WH- Questions


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WH- Questions

  1. 1. WH- QuestionsGrammar Mini-Lesson on WH- Questions Sharon Marie Gillespie Wilkes University ESL 502: Teaching English as a Second Language
  2. 2. Lesson BackgroundFollows WIDA Can-Do Descriptors for Grades 3-5, Level 2- Beginning Language Ask simple, everyday questions Describe pictures, events, objects, or people using phrases or short sentences Complete/ produce sentences from word phrase banks
  3. 3. Lesson ObjectiveTSWBAT... Read, speak, listen, and write sentences using WH- questions Answer WH- questions to compose an original story about a vacation
  4. 4. Let the Lesson Begin...WH-QUESTIONS
  5. 5. What are the WH- Questions?Questions that start with WH- What? Who? WH-? Where? When? Why? Which? Whose?
  6. 6. WH- questions CANNOTbe answered with YES or NO.
  7. 7. The WH- questions give you INFORMATION.
  8. 8. What?WHAT= names an object, idea, or actionWhat do you wear on your finger?I wear a ring on my finger.
  9. 9. What?WHAT= names an object, idea, or actionWhat did you think of the movie?I liked the movie.
  10. 10. What?WHAT= names an object, idea, or actionWhat will you do today?I will go to the playground.
  11. 11. Who?WHO= names a person
  12. 12. Who?Who is this?This is Barack Obama, the president of the United States.
  13. 13. Who?Who went on vacation?The family went on vacation.
  14. 14. Who?Who is crying?The baby is crying.
  15. 15. Where?WHERE= names a place or locationWhere did you go?I went to the pool in the park.
  16. 16. Where?WHERE= names a place or locationWhere is my hat?Your hat is in the closet.
  17. 17. When?When= names a timeWhen did you get home from school today?I got home from school at 3:00 PM.
  18. 18. When?When= names a timeWhen do you wake up?I wake up early in the morning.
  19. 19. Why?WHY= tells a reason or purposeWhy is he leaving?He is leaving to go to work.
  20. 20. Why?WHY= tells a reason or purposeWhy did you go to the store?I went to the store because we needed eggs.
  21. 21. Which?WHICH= gives a choiceWhich way will you go,right or left?I will go left. LEFT
  22. 22. Which?Which apple do you want, the red apple or the green apple?I want the red apple.
  23. 23. Whose?WHOSE= shows possession, ownershipWhose shirt is on the floor? Johns shirtJohns shirt is on the floor. John Shirt
  24. 24. Whose?Whose pen is on the desk?That is my pen on the desk. my pen
  25. 25. Lets Review!WHAT = names an object, idea, or actionWHO = names a personWHERE = names a placeWHEN = tells a timeWHY = gives a reasonWHICH = makes a choiceWHOSE = shows ownership
  26. 26. Lets Practice!Activity:TELLING A VACATION STORY Tell a story about a vacation. Follow the example. Answer the questions.
  27. 27. “Our Vacation”- WHATWhat did you do on your vacation?Example: We took a tour of the waterfalls.Your answer:
  28. 28. “Our Vacation”- WHOWho went on vacation?Example: My friends and I went on vacation.Your answer:
  29. 29. “Our Vacation”- WHEREWhere did you go on vacation?Example: We went to Niagara Falls in Canada.Your answer:
  30. 30. “Our Vacation”- WHENWhen did you go on vacation?Example: We went during Easter weekend in 2011.Your answer:
  31. 31. “Our Vacation”- WHYWhy did you go on vacation?Example: We went so our friends could see the falls for the first time.Your answer:
  32. 32. “Our Vacation”- WHICHWhich did you like more, being at home or being on vacation?Example: I liked being on vacation more.Your answer:
  33. 33. “Our Vacation”- WHOSEWhose car did you drive?Example: We drove my boyfriends car.Your answer:
  34. 34. “Our Vacation” storyNow, put your answers into one paragraph.You can add photos and drawings to tell more.Good Job!You told your vacation story.
  35. 35. Congratulations!You have finished the lesson on WH- Questions.Remember to use the WH- Questions to give and receive information.WH- Questions:What, Who, Where, When, Why, Which, Whose