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  • Academic informationeveningforupload

    1. 1. Welcome Parents!Academic Information Evening 2012
    2. 2. Agenda•Mission Statement•Changes to Program of Studies•AP Initiative Update•MCAS Requirements Review•Course Selection Process• Academic Overview by Departments
    3. 3. Mission Statement We pledge to create a challenging andsupportive academic community in whicheach member strives to develop his/herpotential, to become a life long learner, andto act as a responsible citizen in a diverseand global society.
    4. 4. Advanced Placement Initiative•Math, Science, and English are included inMMSI Grant.•Why AP? 2009-2010 2010-2011 2011-2012 # of Students Taking AP 92 178 211 Courses in Math, Science, and English # of AP Courses Offered 17 17 18 # of total AP Exams 153 244 276 (142) Administered
    5. 5. Changes to Program of Studies•Incoming 8th grade students will be required to take 4years of English, 3 years of Science, 3 years of History, 4years of Math, 1 year of Fine or Applied Art, and 2 years ofthe same Foreign Language. 77% of current Seniors meetthis requirement.•Grade reporting to parents will change from letter tonumber grades.•All teachers will use the iParent portal for online parentalaccess to student grades.
    6. 6. MCAS Requirements•Beginning with the class of 2010, student mustscore 220 or above in MCAS Science (Biology)•Students must score 240 or above on Grade 10ELA and Math Or•Students required to earn a minimum score of 220on both ELA and Math and fulfill requirements ofan Educational Proficiency Plan (EPP)
    7. 7. What is an EPP? Educational Proficiency Plan••Individualized plan focused onstrengthening a student’s English and Mathskills.Process designed for students who have not met the proficient level (240) on either ELA or Math 10th grade MCAS.
    8. 8. Course Selection Process Specific Considerations•Calendar of activities•Graduation and College admission requirements•Four Year Plan / Grade Highlights•Special course/program options•Parents’ role
    9. 9. Scheduling Activities•Advising Day/ Teachers conference withstudents regarding course levels & options.•Academic Group Sessions/ Studentsselect preliminary course schedule withguidance.•Individual Guidance Conferences/Course selection form reviewed.
    10. 10. 4 Year High School Plan Freshman Year Sophomore Year Junior Year Senior Year English English English English Math Math Math Math / Elective Science Science Science Science / Elective Biology Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies / World History U.S. History Elective Foreign Language Foreign Language Foreign Language / Foreign Language / Elective Elective Wellness/PE Phys Ed. + Elective Phys Ed. + Elective Phys Ed + Elective + Semester Elective Art/Elective Art/Elective Art/Elective Art/Elective
    11. 11. Dual Enrollment•State funded program•Open to qualified 11th and 12th gradestudents – UMass, Westfield SU, HCC,STCC,GCC•Application required – Spring•Mt Holyoke College – special option for
    12. 12. VHS Courses•Online courses available to 10th, 11th, and12th grade students•150 courses offered – 3 academic levels•Application is required – April•All courses available to students with theexception of courses offered at SHHScourses.
    13. 13. Parents’ Role•Read the Course of Studies•Review and discuss teacher recommendations•Review the transcript•Discuss career/college goals•Scrutinize the proposed schedule•Ask questions•Sign and return CSF form.
