ is now the fastest growing audience on Facebook male female
    7. 8. People interact in multiple ways Photo’s Events Video Content Messages Groups Pages Applications Mobile?
    8. 9. 2. Connecting with Consumers
    9. 10. We do 3 simple things for marketers Innovations Facebook Pages Facebook Ads Drive traffic on & off of Facebook Build Fans & communicate directly with them Facebook Open Graph, Applications & new Ad products
    10. 11. 2 dedicated Ad positions – ‘pitch to sale’ Homepage Ad Ad Space Unit Brand: Homepage Ads Direct Response: ASU’s
    11. 12. Advertising Opportunities Like ad Video Commenting Event Ad Poll Ad Virtual Gift Video Homepage Ad Homepage Ad ASU Standard Ads (Can be used to drive traffic to any destination) Engagement Ads (Require a Facebook Page to support them)
    12. 13. <ul><li>Each time users interact, 5% of their friends will see the action </li></ul>Branded communication on Facebook BRAND Earned Media Bought Media Owned Media
    13. 15. Starbucks global network Starbucks have pioneered the space – generating relationships through causes & in-store offers
    14. 16. Marks & Spencer creating dialogue & driving Sales Over 100,000 fans, all talking and connecting around love of M&S
    15. 17. Skinny Cow - Facebook as a central hub Vanity URL was used in above the line advertising Tabbed approach used for to house different bits of content A distinct tone of voice was developed to communicate with the user base Generating 11,000 fans in the first week, an above the line campaign using Facebook as a fully integrated ‘Hub’ for the campaign
    16. 18. 3. Closing Points
    17. 19. It’s relationships, not marketing
    18. 20. Build social into a wider strategy
    19. 21. Be Authentic
    20. 22. Amplify. Change. Ignore
    21. 23. 3 Facebook takeaways Scale Real people Engagement
    22. 24. Thank you
    23. 25. Appendix
    24. 26. Vitaminwater using Facebook to inspire new products Facebook users voted on their flavour combinations, to produce ‘Connect’ a new flavour for Vitaminwater – Sold over a million SKUs
    25. 27. 2010 – Measurement & Insight Valuation Consumer Insights Advertising Ad Effectiveness Determine the total value of your Facebook campaign and optimise Detect influence of a campaign on consumer attitudes and behaviors Gain better understanding of what consumers do & like Connect with users the same way they connect with their friends
    26. 28. 2010/11 Facebook Conversational Calendar April May June July August September October November December January February March Branding Building awareness and engagement Bring together with long term plans Connections Building consumer relationships Research Insights & Measurement Initiative Themes, key messages, major events/sponsorships
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