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Social Media


Published on

Presented at the SMEI 2009 Social Media Road Show, Baltimore, MD …

Presented at the SMEI 2009 Social Media Road Show, Baltimore, MD
Gus Sentementes, Baltimore Sun

Published in: Business
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  • 1. Twitter
    • Help the community,
    • help your brand
  • 2. Who is @gussent?
    • Tech reporter for The Baltimore Sun
    • Writes the BaltTech blog ( )
    • One of many at the Sun who have embraced SM
    • New dad
  • 3. A-ha moment with Twitter
    • Wife gave birth to healthy baby girl Oct. 16, 2008
    • I Twittered during labor
    • My wife didn’t kill me
    • Before the hospital, I pointed friends & relatives to my Twitter feed -- to watch for updates.
    • Distant relatives knew of the birth even before my in-laws, who were at the hospital.
  • 4. The old world
    • Snail mail
    • Payphones/cellphones
    • Phone trees
    • Print publications
    • Word of mouth
    • Scarcity of mass communication tools
  • 5. The new world
    • Rapid-fire interactions
    • One-to-one interactions
    • One-to-many interactions (everyone is a broadcaster)
    • Mobile computing & smartphones
    • Word of mouth... on steroids
    • As social as we choose to be; few technological limits now
  • 6. How I tweet
    • Most followers gained while tweeting on Baltimore breaking news. People want to know new stuff. Anybody now can break “news.”
    • I gave some insight into the news biz, a.k.a. “making sausages.” People sometimes like to see how a product is made. Twitter helps with that.
  • 7. Social media principles to consider to consider
    • Don’t be boring . Mix it up. Be goofy. Appeal to nerds. Nerds tend to have money.
    • Share links to cool stuff. You can add value and knowledge to others’ lives
    • Promote good work of others, even competitors on occasion. Your goodwill could lead to beneficial strategic partnerships.
  • 8. More to consider
    • Is Twittering right for your business?
    • Can you commit staff/time to reaching out to customers consistently thru this medium?
    • What goals do you hope to accomplish with it? Sales? Brand loyalty and monitoring? Customer service?
    • How does it connect to your other online efforts, i.e. Facebook and your Website?
  • 9. Build trust, then brand
    • “Brandspeak” is pervasive and too often used by people who don’t have a clue, including yours truly.
    • Earn trust first. How? By being: accurate, responsive, diplomatic, courteous and service-oriented.
    • Listen more than you tweet.
    • Don’t pick fights. Be Gallant, not Goofus.
  • 10. Help the community
    • Help consumers with their questions and concerns
    • Seek out and contribute to opportunities for professional growth
    • Become a trusted guide in your niche area of expertise.
  • 11. Nurture the community
  • 12. Holy Zappos! Zappos!
  • 13. What you can do
    • Borrow a page from BSF TV -- start your own Internet talk show!
    • Organize your own Internet-based roundtable series of internal experts from your company, to share their knowledge either B2C or B2B.
    • Tweetups for both B2C and B2B
    • Track reporters on Twitter and be highly responsive to their needs.
  • 14. Help a reporter out
    • Media outlets have never been more approachable -- take advantage of it.
    • Most news orgs have Web pages with lists of reporters, their emails and Twitter accounts, and their beats.
    • Be helpful to reporters looking for info and sources -- chances are, they’ll remember and listen to you in the future.
  • 15. Thank you! Questions or comments? [email_address] m balttech