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smeSpire business model at the Eurogi workshop “The future of the Data-Economy: Business strategies and models for spatial data” held in Lisbon (PT) the 16th of November 2012.

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smeSpire at eurogi

  1. 1. 1/21EUROGI Extra Members’ Meeting Lisbon (PT), 16.11.2012 Workshop : “The future of the Data-Economy: Businessstrategies and models for spatial data.” SMEs and INSPIRE:smeSpire Business Model Giacomo Martirano (EPSIT)
  2. 2. SUMMARY 2/21 What is smeSpire? What is the smeSpire business model? Some preliminary results Next steps
  3. 3. Main project features 3/21It is an FP7 Support Action – funded by DGCONNECT - aiming to turn the challenges ofthe INSPIRE implementation into businessopportunities for the geo-ICT EuropeanSMEs. Starting date 01 May 2012 Duration 24 Months Budget 1.791.000 Euro Website
  4. 4. 8 concrete output 4/211. Assessment, in EU Member States, of potential market for geoICT SMEs2. Training package based on vocational training curricula.3. Best Practice catalogue, including lessons learned and unsuccessful outcomes4. Dissemination events (“smeSpire days”), which will include training workshops, to be organised in the participating countries (as ePractice workshops).
  5. 5. 8 concrete output 5/215. Network of SMEs and other stakeholders to bridge the gap between INSPIRE- driven demand and the geoICT-driven offer.6. Business model to enable already established and new geoICT EU SMEs to convert technological innovation into economic value.7. European geoICT SMEs Database, enabling complex business intelligence studies and analysis8. General awareness about the importance
  6. 6. The partnership (1/3) 6/21• 15 partners from 12 Member States.• smeSpire is a Support Action for SMEs driven by SMEs: 8 of the 15 partners are SMEs all of them active in the geo-ICT sector, one partner SME is the Project Leader and three partners SMEs are WP Leaders, with a 51% of the total budget allocated to the 8 participating SMEs.• The consortium is complemented by 3 Research Centres (JRC, K.U.LEUVEN and Fondazione Graphitech), 2 National Environmental Agencies (CENIA and SAZP), the no-profit association GISIG (recently qualified as an SME) and the government owned body Tracasa, with high skill in geo-ICT technologies.
  7. 7. The partnership (2/3) 7/21INSPIRE Conference 2012 – Workshop “Are SMEs ready to capitalise INSPIRE benefits?” - Istanbul, 23.06.2012
  8. 8. The partnership (3/3) 8/21
  9. 9. Target groups and end-users 9/21 The following target groups, all of them being end-users at the same time, will be addressed by smeSpire: − already established SMEs active in the geo- ICT domain − new entrant SMEs in the geo-ICT domain, consisting of: o already established ICT SMEs, looking for new business opportunities o start-up SMEs. SMEs ≅ 99% of total companies SMEs ≅ 99% of total companies ICT SMEs ≅ 2% of total SMEs ICT SMEs ≅ 2% of total SMEs Geo-ICT SMEs ≅ 2% of total ICT SMEs Geo-ICT SMEs ≅ 2% of total ICT SMEs
  10. 10. The geo-ICT sector in Europe 10/21 N° of Geo-ICT SMEs initially surveyed by the N° of Geo-ICT SMEs initially surveyed by the partners in the 12 participating Member States partners in the 12 participating Member States
  11. 11. The geo-ICT sector in Europe 11/21
  12. 12. The geo-ICT sector in Europe 12/21
  13. 13. Business model definition 13/21 A business model describes the rationale of how an organization creates, delivers and captures value
  14. 14. Business model canvas 14/21
  15. 15. Some preliminary results 15/21• Revenue streams: where does the money come from? (Service) Public sector contracts Private sector R&D projects
  16. 16. Some preliminary results 16/21• Source of data: TED database (European public procurement journal Tenders Electronic Daily), where is published information about service contracts above 200.000 €• Query parameters: • Type of documents: award contract notice • Keywords (within the whole documentation): INSPIRE, SDI, Geoportal, GIS 481 contracts awarded within the period 481 contracts awarded within the period 2008-2012, for a total of 478 M€ 2008-2012, for a total of 478 M€
  17. 17. Some preliminary results 17/21 N° of contracts N° of contracts per country per country Value of contracts Value of contracts per country per country
  18. 18. Some preliminary results 18/21 Temporal trend Temporal trend
  19. 19. Next steps 19/21• To complete the BM component of the revenue streams: • To complete TED data processing and analyses • To process and analyse the CORDIS data (R&D projects database)• To analyse the other BM components, with focus on: • The customer segments • The key-resources and the organisational model • The cost structure
  20. 20. Next steps 20/21• To integrate the feedback coming from other project output: • The Best Practice Catalogue • The market analysis• To compare different applicable business models: • Based on data provision vs. based on service provision • Service provision based on data vs. service provision based on consultancy, training • Based on the set-up of operational services (good idea for DG CONNECT?) • …
  21. 21. 21/21 Thank you!and join us atwww.smespire. eu