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Event held on 10/20/2009 at Sheraton Brookhollow for SMEI Houston chapter

Event held on 10/20/2009 at Sheraton Brookhollow for SMEI Houston chapter

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  • 1. Selling and Communicating the Message
    Corporate Storytelling:
    Training Evolution, Inc. and Dondi Scumaci present…
  • 2. What Stories Do We Tell?
  • 3. How Effective Are Our Stories?
  • 4. Why Is Story Powerful?
    What story has changed you?
  • 5. Storytelling Competencies
  • 6. Trust
    Forging history with others
    Creating shared stories
    Building common experience
  • 7. Set The Stage
    The invitation to share
    Listening and validating
    Reaching for deeper understanding
  • 8. Facilitating
    Blending and pacing
    Asking questions
    Summarizing and clarifying
  • 9. Metaphor
    Simplify what is complex
    Connect with the familiar
    Create a common language
    Make “data” digestible
    Create energy and evoke emotion
  • 10. Story Matrix – Vertical Axis
    Success stories ignite performance. They show us the way through an obstacle, over a hurdle, and across the finish line!
    Failure stories help us find what went wrong and keep us from repeating mistakes. They are the “postmortem.”They reflect our humanness.
    Fun stories add humor.
    Legends are the stories you know from media and literature. These are stories that inspire us.
    Resource for Indexing: What’s Your Story? By Craig Wortman
  • 11. Story Matrix – Horizontal Axis
    These are performance skills.
    Find them by asking, “What are the five performance areas I influence?”
    The “Me” category is for personal stories of success, failure, and fun.
    “Me” stories reflect your values, tell us what you care about, and allow us make a connection with you.
  • 12. Recommendations
    Capture your stories.
    Experiment with metaphors and analogies.
    Replace tired, worn out stories.
    Draw stories out of others.
    Attend a storytelling event.