Suggested Guidelines For Managers
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Suggested Guidelines For Managers

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Guidelines for Managers on how to proceed with candidates of interest.

Guidelines for Managers on how to proceed with candidates of interest.

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  • 1. Interview Guidelines/ Suggestions Fall 2012
  • 2. Purpose• The recruiting task force suggested sharing “tips “ and guidelines to hiring managers.• Many of these suggested guidelines have been shared by staff. They are intended to help you in maintaining a relationship with candidates, phone screening, and interviewing candidates in person.
  • 3. Preparing for a Phone Interview• If interested in a candidate, set up a time for a phone interview. (This is a time convenient to you and the candidate). – Establish a time frame to conduct the phone interview.• If you can do the interview right away, continue with the interview but if not, at least let the candidate know of your interest.• Prepare questions that allow you to determine if the candidate has an interest in the position and brings the required skills.• If travel is necessary, check on candidate’s limitations.
  • 4. Preparing to interview - continued• Prepare open-ended questions that get the candidate talking.• Focus on the skills/ credentials needed. – Ask for examples. – Let the candidate talk, but keep the conversation focused. – If the candidate is not as good as you thought, remember you are offering an impression of Easter Seals and they could lead to a referral.
  • 5. Suggested interview questions that open discussion Use of Open and Closed Questions Open-ended questions engage the candidate in providing answers that respond to words like:• Tell me about a time when….• Explain how you….• Describe a time when….• Provide an example of….• Share an experience you had when …. These questions encourage the candidate to provide the background, and some description of the work they did and how they did it.
  • 6. Suggested interview questions that clarify information• Closed-ended questions clarify responses from a candidate, and give you specific information. Closed-ended questions can also elicit a “yes or no” response. For example, a closed-ended question may be, “Did you finish the class?” “What technique did you use to address……?”• All closed-ended questions can tend to sound like an interrogation. A mix of open and closed questions provides for a conversation.• Closed-ended questions usually follow an open-ended question so that the interviewer can obtain specific information and better understand what the candidate has shared
  • 7. Phone Interviews• When to conduct a phone interview: – To screen for difficult to fill positions and determine level of interest or to clarify your understanding of the candidate’s experience. – To narrow the pool of viable candidates so that you are interviewing those who best meet the criteria.• In a phone screening, you want to ask questions that will rule out a candidate, or confirm that they are worth considering.• Phone screening allows you to “buy time” if you cannot see the candidate within the next 2-3 days. Making the contact is important.• Candidates today expect prompt responses, as they can easily look to other positions.
  • 8. After Conducting Phone Interview• After conducting a phone screening, it is suggested that you confirm details for the “on site” interview.• See next page for a sample format of follow up tips when confirming the on-site interview.
  • 9. Sample note to follow up after phone interview• Candidates Name,• It was a pleasure speaking to you today. Your interview is confirmed for Thursday, 5/24/12 at 3:00pm.• The rough agenda will be as follows:• 3:00 EI Building Tour/Classroom Observation• 3:30 Sit-Down Interview with XXXXXXX• Please dress professionally, yet comfortably, as youll most likely be interacting with students that day.• An application is attached in word format. Please complete it prior to your interview, as it will help us best utilize your time that day. I have also attached a copy of our position description for your reference. The position description best details the day-to-day work of our SLP’s.• The address is 3905 Ford Road Philadelphia, PA 19131. Its a large building that contains multiple programs. Some outdated websites still reference it as a branch of Jefferson Hospital.• Park in the visitor’s spots, the parking lot, on Daphne Road, or on Ellington Road. Use the Ellington Road entrance in the back. Youll see a carport for bus loading and signs for Easter Seals and the Center for Autism. When you enter the building, immediately turn left and walk down the long hall. Go through the double doors and check in with the administrative assistant at the front desk. Shell page me in the building.• If you have any questions or comments in the meantime, please feel free to contact me at this email address or my office line 267-292-XXXX. In addition, my home number is XXX-XXX-XXXX.• I look forward to speaking to you in person.• Sincerely,• Your name
  • 10. Additional Samples• Candidate-• It was a pleasure speaking to you last week. Your interview is confirmed for Tuesday 3/27 at 12:00 PM.• The rough agenda will be as follows:• 12:00 Yaffe Building Tour• 12:45 EI Center Tour/Classroom Observation• 1:30 Sit-Down Interview• Please dress professionally, yet comfortably, as youll be interacting with students that day.•• An application is attached in MS word format. Please complete it prior to your interview, as it will help us best utilize your time that day. You will not need an additional copy of your resume unless any information has changed.• The address is 3975 Conshohocken Avenue, Philadelphia PA, 19147. The building is brick with a white sign. Feel free to park on the street or in the lot behind the building. If you opt for the parking lot, turn in the driveway shared with Sharon Baptist Church. Then turn left again into the Easter Seals lot (immediately following the playground).• Enter through the doors and check-in with the secretary. Shell page me in the building.• If you have any questions or comments in the meantime, please contact me at this email address or my office line, XXX-XXX- XXXX. In addition, my home number is XXX_XXX_XXXX.• I look forward to meeting you.•• Sincerely,•• XXXXXXX
