Taming OpenData and INSPIRE challenges with Open Source: lessons learned and real-world use cases from an SME
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Taming OpenData and INSPIRE challenges with Open Source: lessons learned and real-world use cases from an SME






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Taming OpenData and INSPIRE challenges with Open Source: lessons learned and real-world use cases from an SME Taming OpenData and INSPIRE challenges with Open Source: lessons learned and real-world use cases from an SME Presentation Transcript

  • GeoSolutions, Taming OpenData and INSPIRE challenges with Open Source: lessons learned and real-world use cases from an SME Ing. Simone Giannecchini, GeoSolutions
  • Outline  Who we are  What we do  What we have done  My Perspective on INSPIRE and OpenData
  • GeoSolutions  Founded in Italy in late 2006  Expertise • Image Processing, GeoSpatial Data Fusion • Java, Java Enterprise, C++, Python • JPEG2000, JPIP, Advanced 2D visualization  Supporting/Developing FOSS4G projects  GeoTools, GeoServer  GeoBatch, GeoNetwork  Clients  Large NGOs, Public Administrations  Private Companies  Good balance between Italian and International Clients  http://www.geo-solutions.it
  • Reference Architecture GeoWebCacheGeoServer GeoBatch GeoNetwork MapStore Ingest & Preprocess Metadata Maps & Data Tiles & KML Mashups Data & Styles WMS Metadata
  • FormatsandProtocols WFS 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 WMS 1.1.1 1.3.0 PostGIS Oracle H2 DB2 SQL Server MySql Spatialite GeoCouch Shapefile ---------- ---------- --------- ---------- ---------- ---------- --------- ---------- ---------- ---------- --------- ---------- ArcSDE WFS PNG, GIF JPEG TIFF, GeoTIFF SVG, PDF KML/KMZ Shapefile GML2 GML3 GeoRSS GeoJSON CSV/XLS Raw vector data Servers Styled maps DBMS Vector files WCS 1.0,1.1.1 2.0.1 GeoTIFF WMS ArcGrid GTopo30 Img+world Mosaic MrSID JPEG 2000 ECW,Pyramid, Oracle GeoRaster, PostGis Raster Raster files Raw raster data GeoTIFF ArcGrid GTopo30 Img+World GWC (WMTS, TMS, WMS-C) KML superoverlays Google maps tiles OGC tiles OSGEO tiles KML WPS 1.0.0
  • GeoWebCache  Tile Oriented Geospatial Cache  Java Enterprise  Maps Acceleration ( 10x to 100x )  Standards compliant  OGC WMS 1.1.1, WMTS 1.0  TMS  WMS-C  Google Earth/Maps support  Stand-Alone or Integrated in GeoServer GeoWebCache Persistent raster/KML tile cache
  • MapStore  Create, Manage, Share Stunning Maps easily  Mashing-up various sources of data  Inject markers and tracks with custom HTML pop-up  Embed in existing sites and portal  Use as complete geoportal solution
  • GeoNetwork COMMON LANGUAGES EXCHANGE FORMATS CATALOGUES/ WEB SERVICES • Metadata – ISO19115:2003, ISO19119:2005, ISO19110:2005, ISO19139:2007 – FGDC, Dublin Core • Export/Import – RSS & GeoRSS newsfeeds – XML + XSL • Catalogue interfaces – OGC CSW 2.0.2 ISO Profile – OAI-PMH – Z39.50 – Geo-OpenSearch – GeoRSS – WebDAV • Web Mapping Client – OGC standards for WMS, WMC • Web Map Server (through GeoServer) – WMS, WFS, WFS-t, WCS, KML
  • GeoBatch  Real-time produced data  Remote Sensing, In situ, Models, etc..  Recognizable, isolate data streams  Flow  Incoming series of geospatial data  Specific format  Defined rules for preprocessing  Defined rules for ingestion and/or exploitation  Automatic Ingestion and preprocessing  No manual intervention  Example, flow of EO raster Producer GeoServer GeoWebCache Tile Pyramid Publish
  • INSPIRE – Who does What  Discovery service  GeoNetwork  View, Download, InvokeSD, Transformation Service  GeoServer
  • INSPIRE Discovery Services GeoNetwork  GeoNetwork implements CSW 2.0.2 ISO Profile  INPIRE extended constraints in metadata should be explicitly enabled in GeoNetwork  Complies with almost all main requirements in Metadata Implementation and Discovery Services  Main compliancy issues in:  Handling federated catalogues  in Discovery Service Metadata and Link Discovery Service operations  Federated metadata retrieving  no CSW, only Z39.50  Publishing in pull mode  matching CSW Harvest operation in GN is not stable yet
