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Turning OpenStack Swift into a rich business ready cloud service
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Turning OpenStack Swift into a rich business ready cloud service


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This post describes how OpenStack Swift can be turned into a business ready Cloud Service for direct end users or ISP's

This post describes how OpenStack Swift can be turned into a business ready Cloud Service for direct end users or ISP's

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Turning OpenStack Swift into a richbusiness ready Cloud Service 1
  • 2. What SME does- Makes OpenStack Swift ‘Business ready’ for ISP’s or direct end-users- Turns Swift into a sophisticated Cloud Data Service- Supports virtual drive and sync for all desktop clients & native Apps for all Mobiles- Adds control / audit / governance to all files- Indexes meta-data for rapid search 2
  • 3. Initial sign in‣ Initial Home Page after creating a Cloud File Server Account‣ The service can used from a hosted environment at • US: • EU:‣ The Service can be run from a customers own premise (supplied as a VMWARE, XEN or KVM instance)‣ The service can be run on Linode or EC2 3
  • 4. Custom Branding ‣ Each Cloud File Server can be branded ‣ Online and on-Premise hosted Cloud Appliance can have ‘deeper’ branding • All desktop and mobile tools canBranding & be branded for on-premise use ofUnique login page the SME Appliance 4
  • 5. Cloud File Server AdminBranding ‣ Cloud File Server Administrators have additional options ‣ This enables them to ‘control’ the cloud file server users, options, security, and governance. 5
  • 6. Homepage Widgets ‣ ‘Widgets’ can be added to the home page ‣ Widgets can be customisable ‣ Widget framework enables custom widgets to be developed for hooking into company information 6
  • 7. User Management ‣ Users can easily be managed or added ‣ Users can completely managed from another Identity Management system • Active Directory • LDAP ‣ Bulk users can be added from .csv file 7
  • 8. Active Directory / BYOD Active Directory & BYOD integration 8
  • 9. File Manager ‣ Rich / functional web file manager shared folders • Separate ‘lite’ file manager for locked down browsers • Visualises all OpenStack Datasupports fileLocking &encryption drag / drop files straight onto webpage 9
  • 10. File options‣ Files options depend on file type • Office files can be edited and saved back to the original location using Zoho office or Google Docs • Text files can be edited also inline • Viewers exist for various files integrated with best of breed online services 10
  • 11. Example: viewing an Autocad file ‣ Files can be viewed or edited inline depending on the file type • This is an example of an Autocad file being viewed through the Google Viewer 11
  • 12. Sharing Options ‣ Rich sharing options • Share by secure link, time expiry, over email, to external groupsEmail sharing URL SharingGroup Sharing 12
  • 13. Encryption‣ All files no matter the location can be encrypted • AES SHA-1 256 bit secure encryption • Public Key stored but private key not stored, remains with user 13
  • 14. Sharing files Internally ‣ Shared folders can be used to promote internal file sharing • Access control lists supported at folder, role & user level • Can integrate with Active Directory ‣ Admin can delegate users to also create shared folders 14
  • 15. Sharing files externally ‣ Business Workspaces can be used to share external files • Create a group, invite people and then simply share file with group • All members receive updates • Set Auto-updates based on rules • Members can be collaborators • Members can be private (don’t see each other) 15
  • 16. Sharing files over email ‣ Files can be ‘sent’ to OpenStack simply as a ‘cc’ or bcc’ on regular email • Users has private folder with email address • Shared folders have email addresses so that data normally trapped in emails can be easily added 16
  • 17. Searching files ‣ Quick search interface • Search against all Swift indexed meta-data quickly • Works from any clientTagged filesearch 17
  • 18. File notifications ‣ Set sophisticated notification options for when files are added to a shared folder 18
  • 19. Event Auditing ‣ Audit each file event • For security • For legislative purposes 19
  • 20. Sophisticated options ‣ Sophisticated Options • For management • Corporate governance • Security • Branding • Encryption • Versioning 20
  • 21. That was just a brief look at theWeb platform of a Cloud File Server based on using with OpenStack Swift 21
  • 22. Native desktop Drives + Sync WindowsMac Linux 22
  • 23. Native Clients for all mobiles / tablets 23
  • 24. Thanks ! ! 22