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  • Through social media you can quickly build a network of core supporters, which is essential for any up and coming business to keep growing and expanding. It is that group of loyal followers that will keep bringing your company business and referring it to others if they are pleased with what they are finding. The more traffic your website can continually obtain, you will soon earn a higher ranking among the search engines. Helping your business to achieve a high ranking with the search engines can give your website much better visibility and online exposure, and keep the new customers coming. marketing via social media is the most cost efficient and eco-friendly method possible. Here you do not have mounds of cost associated with paper, ink, and printing. Once you have built up a reputation with a few good social media campaigns, it is easy to continue to send messages to your loyals. You can announce new products, promotions and special offers, sales, contests, etc. It is advisable not to overdo this as people will become immune to it, but every now and then an interesting new campaign such as this will build interest and bring you business.
  • If your whole company buys into the social media thing then success will be much easier to drive… If all staff (owners included) are onboard allow them to become part of the change to increase ownership in the changes to come.
  • Customer Service: Improving your relationship with customers and their experience with your business Recruitment: Are you getting more applicants/ interest from online ventures Innovation: Collaborating with your customers to drive future products/ services Attitude: A positive attitude towards your products, service, and business overall
  • Key words phrases: make sure you optimize content by writing a headline, including a description, enter tags as well (keywords)
  • Steps to social media strategy

    1. 1. Prom ge o enga s! Prod te Your can er uctsYou stom & Se Cu rviceYour s! It is C ! ost E ffectiv Exp osure e e! ore Onlin M
    2. 2. Step 1: Establish a Vision Step 2: Get Approval Step 3: Research Step 4: Create Goals Step 5: Decide the Platforms you want to use Step 6: Cost & Budget (if at all) Step 7: Plan & Create Content Step 8: Publish & Promote Step 9: Measure Results (and tweek if needed)Source: 10 Steps to a Successful Social Media Statregy, Jeff Bulla’s Blog
    3. 3. Ensure your business has a vision statement.A vision statement outlines what the organizationwants to be or how it wants the world inwhich it operates to be in the ideal sense.It is geared toward the future and is a sourceof inspiration.For example: A charity working with the poorMight have the vision “A World Without Poverty”Source: WikipediaSource: 10 Steps to a Successful Social Media Statregy, Jeff Bulla’s Blog
    4. 4. If you are the only If you are not, it is a very business owner then this good idea to seek approval step is very easy…. from other stakeholders and in some cases, your employees!Source: 10 Steps to a Successful Social Media Statregy, Jeff Bulla’s Blog
    5. 5. Think about your customers: •Focus on your industry•What do they read or view? •Indentify trends•What are their problems? •Decide which trends you want to•What social networks do they use? pursue •Decide how you could do it better than your competition
    6. 6. It is very important to know what you want to achieve & where!! Examples: •Improved Customer Service • Recruitment • Increased Innovation • Improved Attitude towards business And also think about what you hope to set up: • Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, IFFT, LinkedIn, Blogging????Source: 10 Steps to a Successful Social Media Statregy, Jeff Bulla’s Blog
    7. 7. Not everything cost money… but depending on what you want you may have to buy a few things… - Hiring a consultant to design your social media campaign - Paying for a Facebook/ Google marketing campaign - Paying for your own blog and/or webpage domain - Paying someone to maintain your social media sites - Setting up your own Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. accounts - Many Google products (blog, analytics, etc) - Managing the media yourselfSource: 10 Steps to a Successful Social Media Statregy, Jeff Bulla’s Blog
    8. 8. What exactly are you using for your social media campaign???? Some things to consider: • Videos (think YouTube) • Blogs • Facebook/ Twitter updates • PowerPoint presentations • Audio Podcasts • Competitions • How-to-guidesSource: 10 Steps to a Successful Social Media Startegy, Jeff Bulla’s Blog
    9. 9. Remember: Creating the content is just a start… marketing your content continuouslyand consistently is vital!! • A good first step is to build networks on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. Do this before you start blogging so you have an audience first. • Secondly… OPTIMIZE your content…. Do this by: • Use key words and phrases that would show up in search Engines • Make sure you have social media sharing buttons so your material is easy to share among people Source: 10 Steps to a Successful Social Media Statregy, Jeff Bulla’s Blog
    10. 10. Remember: Success will probably not happen overnight! Use tools like “Google Analytics” or “Facebook Insights” to measure and monitor your progress to make sure you are moving towards your goals Change what is not working and keep doing what is!!Always pay attention to what your competition is doing… and try to do itbetter!!
    11. 11. “The most successful marketer becomes part of the lives of their followers. They follow back. They wish happybirthday. They handle problems their customers have with products or service. They grow their businesses andbrands by involving themselves in their own communities.” Marsha Collier, From Marsha Collier’s Musings
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