Where To Buy Louis Vuitton Bags For Sale?


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Where To Buy Louis Vuitton Bags For Sale?

  1. 1. Where To Buy Louis Vuitton Bags For Sale?Where To Buy Louis Vuitton Bags For Sale? This is a secret! Lets get together to discuss.LilyFashion designerLouis Vuitton is a controversial brand, created the one hand, the long history of the brandand the star designers join such a legendary brand uniqueness. Bold cross-bordercooperation, constantly evolving classic in recent years to become full of artistictemperament luxury brand Louis Vuitton, Louis Vuitton next to the mortal is an entirelydifferent story, the proliferation of imitation evolved into pure identity financial symbol. Blindlyacross ages worship, the formation of a Louis Vuitton absolute phenomenon. But it so doesnot lead to appraise brand is clearly bored.JumpingShop ownerPositioning Yeah, classic ordinary imitation goods rotten Street. Limited noble, not buy, theyare very rare.Each design can reflect the state of mind at the time of the designer, but Louis Vuittondesigner Marc Jacobs, and not all follow their own ideas. After all, consumer groups, as wellas the interests of the company to consider. Louis Vuitton design or follow trends.Return to the classic this year, but the lack of new ideas. Graffiti it, although that is theenduring culture and art, but abuse also do not think the meaning of it. In fact, I feel can mixDaoman good.MyrnaUniversity studentLouis Vuitton, in my opinion, is a veteran of France.I recently went to looked Louis Vuitton "A Passion for Creation" Art Exhibition in Hong Kong,but the exhibition is not Louis Vuitton products, but related art. Did not feel especially good-looking, but not allowed to take pictures.This exhibition but looked brand culture has some deep-seated understanding, especiallyLouis Vuitton antique suitcase Pavilion After reading it, you understand why so expensiveLouis Vuitton. There is a pattern pavilion and the Japanese artist Takashi Murakami.Combined with modern art for such a traditional brand of Louis Vuitton is a breakthrough.Louis Vuitton usual pattern did not think so many changes.Wang Yan heartJapanese studentsI like the classic Louis Vuitton, feel very simple color, very simple logo, but it looks like is verydifferent. I have only two, a more popular in 2007 that greatly both sides of two long bag;another is the oldest, with a small lock. Folk Louis Vuitton also another bad saying it, is
  2. 2. divided into three: one is ugly attracted the attention of others; second is the upstart willingmanifests itself finally become rich; third, is idiots like to follow suit, who does not know howto taste probably all know that Louis Vuitton, this kind of people will want to win the others sosure of their own fashion sense to buy Louis Vuitton. In fact, you think about Louis Vuittonfakes so much associated with these three points has. Of course, can not represent a brandcan maintain a history of nearly a century of course his unbeaten charm, but there are a lot ofpeople misunderstood the meaning of the name brand, that it must be defined in the fame ormoney, so it is too shallow, fashion is also a need for a spirit from the inside to the outside, adesigner bags will embody more valuable thing.SugerTour guidesI may not the same with other people, do not like the Louis Vuitton classic, because I do notlike full Logo things, a sister to a series of Louis Vuitton Size bags to buy, including a purse, Imay not buy a Speed or Never full handbag, but I will buy a Louis Vuitton suitcase, and Ithink that is the precipitation of this classic brand.Ma JiaoFull-time housewifeMentioned in the first to think of Louis Vuitton handbags in their home, I think Louis Vuittonregarded as moderate status symbol. Although expensive, expensive makes sense, LouisVuitton is manufactured in China, labor costs and taxes will lose more than half, so it looks itsessence is not worthy of being called expensive. At the time of purchase, I would choose aclassic style, my favorite Louis Vuittons point is that it never discount.Liu Na25-year-old New Zealand studentsLouis Vuitton is the best entry-luxury, and compared to other brand-name wide choice ofstyles, but some sections the price is too low, so some are not on the level of feeling. Millionbags easily become Street package, too easy to hit it. Currently has 20 Louis Vuitton bags,but I will not choose the old patterns and classic, probably because there is always the nextone will be better idea, so I do not have super favorite style, because Louis Vuitton every Theparagraph is worth to own one.AsuraMedia and public relationsBe regarded as forever classic luggage brand Louis Vuitton, regardless of quality or detail,can highlight the noble.Louis Vuitton in the pace of development in China and, Whenever I shop at boutiques, isalways up to the Louis Vuitton store. Shows that the Chinese recognition of Louis Vuitton isstill very high. A cargo too, go to the farms to buy food in tow with Louis Vuitton.Budget, I will definitely buy Louis Vuitton, but I would not choose a particularly popular style, I
