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  • How many been in position more than 5? less than? first year or 2?\nMajor changes in your institution?\n
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  • same time discussions around retention and enrollment\n
  • aligning my dept’s efforts with focus of institution\nHow can we help?\n
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  • tools can be found here by faculty, students, staff\n
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  • we did not have a press kit\n
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  • we did not have one institutional tool to talk about the school\nFundraising tool for President/Community talk piece\n
  • Office of Student Affairs\nSCHOOL/dept/office\n
  • forms!!! NO\nREACTIVE TO PROACTIVE\nSHIFTING CULTURE\nIncluding all stakeholders, learning opps, brainstorming, cross promotional, learn from other CKO\n
  • Go to meetings and review changes in dept\nIllustrate changes and processes\nREPEAT< REPEAT< REPEAT\nDepartment Heads, Deans, Cabinet, Staff - “Tired of hearing about marketing”\n
  • DECENTRALIZED BUDGET STRUCTURE\nmenu of choices “Why arent we....?”\nelectronic: eadvert/email banners/digital signage/FB events/Twitter/RSS news announcements\n
  • 6 months and 3 mo leads\nE & D by semester\n\n
  • developed a workflow, some automated\n
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  • Sherrie medina work samples ymca

    1. 1. BUILDING A STRATEGICAND INTEGRATEDCOMMUNICATIONS TEAMSample of work by Sherrie Medina as Assoc. Vice President ofCommunications and Strategic Initiatives
    3. 3. 1. PEOPLE/TEAM
    4. 4. PEOPLE/TEAM - 2007 10 headcount - (3 graphics, 2 PR, 1 rover, 3 web, 1 director (web)) Chief Operating Officer and Admissions and Enrollment 2007Executive Director Director of Director Public Relations Public Relations Web & EcommunicationsAssistant Director Graphic Public Relations Designer Web and Applications Web Designer Web Master Developer/Designer + CMS Administrator Temp Marketing Graphic Coordinator Designer STUDENT WORKER Office Assistant
    5. 5. PEOPLE/TEAM - 2009 10 headcount - 10 (2 graphics, 2 marketing/pr, 1 editorial, 3 web, 2 executive directors) Minimal increase to overall budget salary line Associate Vice President for Communications and Strategic Initiatives 2008 - Present Executive Director Executive Director Marketing, PR, Graphics Web & Ecommunications Assistant Director Web and Applications ecommunications & Marketing Copywriter Web & Interactive Digital Content Manager Graphic Design Developer/Designer + Social Media Coordinator Media Designer & Trainer CMS Administrator Coordinator Graphic Designer Marketing STUDENT STUDENT Web and Digital Web Editor Assistant Writer Asset Assistant STUDENT STUDENT Designers x 4 Marketing Assistant Production Team Photographer & Videographer 6 to 8 STUDENTS[2 institutional projects] Staff managed out of Team Taught with Media Center but projects Asst. Dr. Graphics + directed through SAIC VisComm MPG and WE Faculty
    6. 6. 2. AUDIT/INVENTORY
    7. 7. TAKING INVENTORY What we’ve always done What we do now What we wish we could do What we shouldn’t be doing
    8. 8. TAKING INVENTORY 07-11* Communications Summary of Workload 2007 – 2011Communications FTE2007: 10 (3 graphics, 2 pr, 1 rover, 3 Web, 1 director (Web))2009: 10 (2 graphics, 2 marketing/pr, 1 editorial, 3 Web, 2 executive directors, minimal increase to overall salary line)2010: 12 (2 graphics, 2 marketing/pr, 1 editorial, 5 Web, 2 executive directors) WHAT WE’VE ALWAYS DONE WHAT WE DO NOW WHAT WE WISH WE COULD DO WHAT WE SHOULDN’T CONSIDERATIONS BE DOINGADMISSIONS/ Web / website updates, online Site updates and micro-site and mobile app Day-to-day site/portalENROLLMENT Portal forms, url aliases, online enhancement, url aliases, development; monthly content updating, calendar, calendars, online event landing page set up, analytics aggregated with announcement and event2007 print jobs = 14 updates, some CRM support analytics on demand, online social media and updates (only2009 print jobs = calendars, online