  • INSPIRE View Services GeoServer  Historically well supported WMS 1.1.1  GeoServer Stable 2.1.x Supports WMS 1.3  Ordnance Survey (UK) funded the work  INSPIRE compliancy still partial  Harmonized Names (available since 2.2.0 beta)  SOAP Support missing (recommended, not mandatory)  Scenario 2 not supported  Partial support for multilingualism  INSPIRE Community Extension  Separate plugin  Plugs-in additional fields for Multilingualism and Service Metadata
  • INSPIRE View Services GeoServer  Language support:  Single language declaration support  Limitations  No multilingual metadata on layers  Missing localized support for exceptions  Missing localization support for contents (e.g., GetFeatureInfo, GetMap labels)  Robust support for Mandatory CRS (ETRS89)  Support for Mandatory Encoding Formats (PNG, GIF)  Support for SLD 1.0 solid and mature  Many Additional Vendor Options
  • INSPIRE View Services GeoServer  Support for SE 1.1 present  extra operations available in SE 1.1 and not in SLD 1.0 are not supported  Some of the above are available as SLD 1.0 vendor extensions (same functionality, different syntax)
  • INSPIRE View Services GeoWebCache  Full support for WMTS 1.0 (tiled view services)  Harmonized names possible  INSPIRECRS84QUAD tile matrix set not built-in, but manually configurable  Missing INSPIRE extensions:  WMTS Capabilities document does not contain the required INSPIRE extensions (WMS-C do though)  No layer metadata links  Internationalization support missing  No SOAP support
  • INSPIRE Download Services GeoServer  GeoServer 2.2.0 beta first release to support WFS 2.0 and GML 3.2.1  IGN France Funding  SOAP supported  Missing some functionalities  Standard Capabilites Extension missing  Local and Remote Resolve  GetPropertyValue Interactions with AppSchema/Complex Features  Basic Workflow for Complex features  Store original datasets in ad hoc schema database  Generating Object-Relational mappings  On-the-fly output transformations
  • INSPIRE Coordinate Transformation Services - GeoServer  GeoServer provides coordinate transformation tools with the gs:Reproject WPS process  Requires some changes to become compliant  Name change  List supported SRS  Use different mime types for GML  Add “test transformation” mode (does not actually transform, checks only if possible)
  • INSPIRE InvokeSD Services GeoServer  GeoServer Support OGC WPS 1.0.0  Interaction with external WFS and WCS  Automatic Ingestion of produced data  Basic process chaining is supported  Interaction with BPEL/BPMN engine to be tested
  • Florence OpenGeoData Portal
  • Florence OpenGeoData Portal
  • Progetto CERCO
  • Progetto CERCO
  • LaMMa - MetOc
  • Acque Wiz EU Project  Crowdsourcing of data losses reports and data quality  Participative approach to water resourcing and planning
  • Cultura Italia - MuseiD Portal  Integrate with OpenCMS & SOLR  Inject custom markers and tracks with custom HTML pop-up  Mobile Enabled Version  Link-back to managed resources  Example here  No INSPIRE!
  • Open Data  Tremendous push for business and innovation  Bottom-up process  Current Infrastructures shortcomings  Focus on data rather than on services  Mostly unidirectional  Split between geospatial and non geospatial  Interoperability between Hubs is an open point  There’s room for improvement
  • INSPIRE  Top-down process  Works by imposition  Complexity, Complexity, Complexity  We really needed more docs to read!  Adapting to INSPIRE is expensive  Existing products  Existing infrastructure  Existing data repositories  Real world moves faster than standardization bodies  Open Data provides momentum, let’s use it!
