Markus Heitkoetter Tells How Much Money Should Be Enough for Day Trading


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Markus Heitkoetter Tells How Much Money Should Be Enough for Day Trading

  1. 1. Markus Heitkoetter Tells How Much Money Should Be Enough for Day Trading The name of Markus Heitkoetter is almost synonymous to day trading, this vouches for the kind of competence and knowledge that he has when it comes to financial trading. A vast number of trading books that you see today in bookstores were actually written by him and all from his 22 long years of experience in financial trading. His exposure in the field can vouch for his impeccable expertise on the subject matter. For the sole reason that he is regarded as the master of financial trading, Markus accepts invitations to conduct training on effective financial trading and the most often asked question to him is how much money does a person need so he can start trading. Often he advises these people how important it is to know beforehand the kind of market they are inclined to have great interest before heading themselves to put an investment. If you are one of those people out there who are up to this point clueless on what market to invest in, here’s a good estimate of how much you might need to have when it comes to the main markets: ·You will need to have a minimum amount of $25,000 in your trading account if you are going to embark yourself on day trade stocks. · An amount between $5,000 and $10,000 should be in your trading account if you intend to do day trade futures. · Planning to go on trading options? Then make it sure you have at least $1,000 to $5,000. · An amount of $500 in your trading account would be good enough to start yourself in trading forex. An experienced financial trader himself, Markus Heitkoetter certainly knows the subject too well. For people planning to embark themselves onto financial trading, he would often advice them to carefully pick the market that is most appropriate to their trading style. Financial constraints is a stumbling block encountered by many, however this should not give you directions on what kind of market you are going to take. Otherwise they won’t be able to secure success in the efforts that they will have. Setting a goal for yourself when it comes to financial trading is a must, then afterwards you’d be able to draft a good strategic plan of action that will let you achieve this. You may not have enough money to use at the moment so you can invest, but you always have the option of saving up first then do invest soon as you have saved enough money already. If you have money already, you will have to know how much of your money you are going to trade. A lot of people commit the mistake of investing all the money that they have. By knowing first how much of your money you can afford to lose, you also determine much money you should invest The next thing you should consider is what your financial goals are. See to it that the amount of savings you have would keep you good for at least a minimum of six months. When you have reached your desired amount, save it for that purpose alone and never take a single dime from it. Finally, never borrow money in order to have enough funds that you can use for trading.
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