OpenStack and Storage Made Easy Enterprise Drop Box Use Case


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These are the slides that Storage Made Easy presented at the London OpenStack Summit in June 2014. They highlight a real world of example of OpenStack being used as an Enterprise File Share and Sync Solution

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  • We work with Generic OpenStack Swift supporting SWAuth and Keystone
  • We work with Generic OpenStack Swift supporting SWAuth and Keystone
  • OpenStack and Storage Made Easy Enterprise Drop Box Use Case

    1. 1. OpenStack & Storage Made Easy ‘Enterprise DropBox’ Use Case Jim Liddle
    2. 2. Market Category: Private / Hybrid Cloud Market Segment: Enterprise File Share and Sync (AKA Enterprise DropBox) Delivery: SaaS, IaaS, On-Site Vision: #1 EFSS joining up data silos for 'cloud control' Target Market: Mid Market to Enterprise companies Go to Market: Direct, Channel (ISP), White Label USP's: Storage Agnostic, Protocol Gateway, Unification, Encryption, Audit/Governance About SME
    3. 3. ‣ Supported OpenStack since March 2011 ‣ Joined OpenStack Community May 2011 ‣ Currently a supporting organization ‣ Support OpenStack Swift Storage ‣ SME Appliance can be deployed on OpenStack Compute ‣ Currently have a number of customers using SME with OpenStack ‣ Examples: Lush (direct Corporate), (ISP) SME and OpenStack
    4. 4. ‣ Lush using Storage Made Easy with OpenStack for 2 years ‣ Since June 2012 ‣ Deployed SME Cloud Appliance on IaaS Hosting (using XEN) ‣ Following trend of data center outsourcing ‣ Initially Deployed 150 users ‣ Now up to 1,000 users in over 50 countries ‣ Enables Management of multiple data sources ‣ OpenStack and any others that are used by the business ‣ Branded as ‘Lush Cloud’ ‣ Entire product stack is brandable and Lush has in-house capacity SME and Lush
    5. 5. Lush Cloud Screenshots
    6. 6. ‣ Storage now a commodity ‣ Data kept in UK important (by UK company) important ‣ Price per user important ‣ OpenStack provides scalable fault tolerant storage on low cost hardware ‣ Enterprise DropBox type use case ‣ SME was able to provide the EFSS piece ‣ Rich Web UI with Cloud Drive / Sync integration into Mac, Windows, Linux ‣ Support all mobile devices that may be used in business (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry) ‣ Provided full audit for files used ‘on cloud’ ‣ Provided governance controls around file sharing ‣ SME storage agnostic - no perceived lock-in if want to swap providers Why OpenStack / SME
    7. 7. ‣ Lots of interest by large companies ‣ More than ‘tyre kickers” SME currently working on over 10 concurrent Enterprise POC’s involving Swift ‣ Largest is 250K user base ‣ Continued interest from ISP’s ‣ Partly driven by ‘open source’, partly driven by ROI, partly driven by privacy fall out ‣ Companies looking for ‘missing pieces to be able to deploy ‣ Enterprise File Share and Sync – private Dropbox use case ‣ Desktop integration, mobile integration, apps integration ‣ Cloud Gateway functionality ‣ Integration with “what we have” i.e Active Directory, LDAP, SAML, Kerberos etc ‣ Auditability / Governance OpenStack Swift ‘takeaways’
    8. 8. Business Architecture
    9. 9. Logical Architecture
    10. 10. Appliance Packaging
    11. 11. Horizontal Scaling
    12. 12. Demo
    13. 13. Thanks!