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Transsol Ltd
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Summary of Transsol\'s main capabilities and project expereinces

Summary of Transsol\'s main capabilities and project expereinces

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  • 1. Transsol Ltd Capabilities and Experience
  • 2. Mission Statement
    • To provide our clients with excellence in the field of railway systems engineering
  • 3. Transsol Ltd
    • Independent UK based Consultancy
      • Small business in big business sectors
    • Specialists in:
      • Safety and Risk Management
      • Reliability Demonstration Testing
      • EMC Assessments
      • Railway Systems Engineering
      • RAMS Technologies
  • 4. Clients
    • UK, European and International client base
      • Network Rail
      • Union Railways
      • Bombardier Transportation
      • Optilan Communication Systems Ltd
      • Airwave Ltd
      • Attiko Metro S.A.
      • Joint Venture AKTOR S.A. Siemens Vinci
      • Rotem Company
  • 5. Projects
    • Recent projects include:
      • CTRL section 2: RAMS management/safety reviews and sponsoring submissions through SRP process
      • CTRL Section 2: RAMS and EMC management/assessments for Temple Mills Depot
      • Athens Metro (CJV and Attiko Metro S.A.): RAM and Safety assessments and reliability testing
      • Airwave: Safety assessment for ERO project
      • Bombardier Transportation: EMC analyses for VLU and SSL projects
      • Network Rail. EMC assessment for WCRM AT trial site
      • Greater Athens Tram: Independent review of reliability analyses and reliability testing for trams
  • 6. RAM Analyses and Management
    • Includes:
      • Production of strategy and planning documents
      • Application of European and International Standards
      • Management of RAM requirements
      • Positive engagement with sub-suppliers
      • RAM analyses
      • Production of RAM documentation
      • RaCom database for RAMS management
  • 7. Safety Management
    • Includes:
      • Production of safety plans
      • Application of EN50126, EN50128 & EN50129
      • Management of safety requirements
      • Hazard identification and hazard and operability studies
      • Management of hazard logs
      • Safety analyses and risk assessments
      • Production of safety case documentation
      • Sponsoring submissions through SRP process
  • 8. Reliability Demonstration Testing
    • Rigorous means to prove predicted reliability, availability and maintainability
    • Assurance of performance and safety levels
    • Support for RCM
    • Includes:
      • Production of planning documents
      • Production of detailed test plans
      • Production of all code catalogues
      • SAbRE database for storage and analysis of fault data
      • Provision of full training and procedure documents
  • 9. EMC Analyses and Management
    • Includes:
      • Effective EMC management
      • Application of European and International Standards
      • Identification of interference mechanisms
      • Technical analyses of recorded interference data
      • Demonstrating compliance with mandatory and specific requirements
      • Compatibility assessments
      • Production of assessment documentation
  • 10. Quality
    • Certified to ISO 9001 by full UKAS accredited certification body (Bureau Veritas)
    • Linkup registered for:
      • 0113: Condition Monitoring
      • 0423: Railway Safety Consultancy
      • 0423: Submissions to HMRI/ORR
      • 0423: Safety Management System Review
      • 0423: Safety Audit