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Unit 22 brief 02
Unit 22 brief 02
Unit 22 brief 02
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Unit 22 brief 02


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  • 1. Name: Unit 22 Assignment No: 2/2 (Planning and pre-production will be cross referenced for Unit 1)EDEXCEL SUBSIDIARY DIPLOMA IN CREATIVE MEDIA PRODUCTION(Film and Television)Unit 22: Single Camera TechniquesTitle: Five Minute DramaIssue Date: See assessment calendarSubmission Date: See assessment calendarSubject Teacher: Andrew BirtwellUnit Learning Outcomes - On completion of this assignment learners should:Outcomes 1 Be able to plan a single camera production Unit 22 2 Be able to apply single camera techniques in a production Unit 1 1 Be able to prepare pre-production documentation for a specific media productionGrading Criteria AchievedUnit 22P2, P3, M2, M3, D2,D3Unit 1P2, P3, M2, M3, D2,D3Authenticity StatementI confirm that this is entirely my own work. It has not been copied from otherlearners, websites, textbooks, journals or other sources. I understand that gradesare finalised after marking and verification.Learner’s Signature __________________________________________________IV InitialIV Date
  • 2. EDEXCEL SUSIDIARY DIPLOMA IN CREATIVE MEDIA PRODUCTION (Film and Television)Unit 22Task 1 – 5 minute dramaScenario:You have been commissioned by FILMFOUR to produce a five minute short film forthe channel’s “thriller season”. The short films will play between the channels featurelength films and help showcase new talent. The film must contain a full and completenarrative and contain elements and techniques from the thriller genre.Your finished film should be of a technical quality that reflects near professionalstandards as well as showing creativity and flair in all aspects of production.Your final submission must include evidence and development of ideas in thefollowing areas:Devising: Thriller genre research; initial idea development; exploration of narrativestructures; character profiles; treatments; scripts; storyboardsResources: Auditions/screentests; properties; costume; location reccee’s; equipmentchecklists; consideration of sound design and visualsPlanning: Treatments; records of pre-production meetings; shooting schedules; callsheets; production roles; floor or location plans; prop lists; production schedulesHealth and safety: Risk assessments (studio, locations) Unit 22 and Unit 1: P2, P3, M2, M3, D2, D3Your final submission must include the following: • Pre-Production File (including all stages of devising and planning) • Final draft of script • Final draft of storyboard • Completed production on DVD • Audience feedbackBefore you begin your tasks, please read the assessment and grading criteria belowto identify how to attain a distinction grade in your work:
  • 3. Unit 22Unit 1Suggested ReadingBooksBaylis P, Freedman A, Procter N et al – BTEC Level 3 National Creative MediaProduction, Student Book(Pearson, 2010) ISBN 978-1846906725Evans R – Practical DV Film Making, 2nd Edition (Focal Press, 2005) ISBN 978-0240807386Figgis M – Digital Film Making (Faber, 2007) ISBN