forms (for ecommunication efforts editorial/deployment88+ events, tours, etc.), online data,; more involvement with approval stays with event input and updating, CRM, website, and social web/communications team) digital signage and portal media integration and event posting, minimal CRM development; more robust support as relates to website, online source/analytics Hobsons VIP webpage tracking; robust online tour refresh/development when (w/ video, photos, google needed; some maps and augmented reality source/analytics tracking integration) e- eTemplates, VIP layout set up etemplates as requested Develop integrated Comm dynamic and personalized content with rich media elements into esends based on demographics and profile information, work more closely with Admissions in regards to key send content and what online content should be updated/refreshed to support send, esend tracking Social none YouTube, Vimeo updates (FB Admissions student blogs set Media posts handled by Admissions up and administration; team); template Applicant/Admitted student enforcement; periodic community building site; content monitoring FB/Twitter institutional posting* inventory for 14 different internal partners
    9. 9. AUDIENCE OR CANNIBALISM?Target Audiences for Marketing and Communications Initiatives High School High School Teachers/ Potential Students Counselors Parents Student Parents Alumni Donors General Public Faculty Staff Press/MediaAdmissions/EnrollmentDevelopmentAlumniStudent AffairsFinancial AidCareer ServicesCOOP Academic DepartmentsChildren/PreteenWorkshopsContinuing StudiesEarly College ProgramPublic ProgramsSpecial CollectionsExhibitions
    10. 10. EARLY COLLEGE/KIDS ADMISSIONSAdult / Childrens Brochure + NY Times Undergrad catalogueInsert Grad catalogueSAIC Kids ad campaign Student posterChild postcard (undated)  Teacher posterCamp Postcard  Undergrad bookletsChild apron  National advertisingChild backpack High School advertisingCamp t-shirts Community College AdvertisingECP quote card SAIC brochureECP / SI booklet  SAIC campus mapECP / SI registration announce card ParentTICA application PDFAPSI application PDFTICA / APSI DMPTIME application PDF INTERNATIONALDept. Pub Poster Presentation Templates/ImagesECP / SI online exhibition card XXXTICA CD cover / card XXXECP / SI application PDF / print XXXECP Spring DMP XXXCertificate of Recognition XXXSECTP Campus Map PDFTIME announcement cardECP Summer DMPTICA ButtonsSAIC summer DMP (undergrad)ECP NPD cardECP envelopeECP T-Shirts
    14. 14. GRAPHIC TEMPLATES header SUBHEAD Wisit alit lummod tat utLorero erilisi. Ore min utpatue venia- met utat. Ut vulla amconse mod eriure volese vel eugue min hendreet, augueratum deleniat utpatuer susting ero essi. headline SUBHEAD Wisit alit lummod tat ut. Lorero erilisi. Ore min utpatue veniamet utat. Ut vulla amconse mod eriure volese vel eugue min hendreet, auguer Call to action text style. For more information, visit CALL TO ACTION •Digital Signage •Ads print/web TEXT STYLE. For more information, visit •Posters •Postcards •Presentation Templates
    15. 15. PRESS KIT
    16. 16. PRESS KITINSERTS•Notable Alumni•SAIC At a Glance•SAIC Stats•Timeline•Campus Map•Press Images
    18. 18. BRANDING AND LOGO•13 Logos/Identities•Created 1 Tri-Brand
    19. 19. YEARLY PLAN/CREATIVE KICKOFF Content/Dates/Budget Audience Past/Likes Marketing/Graphics/Writing/Web 1st - Yearly Plans Summer 10
    20. 20. PLANNING WORKFLOWIntegrated marketing-larger organizational messageMarketing/Graphics Workflow
    21. 21. MEDIA PLANS John Fashion show a lot Rae e plan•Advertising•Printed Materials•Web/eComm/Social Media
    22. 22. RECEPTACLES PUBLIC NEWS PUBLIC INTERNAL INTERNALRecent articles on the PROGRAMMING EVENTS ACCOMPLISHMENTSweb and in the news MAJOR NEWS ITEMS Long and/or Events + Monday Wednesdayshort eReleases Disruptions “Happenings” “Accomplishments” magazine and email email email
    23. 23. MESSAGE REACHAND Monday Home pageCONSISTENCY “Happenings” email send feature ➝ ➝ ➝ Posted on ➝ eReleases ➝ RSS feed ➝ ➝ ➝ Post in web Portal News press room Highlights eVites
    25. 25. BRAND