  3. 3. like the design but more classic style. Although I think every woman should own a LouisVuitton bag, but my favorite luggage brand is not Louis Vuitton.Liu Jie24-year-old clothing editOn the spending power of the middle people should be able to afford to buy Louis Vuitton, itis a century-old classic brand, leading the fashion trend. Needless to say, the highestconsumer ranking NO.1, more authoritative status as the boss of the luxury goods sector, itnever discount it very fascinating. I currently have 6 models like the style of graffiti series thisyear, I would have been very concerned about the annual limited edition.YuanyuanPersonnel in charge of foreignLouis Vuitton leather goods started is to do, like this brand are basically the main traditionalbrand, not very suitable for young people. The classic classic enough, but is filled with Acargo. Take Louis Vuitton, either most people understand the goods, or is most people donot know the goods. I do not think it can afford to rely on money and identity back. Before theage of 25, I never thought I would have Louis Vuitton, even if I can afford it, but I think myage and experience, and it seriously and do not take my social position and income levels;Now let me back from the Louis Vuitton, so I bought.Wang LanModels come form www.luxtall.comI know that Louis Vuitton had forgotten, probably high school when. The initial concept is aluxury, a status symbol. Had never been seen, these things are not much interested, after all,still a long way with my distance. So the concept is very vague, and Tianjin also nomonopoly. Later friendship Louis Vuitton shop opened fishes it understands a little a little toomuch, not like the old pattern, feeling a little old-fashioned, but the old pattern is still the mostclassic, so I will consider buying like Never full type . Like a series of 31 three-color, feel quitesuitable for young people, and the color is very beautiful and very crisp.Zhang Blue HeartModelsThe historic brand workmanship. It is said that due to the Titanic wreck salvaged a LouisVuitton luggage, and found that there is no water and fame.Longbao ChengAdvertising manager of the company 26 years oldLouis Vuitton is a well-known international brand, and also many women from an early agebegan to like to talk about one of the yearning brand. I also like, you had better really comesto purchase on reason and more, for me it was kind of a symbol, only in to attend specificoccasions when will it out. Is busy age and work, compared to the enthusiasm of Louis
  4. 4. Vuitton in college some cool attention it can be said with some transition. Now may like LouisVuitton, childrens clothing and jewelry. The lady in Tianjin to buy Louis Vuitton majority, butin Shanghai, especially in Japan, Louis Vuitton has been on the celebrity socialite ofconsumer goods to the general public. In contrast, I might choose a more practical brand. Ilike many brands, like Tommys hat and casual shirts, DKNY slightly occupational dress,affordable, around 4000-5000, Lacoste sportswear is my favorite. The next few years withthe rapid development of Tianjin, it is estimated that I will change in ideas and a lot ofwomen, Louis Vuitton will only choices and we can no longer attached to its meaning.Lan LanDeputy General Manager of the International Trade CompanyLouis Vuitton should be the highest of all luxury brands familiar.And something of his home unit price and not too high, the threshold is not high, almostevery Japanese girls have a Louis Vuitton bag. Tianjin fashion women became Louis VuittonYongCu often see in the mall or the back or carry a Louis Vuitton woman. In addition to theclassic the quarterly new feeling too can hedge against inflation, popular feeling is too strong,do not want to back a possible next season. In addition to bags and other products such asshoes and accessories are not strong, it will buy his home packages, and other less will beconsidered.Lucy 26 years oldCivil servantsMy memory of it is my first wedding anniversaries receive the gift, a small handbag, only toput down the wallet and cell phone, because I usually wear uniforms, so basically no chancefor me Louis Vuitton memorable than practicality, I do have is a populist brand.Julie SeayCivil servantsMany people will find Louis Vuitton logo, into the high society the Tianjin girl carrying LouisVuitton like someone asked you to live where you say you live in a truth of Meijiang. 2002 Iwent to Shenzhen to join the army, nature beauty girl, army girl uniform dress code, theremay be an order to compensate for the most wonderful time of mental deficiency, ourbarracks the girl with the beautiful shoes and bags with a military uniform. In 2004, I had theluxury life, a value of over 7000 classic Louis Vuitton handbags from like the girl opened thedoor leading to a luxury trip. In fact, I have always felt that women treat the psychology ofshoes and bags, much like a man on a womans attitude: love at first sight on must havemore to look forward to more like the greater the need to pay the price, but after have, thatthe most expensive the most bother package packages tend to be shelved dedicated tothose second-tier of the classic Volkswagen is the most commonly used.so If you want to buy Louis Vuitton Bags For Sale, come Louis Vuitton Outlet Shop Toselect.http://louisvuittonbagsforsaleusa.webs.com