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  1. 1. Going to-future<br />Use<br />Planned actions in the future<br />We are going to sing at the party.<br />You are certain that is going to happen in the future.<br />Look at this car! It is going to crash into the yellow one.<br />Structure:<br />Pronoun + to be (am, are, is) + going to + simple form of verb + complement<br />Examples <br />Affirmative sentences:<br />I am going to play baseball.I'm going to play baseball.You are going to play baseball.You're going to play baseball.<br />Negative sentences:<br />I am not going to play baseball.I'm not going to play baseball.You are not going to play baseball.You're not going to play baseball.You aren't going to play baseball.<br />Questions: <br />Am I going to play handball?Are you going to play handball?<br />Put the verbs in brackets into the gaps and form sentences. Use the going to-future.<br />Example: She _____________ a present for her mother. (to buy)Answer: She is going to buy a present for her mother. or She's going to buy a present for her mother.<br />He_________ his friend. (to phone)<br />We_________ a new computer game. (to play)<br />My sister___________ TV. (to watch)<br />You_________ a picnic next Tuesday. (to have)<br />Jane________ to the office. (to go)<br />They_________ to the bus stop this afternoon. (to walk)<br />His brother_________ a letter to his uncle today. (to write)<br />She_________ her aunt. (to visit)<br />I_________ my homework after school. (to do)<br />Sophie and Nick __________ her friends. (to meet)<br />Lesson Topic: Future Tense Using "Will" And "Be Going To" <br /> One is more common for a native speaker. Though will and be going to mean almost the same thing and are interchangeable sometimes, there are some situations when one is used more than the other. <br />Will <br />Promises <br />JohnnyMom, if I get 100 on my math test, will you take me out for ice cream?MomYes, I'll take you out for ice cream. I promise you.<br />Offers to help <br />Patricia I lost my ringBrianNo problem. I'll help you find it.<br />Request for help <br />PeterI need to change the oil in my car. Will you help me?WilliamOf course, I'll help you.<br />Predictions about the future <br />JohnSome statisticians predict that there will be10 billion people in the world by 2050. Melinda I think they are right. I heard there won't be enough food in the world for everyone.Will is often used in predictions, but be going to is also used and acceptable.<br />Refusal of things<br />WalterI can't open this bottle of wine.SallyYeah. The cork won't come out.<br />Be Going To<br />State a plan or intention <br />JosephWhat are you going to do this summer?AlexaI am going to travel across Costa Rica. I am going to visit several places such as mountains, beaches ,rivers, waterfalls, etc.<br />Examples:<br />I will work. Yo trabajaré. --- I am goig to work tomorrow.Voy a trabajar mañana<br />She will study. Ella estudiará---- she is goig to study tomorrow. Ella <br /> va estudiar mañana<br />Put the verbs in brackets into the gaps and form sentences. Use will-future or going to-future.Example: I hope, that the sun ________ tomorrow. (to shine)Answer: I hope, that the sun will shine tomorrow.<br />Therewasan apple in the bowlTherewereThree apples in the bowl IwasAt home.Very hungryhappyyouwereshewasheitwewereyouthey. Just a moment. I__________ you with the bags. (to help)) In 2020 people__________ more hybrid cars. (to buy)David__________ a party next week. (to doWe________ to Venice in June. (to fly)10)Look at the clouds! It ____________ soon. (to rain)Oscar_____________35 next Wednesday. (to be)They__________ a new computer. (to get)) I think, my mother__________ this CD. (to like)Paul's sister_____________ a baby. (to have)They_________ at about 4 in the afternoon. (to arrive) <br />