    14. 14. Department Updates •English •Mathematics •Science •Social Studies •Foreign Language •Special Education •Physical Education •Fine & Applied Arts
    15. 15. English Course Flow Chart 2011-12 AP English Language AP English Literature and and Composition Composition Honors Honors Honors English 11 Honors English 12 English 9 English 10 College Prep College Prep College Prep American College Prep World English 9 English 10 Literature 11 Literature 12 •Ninth Grade Electives: Writing Workshop 9/10*, English MCAS Prep
    16. 16. Mathematics AP Calculus Honors Honors HonorsGeometry Algebra 2 Precalculus AP Statistics CP CP CP CP Geometry Algebra 2Algebra 1 Precalculus Introduction CP CP to StatisticsAlgebra 1A Algebra 1B Topics in Trigonometry Math
    17. 17. ScienceGrade Students potentially interestedStudents potentially interestedStudents potentially in Engineering, Science, or in Nursing, Health, or a interested in Business, Law, Medicine technical field or Art Honors Biology College Prep Biology College Prep Biology9 Honors Biology Honors Biology Honors Chemistry College Prep Chemistry College Prep Chemistry10 Honors Chemistry Honors Chemistry Honors Physics and College Prep Physics College Prep Physics AP Biology or AP Chemistry or elective and or 11 (Geology, Environmental Science, Anatomy and Physiology) Anatomy and Physiology Science elective (Geology, Honors Physics Environmental Science, Anatomy and Honors Physics Physiology) AP Biology or AP Chemistry AP Biology and and12 Science elective (Geology, Environmental Science elective (Geology, Environmental Science elective (Geology, Science, Anatomy and Physiology, and Science and forensics) forensics) Environmental Science, Anatomy and Physiology and forensics)
    18. 18. Social Studies Courses 9th Grade 10th Grade 11th and 12th Grade •AP U. S. History •AP U.S. Gov & Politics •Amer. Law & Trial (Honors) •Asian Studies (CP or Honors)World History •Economics(CP or Honors) U.S. History (CP or Honors) (CP or Honors) •Great Thinkers (CP or Honors) •Strategic Studies (CP or Honors) •20th Century Hist. (CP or Honors) •World Issues (Honors)
    19. 19. Foreign Language CoursesFreshman Year Sophomore Year Junior Year Senior Year Spanish 1 Spanish 2 Spanish 3 Spanish 1 Spanish 4 Spanish 1 Spanish 2Spanish 1 Spanish 5 AP Spanish 2 Spanish 3Spanish 2 Spanish 3 Spanish 4 French 1 French 1 French 2 French 1 French 1 French 2 French 3 French 2 French 2 French 4 French 3 French 3 Latin 1 French 5 AP French 4 Latin 1 Latin 1 Latin 2 Latin 1 Latin 2 Latin 2 Latin 3 Latin 3 Latin 4 Latin 4 AP
    20. 20. Special Education Overview•Special Ed Courses – Alt. Core English, Math,and Reading Workshop•Co-taught Classes – CP Biology, CP WorldHistory, CP Alg. 1A, and CP US History•Academic Support
    21. 21. Visual Art Options Adv Art 1 Art 2 Art 3 PortfolioFOUNDATIONS Semester CoursePre-requisite for most Clay & Clay & Visual Art courses Sculpture Sculptur AP 1 e2 Studio Art Art History Photography Graphics 1 Graphics 2 Graphics 3
    22. 22. Technology CoursesCabinetmaking I, II …….………..Full yearWood Technology……………….....Full yearSpecial Projects in Wood Design …Full yearArchitectural Design ………………Full yearGraphics I, II & III………………...Full yearComputer Aided Design I and II …Full year
    23. 23. Music CoursesMusic Theory Fundamentals …………. ………… SemesterAP Music Theory…………………….Full yearMusic History………………………… Semester20th Century Music History ………. SemesterElectronic Music…………………………. SemesterGuitar I and II………………………. SemesterTheatre Arts ………………………….. SemesterTreble Choir…………………….……Full year – altos and sopranosConcert Choir……………………..…Full yearMarching & Concert Band and Band Front……......Full year
    24. 24. Physical Education• 9th grade Wellness/PE (required) Health 2, Pers. Fitness•10TH gradePE, Pers. Fitness Health 2, Pers.Fitness 1 & 211th & 12th PE, Pers. Fitness 1&2, Waiver Option
    25. 25. Family/Consumer Science•Food & Nutrition – semester course Open to grades 9, 10, 11, & 12•Child Care/Nursery School Mt. – Full Year Open to grades 11 & 12
    26. 26. Questions?
    27. 27. South Hadley Public Schools “A tradition of excellence”
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