Managing diversity in the canadian workplace


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Canada’s workplace is very diverse; Internationally Educated Professionals (IEPs) contribute to Canada’s diversity and as newcomers have to learn how to manage diversity in the workplace. IEPs should have an insight on how to harness the performance potential of an increasingly diverse workforce to improve business performance.
Facts indicative of the magnitude of Canadian workforce diversity:
1.Canada brings in 250,000 immigrants every year. Skilled immigrants constitute the largest group of immigrants to Canada.
2.Two thirds of Canada’s population growth from 31.2 million in 2006 to 33.5 million in 2011 came from immigration. By 2030, immigration is expected to contribute to 80% of Canada’s population growth.
3.The imminent retirement of baby boomers, currently representing 43% of the workforce will create a shortage in the workforce, which has to be bridged by immigration. The Conference Board of Canada estimates that Canada needs 375,000 immigrants a year to stabilize the workforce and ensure economic growth.
Thus, it is important for IEPs to learn how to successfully manage diversity in the Canadian workplace and be able to contribute to improve business performance.
What our presentation will involve
The group’s presentation will discuss diversity management in the workplace, by defining it and providing examples and personal experiences on how diversity enables innovation and turns it to competitive advantage for the organization.
The presentation will also cover benefits of diversity in the workplace, the requirements to instill diversity in the work culture, and the challenges associated with the process. Overview of the federal laws is included as well. Our report will also talk about government organizations that oversee the implementation of federal legislative tools.
The presentation will endeavor to highlight the inclusion and diversity practices adopted by Canadian corporations and the problems faced by newcomers in gaining acceptance of their education and credentials besides the challenges faced in communicating with a diverse workforce and harnessing its potential to increase business performance.
The recommendations are aimed at increasing the awareness of IEPs to face challenges and better manage diversity in the Canadian workplace, by
•Providing better information about important aspects of diversity
•making them aware of their rights and privileges
•Instilling pride and confidence, that despite the challenges the IEPs will face, they represent a talent pool that has made significant contribution to Canadian economy and society
•Help identify companies and inclusion practices that encourage and embrace diversity
•Provide them with suggestions given by industry experts on how they can integrate faster into the workplace and start managing themselves and others better to increase business performance

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  • Good evening everyone, on behalf of my group, I welcome you all to this session of presentations, I continue the presentation with a few graphics.
  • Now with these run through slides, can anybody guess what our topic is?
  • Through our work experiences we have known that there is a strong connection between diversity inclusion, innovation; growth and prosperity of the organizations; the challenge is to help our fellow professionals, the IEP Managers understand that connection, and this presentation is an effort to build up, create and refresh that connection.
  • Diversity in terms of skills and backgrounds can be helpful too, for example Bankers and finance professionals when employed by Hospitals lead to savings for them Principles of bed turn over from Hotel industry when applied to hospitals improved on waiting time for the patients in the wards Similarly I have an interesting example to share… I know of an Air hostess who joined nursing could not continue to fly due to her illness, Her flying experience helped develop a safety checklist for the operation theatre comparing the pre take off and pre surgical procedures both are critical to the safety of passengers and patients, Surgery has a track record of 40% adverse events increasing patients’ hospital stay, mortality and morbidity… Implementation of this checklist made sure that the equipments were working well and the surgeon, anesthetist and nursing staff know which side to operate upon This was an innovation in healthcare contributing to the quality improvement and safety of the patients
  • Managing diversity in the canadian workplace