  • Conclusions  We work for people  People ask for more data & services not more rules  Complexity generate confusion  Confusion generate failures  Innovation  development of new values  solutions that meet new requirements  inarticulate needs  old market needs in new ways  Open Data initiatives are fostering innovation  INSPIRE does generate business, but innovation?
  • The End Thanks for your time simone.giannecchini@geo-solutions.it
  • GeoSolutions  We don’t just use Open Source  We contribute to creating real Open Source products  New Features  Bug Fixing  Contributions Review and Acceptance  Community Management  Documentation*  Communication (conferences, events…)  No investors, we sustain ourselves with our revenue
  • Team – Key Members  Ing. Simone Giannecchini  Founder, GeoServer PSC, GeoTools PMC, ImageIO-Ext Architect, JAI-Tools founder, GeoBatch founder  Ing. Alessio Fabiani  Founder, GeoServer PSC, GeoTools Committer  Ing. Andrea Aime  GeoServer PSC, GeoTools PMC, JAI-Tools Lead, ImageIO-Ext committer  Ing. Daniele Romagnoli  GeoServer Committer GeoTools PMC, ImageIO-Ext Lead, JAI-Tools Committer  Ing. Emanuele Tajariol  GeoServer Committer, GeoTools Committer, GeoNetwork PSC  Ing Mauro Bartolomeoli  GeoServer Committer, GeoTools Comitter, GeoBatch Committer
  • INSPIRE  Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community  2007/2/EC Directive, 14/03/2007  Fully in place by 2019  Implementing Rules and Technical Guidance to implement EU-wide Interoperable SDIs  IR are legally binding  TC are not legally binding  Main Aspects Covered  Metadata  Network Services  Data and Service Sharing  Data Specification  Monitoring and Reporting  Maximum Reuse of existing standards (OGC, ISO, W3C)
  • INSPIRE – Network Services  Discovery Services  View Services  Download Services  Transformation Services  Invoke Spatial Data Services  Rights Management Layer
  • INSPIRE – Discovery Services  Discovery of spatial dataset and services  Provide operations on services  query about service capabilities  register other federated Discovery Services  Provide operations on metadata  search  update (both push and pull modes),  perform federated searches  Based on Metadata specs from ISO  TG requires CSW 2.0.2 ISO AP as starting point
  • INSPIRE – Download Services  Account for copies of spatial dataset, or parts of them to be downloaded and/ accessed directly  Predefined Dataset (or part) VS Direct access  Presence of Query Capabilities  Different Discovery Metadata  Based on OGC WFS 2.0 and ISO/DIS 19142, 19143 for Direct Access  May allow WFS 1.1 in the future  Support for European CRS is Mandatory (See Annex I of directive)
  • INSPIRE – Download Services  Support for GML 3.2.1 is Mandatory  SOAP Encoding is suggested  Multilingualism Support is key  Support for the Temporal dimension is Mandatory  Support for Vector Data is rather mature  Support for Raster Data is unclear  WCS 1.1.2? WCS 2.0?
  • INSPIRE – View Services  Display, Navigate, zoom in/out, pan or overlay viewable dataset and legend information  Based on OGC WMS 1.3.0 – ISO 19128 with OGC SLD and SE  INSPIRE Profile  WMTS 1.0.0 for tile services with INSPIRE extensions  WMS 1.1.1 (INSPIRE PROFILE) is also acceptable  2 Available Scenarios  Scenario 1: GetCapabilities document is extended with a link to a Catalogue  Scenario 2: Extra elements are embedded into the GetCapabilities document itself
  • INSPIRE – View Services  Support for European CRS is Mandatory (See Annex I of directive)  SOAP support is suggested  Support for the Temporal data dimension  Mandatory output formats for Maps are PNG and GID  Multilingualism Support is key
  • INSPIRE – InvokeSD Services  Invoking individual spatial services as well as combinations of them  synchronously or asynchronously  Middleware per processing  Technical Papers recommend OGC WPS as basic building block  BPEL is recommended between the others for Service Chaining and Workflow  SOAP should be mandatory  IR and TG not available yet