How To Find An Internship

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This presentation will walk you through the basic of the internship search process.

This presentation will walk you through the basic of the internship search process.

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  • 1. HOW TO FIND Internship opportunities
  • 2. Two main ways to search for an internship
    1) Online
    BU CareerLink(both SMG and for all of BU)
    Web Resources (Search sites and company directories)
    2) Networking
    Company Information Sessions
    Informational Interviews
    Connect with BU Students and Alumni
    Create Your Own Opportunity
  • 3. CareerLink
    Go to BU CareerLink (Undergrad or MBA)
    Log on with your username and password
    If you do not have a username and password, contact the Feld Career Center at 617-353-2834 or stop by the front desk.
    View companies recruiting on campus
    Click “events” tab on top when logged in
    Internship listings from Feld Career Center
    Click “Jobs” tab on top and search by “Internships”
  • 4. Web resources for internship search
    For a complete list, see Internship Websites
    Nationwide search sites
    Websites by major of field
    Specialty internships
    BU Student Employment (on-campus positions)
    Find companies for your job search (including company directories to develop a target list such as Reference USA, Boston Business Journal Book of Lists)
  • 5. Networking
    Many internships are filled through networking
    Anyone can potentially be helpful
    Family, faculty and staff, friends, fellow students, former supervisors, co-workers, neighbors
    Obtain advice, information, referrals, job leads
    Let them know what you are looking for (type of company, job or industry)
    Ask for referrals to contacts or potential openings
    For more information: Networking
  • 6. Company information sessions
    Visit CareerLink for listings
    RSVP at BU CareerLink (Undergrad or MBA)
    Take advantage of the sessions
    Show initiative and your interest, increase contacts
    Learn more about the company and industry
    Most companies track students who attend their sessions
  • 7. Informational interviews
    Gain insight about your field of interest
    Learn how to plan and execute your internship search
    Make contacts and network in the field
    For more details, see Informational Interviews
  • 8. Connect with BU alumni and students
    Join LinkedIn and School of Management Alumni group (potential contacts, discussions, internship and job postings)
    Consult the BU Career Advisory Network (CAN)
    Database of BU alumni who have volunteered to talk to current students about their jobs
  • 9. Create your own opportunity
    Find a company you would love to work with
    Base your target company decision on their product or service and reputation.
    Look on LinkedIn for connections at that company
    Send a prospecting letter and résumé to project manager
    Have a Feld Career Center counselor help you with these steps.
  • 10. For more information:
    Visit the Feld Career Center and consult with one of our advisors for individualized questions and strategies.
    Our office is located on the first floor, left of the stairs in the far left corner.
    Call for an appointment: 617-353-2834
    Office hours: Monday - Friday: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.