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    10. 10. 10
    11. 11. Managing11In the Canadian workplace
    12. 12. DiversityThe differences along the dimensions of race,ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, age, physical abilities, religiousbeliefs, political beliefs, or other ideologies.12
    13. 13. 13
    14. 14. 14Sorry I have to take that callSorry for the interruption …Please bear with me
    15. 15. Phone conversation15
    16. 16. 16
    17. 17. Subject: Seminar on “Managing Diversity in the Canadian workplace”To: Laura HazHi Laura,As discussed, here are the details of the seminar:Title: "Managing Diversity in the Canadian Workplace"Date: Thursday, March 28th, 2013Time: 6.00 PMVenue: York University TEL Building Room 2104Speakers and Topics:Diversity and Law - Samuel AdjeiDiversity and Communication - Vivek DeenBenefits of Diversity - Roni DoradoThis could answer many of our queries about managing diversity. Let’s meet atTim Hortons at 5.00 pm, for a coffee before the seminar.Please see the attachment.Regards,Syed JafferyAttachment: PosterE-mail17
    18. 18. March28th SEMINAR 6.00 PMManaging Diversity in the Canadian workplaceSpeakers: Samuel Adjei, Vivek Deen, Roni DoradoFree Entry: All are welcomeVenue: Room 2104, TEL Building, Keele Campus York UniversityFor Registration call: 416 736 XXXX or
    19. 19. Before the Diversity SeminarMeeting at TEL Building
    20. 20. Aviation HealthcareINNOVATIONConcepts from Aviation industryapplied to Healthcare lead toimprovement in patient Safety.20
    21. 21. SEMINARManaging Diversity inthe Canadian workplace21
    22. 22. Canada’s Diversity-Legal and Policy Frameworks22
    23. 23. Legal and Policy Frameworks• First Country to ratify the UNESCOConvention on Cultural Diversity:• Legislative instruments:1.The Employment Equity Act (EEA) of 1986 and19952.The Federal Contractors Program (FCP)23
    24. 24. Continued• Designated Groups:1.Women of any racial background2.Visible or racial minorities (Black, South Asian)3.Aboriginal people (Métis and Inuit)4.People with disabilities24
    25. 25. Continued• Agency Watchdogs1.Human Resources and Skills DevelopmentCanada (HRSDC)2.The Treasury board of Canada3.Human Rights Commission25
    26. 26. Legislative InstrumentsEmployment Equity Act of 1986 and 1995 Federal Contractors Program“Crown Organizations” with 100 +employees must institute EE programs formembers of the “designated groups”Private companies with 100 + employeesand willing to do business with the Federalgovernment must also have EE programsRecord total number of members from thedesignated groups by sector, location,salary range, hires, promotion andterminationsNumerical representation reflective of therelevant labour marketThe Employment Equity Review Tribunal Create a workplace culture free ofharassment, and remove discriminationbarriers in decision making processFailure to follow this will result in a $50.000FineEnsure equality of results, wages, training,promotions and other benefits at work26
    27. 27. Implications to27
    28. 28. How Diversity affects Management inGhana28
    30. 30. Improving Communication in a diverseworkplace30
    31. 31. The problem with communication“The singlebiggest problemwithcommunication isthe illusion that ithas beenachieved”.George Bernard Shaw31
    32. 32. My problems in communicating withmy boss!32
    33. 33. What can an do?Analyze the audience & learn how differentcultures receive and respond to flow of infoUse the “Pyramid” to plan your messageAvoid jargon , colloquialism and slang incorporate communication33Do not make assumptionsProvide early and ongoing trainingtointernational and local managers
    34. 34. Benefits of Diversity34
    35. 35. Diversity
    36. 36. Why accept ?Diversity
    37. 37. Challenges of Diversityat the Workplace for
    38. 38. Benefits of Diversityat the Workplace for
    39. 39. Benefits of Diversityat the Workplace for
    40. 40. Recommendation for
    41. 41. Take home points• Legal framework• Communication and Cultural barriers• Importance of embracing diversity• Hiring practices41
    42. 42. RecommendationsIEP Managers should• Change their mindsets and attitudes to embracediversity• Follow business and diversity laws andregulations• Apply proper diversity and inclusion strategies• Build synergy in teams• Enhance workplace communication
    43. 43. Outcomes• Improved management practices• Increase productivity for the organization• Enhanced creativity, innovation and problemsolving• Employee satisfaction and retention• Larger customer base• Global competitive advantage
    44. 44. Thank you for being with us!REMEMBER … While InALWAYS!MANAGEMENTGROUP
    45. 45. ReferencesAllaire, S. (n.d.). Managing diversity: A competitive advantage. HR pros. Retrievedfrom, (2008, June 17). HRSDC/2007 Employment Equity Act Annual Report -Diversity, a Source of Strength and Innovation, Marketwire, General interestperiodicals. Retrieved from NewsWire, (2005). Canada’s Action to Become First Country to Ratify UNESCOConvention on Cultural Diversity Applauded by Canada’s Cultural Sector. GeneralInterest Periodicals.45
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    48. 48. 48
    49. 49. Diversity Video, Enjoy!49