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Student Project to share with ProTechT project

Student Project to share with ProTechT project

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  • 1. Cyber Bullying By:Tachae M From: Plano Middle School
  • 2. What is Cyber bullying?
    • Cyber-bullying is to repeatedly hurt someone by using technology. So instead of whispering a rumor to a friend, a bully might e-mail or IM that rumor or even post it on the internet so everyone to see! Or the bully might use technology to ignore you.
  • 3. Ways people bully with technology
    • Blogs
    • Instant messaging/ IM-ing
    • E-mail
    • Chat rooms
    • Text messaging/ texting
  • 4. Ways people bully with technology
    • Many teens today, especially girls, use technology to bully people. In fact a study shows that twice as many girls as boy has bullied someone online.
  • 5. Ways to protect you from cyberbullying
    • Don’t give out personal information online
    • whether in instant message chat rooms or on web sites
    • Don’t tell anyone your e-mail, instant messaging password even your friends
    • If anyone sends a mean or threatening message don’t respond. Save it and show it to a trusted adult.
    • Don’t be a cyberbully,because you might find yourself on the edge of the cyber-bullying down the road
  • 6. How common is cyberbullying
    • 18% of students in grades 6-8 said they had been cyberbullied at least once in a few months; 6% said it had happened to them2 or more times
    • 11%said that they had cyber-bullied someone in the last couple of months.
  • 7. Who are the predators and victims
    • Girls are most likely as boys are to get bullied and bully others
  • 8. How is cyberbullying different than regular bullying
    • Cyber bullying can happen day or night
    • Images and messages from cyberbullying can be distributed quickly to a very good audience
    • Kids can be anonymous when cyberbullying, which makes it difficult(sometimes impossible)to trace them
  • 9. Links and Websites