  • 11. Additional Samples• Candidate,• It was a pleasure speaking to you this evening. I look forward to seeing you in person.• This email is to confirm your interview at Easter Seals of SEPA for Thursday 6/16/11 at 10:00am. Please come to the EI Center located at 3905 Ford Road. Youll see we have many cars here during that time. Feel free to park in the lot, the street, or the Easter Seals visitors spot as needed.• Attached is the Easter Seals of SEPA application. Please complete it prior to the interview so we can best utilize your time here. Note that three references are requested. They may be academic, professional, or personal references.• In the meantime, please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns. I can be reached at this email (, office (267-292-XXXX), or home (XXX-XXX-4682).• Sincerely,• XXXXXX
  • 12. Preparing for the face to face interview• Some things to keep in mind in preparation for the actual face to face interview: – Set aside a quiet place to meet. – Identify anyone else needing to be part of the interview process (Program Coordinator, Supervisor, etc.) – Review the job description so you are prepared. – Prepare open-ended questions (based on hiring criteria) that allow the candidate to disclose information. – Have water available. – Be prepared to take notes. – Think of “next steps.”
  • 13. Some sample interview questions (for specific criteria listed in the job description)• Interview Questions – based on job description requirements• Position Title Interview Date• Candidate Name• Criteria: 1 year experience of both administrative and direct supervisory roles• Question: Please give examples of demonstrated administrative and direct supervision experience• Rating:•• Criteria: 24 weeks of experience working with individuals with disabilities• Question: Describe your responsibilities working with individuals with disabilities• Rating:• Criteria: Ability to communicate with staff, agencies and parents• Question: Describe success and a difficult situation communicating with staff, agencies or parents• Rating:• Criteria: Take initiative able to develop and implement programs and trainings• Question: Provide an example of an initiative that you developed and implemented in your recent job.• Rating:• Criteria; Analytical and problem solving skills• Question: Describe analytical and problem solving skills that have resulted in greater efficiencies at work.• Rating:• Criteria: Ability to work evenings• Yes No• Overall Interview Rating• Status :• Comments:
  • 14. Evaluating Candidate Responses• Use the rating scale provided on the request to hire form to evaluate candidates: –5 Outstanding –4 Very Good –3 Meets –2 Insufficient –1 Poor
  • 15. Welcome (continued)• Explain the essential job function – ask if the candidate can perform those duties. (Do not give away the job by describing in too much detail the functions until you have completed the questions).• When asking the questions, allow time for responses.• Allow time for the candidate to ask questions.• Ask clarifying questions to better understand the candidate’s response.
  • 16. Working at Easter Seals /suggested points to mention after the questionsCandidates may raise their concern about salary at Easter Seals.Here are some suggested points for discussion: – We have great benefits; Easter Seals pays for basic medical coverage for the individual (Aetna). – Easter Seals provides Dental coverage and Basic Life insurance. Easter Seals pays for coverage for Long – Term Disability. – Compare hours worked (at times may be less hours). Help candidate make the comparison between Easter Seals and the market. – Shorter work days may be beneficial to child care or enable taking on contract work. – You will be working with an experienced staff who can offer mentoring and training.
  • 17. Other Intangible benefits• We have flexible work schedules depending on client needs.• We have dedicated supervision.• We work with a team of committed and experienced professionals, who can offer support and guidance.• We offer support for maintaining/ obtaining licensure and credentialing.• We provide professional development programs offering on site continued education credits.
  • 18. Intangible Benefits (cont.)• We offer exposure to a diverse pediatric population, thus increasing learning potential.• We have a large nationwide professional peer group for support and mentoring.• We have a benefit for sick leave if needed (for sick spouse, child parent or self),• We are located in a variety of sites in Southeastern PA.
  • 19. How to respond if the candidate mentions shehas considered going out as a contractor and asks about the differences of each job.• Here are some differences to consider and ask about: * – As a contractor you would be paid an hourly rate when you work and none when you don’t (holidays, etc.). – No payment for mileage unless stipulated. – You would be paid for direct service – very limited time for indirect time (IEP meetings etc). – No benefits, no paid holidays, no health and no dental insurance; no 401K retirement. – May be working alone without the support of collaboration with other therapists. – Would need to provide your own Professional Liability Insurance – If a new therapist, you would be alone without the guidance of a supervisor/ mentor or department support.* taken from notes from a successful hiring manager
  • 20. Follow up after an Interview• Evaluate the candidates responses against the interview questions. You will be rating them on a scale of 1-5 when providing documentation on the “request to hire” form.• Review the list of preferred skills and evaluate the candidate – “scale 1-5”.• Review general interview responses.• Determine if you need additional information from the candidate.• Decide on candidate to hire.
  • 21. Follow up after an Interview• Even if you do not decide to hire a candidate, retaining a relationship is important.• While we do not traditionally send “you have not been chosen” letters, consider if a call or email is warranted to let them know someone was chosen and encouraging them to keep in touch. You do not want to go into details but merely state“a candidate who better met your needs was selected”.• You might do so in case your first choice of candidate declines or for the good name of Easter Seals.
  • 22. The EndFor questions call Sue Collins- 267 292 6033