Stadium Order Intro June09


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Get Outta Line! Order from your seat using your mobile phone and get it delivered!
Coming to a venue near you!

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Stadium Order Intro June09

  1. 1. Revolutionary Convenience
  2. 2. Seat Ordering  Convenient  Everyone has a mobile phone and they know how to use it  Fast and Simple  Instant messaging between you and the consumer  They order and pay from their seat, you confirm order and delivery  Affordable  Low entry and setup costs  Only pay when consumers use it  Secure  No More CASH issues  Money is transmitted electronically
  3. 3. How it Works - Simple  Registration  Consumer registers online via  Consumer enters mobile number and payment option and downloads application  They can do this at home pre-event or via their mobile phone at the event  Ordering  When the consumer gets to their seat at the stadium they open the application and the system automatically knows what stadium they are in based on the carriers location service.  The consumer sees selection of concessions near them, they select menu items they want and get to make order choices.  Payment  Consumers can pay using pre-registered credit card, or swipe card/contactless card at the time of delivery or pickup. Options are controlled by the concessioner.  Once the order is complete the system sends the order to the concessioner kitchen printer or touch screen display.  Delivery  You staff confirms the receipt of order and the system sends message to guest  Your staff can send questions to the consumer and see the responses on screen  When order is ready the staff marks it ready for delivery and the system sends notice to the guest and can even sent notice to delivery staff  The order is delivered and the consumer is happy!  The delivery staff mark the order as delivered and your happy!  Tracking and Reporting  Your system is always in balance and instantly reports sales your way for import into your accounting systems!
  4. 4. Options  Simple best practices make it easy to get started and easy to test  However not every event or stadium is the same!  Options for branding at every touch point  Options to process modifications and rule setting  Ordering – What is available when from where  Payments – How and when the funds are transacted  Delivery or Pickup – Full delivery management  Age Verification for Alcohol – Options to sell alcahol or not, pre- verification at registration and verification at delivery  Prepaid gift cards available  Can be used for food or merchandise  Optional Loyalty and Rewards program  Option for seat level wireless handheld devices to take contactless payments at the guest seat, also does age verification via swipe of licence
  5. 5. For Your Guest  No More Long Lines and Missed Plays  No More Spilling on Others  No More “Out of Cash”  Fast, Secure, and Reliable Service! Optional Instant Prepaid card, Loyalty and Rewards Program
  6. 6. For You The Concessioner  No More Missing Cash  No More Out of Balance  No More Unhappy Customers  Speed your service, improve your customer satisfaction  Save on concessions staffing, training, and support  Reduce the number of stands! Focus on service!  Have less headaches on event day!
  7. 7. The Company  StadiumOrder , LLC is a Joint Venutre from Merchant360 and Narian.  Merchant360 has 15 years experience in merchant point of sale systems and has key executives have supported installations of contactless payments, ticketing, and wifi at several stadiums in North America and Europe  Narian has developed over 250 different mobile applications in the last 8 years and has a great track record for robust, sustainable and secure solutions.  Together we provide the technology, support, and customization to drive increased guest purchases, increased guest satisfaction, and a revolution in guest convenience at their seat!
  8. 8. Contact for demonstration  Steve McRae  1-866-882-7355 