SMCMKE Sept 2012 - The Social Business of Healthcare


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Social Media Club Milwaukee's September 2012 meeting at Aurora Healthcare - The Social Business of Healthcare

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SMCMKE Sept 2012 - The Social Business of Healthcare

  1. 1. The Social Business of Healthcare Jamey ShielsDirector Social Media and Digital Communications Aurora Health Care Instructor Social Media Certificate Program University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
  2. 2. • Digital immigrant • Start in traditional ad agency • Grew into digital• Digital Marketer • CPG, Retail, Engine & Oil • Global Non-Profit• Healthcare Marketer • Patient facing websites • Employee/medical professionals intranets • Social media and social business design
  3. 3. Jamey’s Not Here Dr. Phil Gerbyshak Filling in for Jamey 3
  4. 4. 4
  5. 5. • Integrated Health System • SE Wisconsin & N.Illinois • 30,000 employees • 1,500 employed physicians • 15 hospitals • 225 clinics • 75 retail pharmacies• Integrated Care System • Complete offering of health services • Focused on patient experience as growth driver
  6. 6. Discussion Topics• Social Health • Evolution of Social Health • Social media at Aurora• Developing a Strategic Approach • Building the program • Creating a scalable model• Case Study: Twitter Surgery • Patient Experience • Education and Empowerment • Aurora Expertise
  7. 7. Evolution of Social HealthIn the beginning…patients depended on what thewere told1990s: patients find information2000s: information finds patientsToday: patients find each other
  8. 8. Social Media and ResearchThe journey starts online:• 4 in 5 internet users search for health information• 2 in 5 have read someones commentary: blog• 1 in 4 have consulted rankings of hospitals and physicians• 1 in 5 have signed up for updates about healthOf those who did a health related search• 6 in 10 say the data found affected a decision• 1 in 2 say it lead them to ask new questions Pew Internet Life & California Healthcare Study• 1 in 3 say it affected a visit
  9. 9. “We don’t have a choice onwhether we DO social media, thequestion is, how well we DO it.” - Erik Qualman – Author Socialnomics
  10. 10. Building a Program w/ Purpose 2008 Social is born First dedicated team member We start with YouTube 2009 Platforms: Big 4 Live Surgery: What? Open Access Syndication Content 2010 Strategy Redefined production model and community managment Purpose 2011 driven team grows Content performance Measurement and insights 2012 Business integration Content optimization Rise of social business 10
  11. 11. Challenges Multi-touchpoint consumer journey Multi-screen world 11
  12. 12. Our Approach Planning (1)  Project Management  Analytics and insight  Process improvement Planning Content (4)  Website  SEO Content  Social Technology Technology (3)  Platforms  Development  Testing & maintenance 12
  13. 13. Need to Scale Improve strategy, governance and measurement Support for target audience and content areas such as Brand, Service lines Foundation, Customer Service, Recruiting Ability to innovate and explore emerging trends Outsource publishing and community management
  14. 14. Social Business Program Goal: Formalize a centralized social communications program tasked with the strategic planning, management, and integration of social communications into business functions and processes that support Aurora’s long-term goals Objectives:  Deliver improved planning and management of Aurora’s social communications programs and profiles  Integrate social communications into business areas to drive brand management, growth and patient experience  Provide measurement and insights that inform business decisions
  15. 15. And Dr. Jonathan Brewer 15
  16. 16. Social CommunicationsProgram Focus High-level content strategy  Listening, responding and brand monitoring  Strategic alignment and long term planning  Application of social insights to product roadmap  Success metrics and program reporting Policies and governance  Social communications policy  Platform guidelines and caregiver participation  Response and resolution frameworks Research and Innovation  Emerging platforms  New technology implementation Training, education and support  Service line content distributed content teams  Explore opportunities with Internal Communications  Social channel toolkits and strategic overviews
  17. 17. Strategic Initiatives:What We Support Centralized Orthopedics & Sports strategy, governance Medicine and measurement with Choose Well distributed teams for Cancer Care category support Units provide content Primary Care Women’s production and platform Cancer Services Aurora Health distribution Social Media Program Programs provide Cardiac Destination: targeted engagement St. Luke’s Services and adhere to brand umbrella Surgical AHC Weight Loss Foundation
  18. 18. Community Management Aurora Brand Profiles  Facebook  Twitter  YouTube  LinkedIn  Google+  Patient Experience Blog Aurora Targeted Communities  Women’s Health: Facebook, Pinterest  Wellness blogs: 7 independent blogs  Service Categories: Rehab/Orthopedics, Pediatrics  Distributed: Pharmacy, Physician Recruiting, CCCS 18
  19. 19. Roles and Responsibilities Content Strategy  Weekly editorial meetings direct content production  Analysis and recommendations  Governance  Adherence to brand standards with ability to target and engage core Strategy & Program audiences  Workflow Management (25%) Content Production  Sourcing Content  Training and support Networking, Content &  Development Sourcing & Community  Search engine optimization Production Management  Syndication  Curation (40%) (25%)  Workflow  Lifecycle Analytics Content and Community Engagment (10%)  Real-time community management  Introduction of innovative tactics for audience participation  Timely resolution to web and social network inquiries Analytics  Metrics  Insights
  20. 20. Metrics Monthly Dashboard  Community Vitality  Conversion Rate  Amplification Rate  Applause Rate  Economic Value  Insights Google Analytics  # of website visitors generated by social media websites  Top social media websites that are bringing in traffic  # of website conversions that resulted from social media traffic  Top website pages viewed by visitors who were referred from social media websites Inpire Blog  Monthly visits  Story submissions  # of comments and shares  Traffic to
  21. 21. Community Intranet Leverage social models inside the organization  Enable realtime collaboration  Connect individuals to relevant personalized information  Facilitate the capture and sharing of institutional knowledge Build rich user profiles  Identify components that drive action  Facilitiate interaction, content creation and sharing  Establish connections that drive business outcomes Replace and retire  Remove dated systems  Activate new tools and resources
  22. 22. Twitter Surgery Objectives• Position St. Luke’s Regional Epilepsy Center as a destination for epilepsy treatment• Demonstrate the expertise and clinical coordination provided by the neuro- services team• Create awareness for epilepsy surgery as a treatment option Audiences• Epilepsy patients and family members• Medical professionals, students and associations/academies• Medical journals and other similar publications• Epilepsy organizations, associations, foundations, etc.• Media outlets
  23. 23. Patient Education
  24. 24. Creating Conversation• Opportunity to empower epilepsy patient to share his story• Educate other patients to possible treatment options• Personal perspective rather than medical
  25. 25. Generate Positive Word of Mouth• Sharing with friends/family adds a level of trust• Option to share from website and mobile device• Highest level of sharing activity around physician profiles
  26. 26. Review Building a strategic program  Alignment with organizational goals  Focus on consumer needs Flexibility for experimentation  Identify opportunities and evaluate options  Fail quickly, but strategically Strategic approach  Policies and program that protects the organization  Planning process that delivers direction and comfort  Content strategy drives a social media program  Plan for engagement Measure and report  Establish baselines/benchmarks  Do your best to show business value
  27. 27. And coming soon… Aurora is building an awesome community intranet Working with 7 Summits IBM Portal and Connections is the software 27
  28. 28. Thank 28