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Question 4 evaluation elisabeth mullin

  1. 1. Question 4.How did you use Media technologies in the construction,research, planning and evaluation stages?Throughout the making of our music video we used a wide majority ofmedia technologies. Whether it was for planning and research, to theconstruction and editing of our video; using media technologies enabled usto ensure our video was made to look authentic and professional. We useda mix of hardware (Apple iMac and Cameras) and software (Final-Cut andPhotoshop) technologies.The main piece of hardware equipment used was the Apple iMac. We usedthe iMac throughout the entire process of our task such as the research andplanning, downloading and uploading, editing our final product andcreating our ancillary tasks. Using the Apple iMacs allowed us to make use of the most superior software available on the Macs such as Photoshop and In Design. This enabled us to ensure that our products were made to a high standard and quality; allowing us to create an authentic product. Initially when I first started to use the Apple iMacs, it wasquite challenging because I had never used the Macs before. However withsome patience and practice, I now am able to work the Macs with greatability.When we first started our coursework task, wecreated a blog on Blogger. We created a blog topublish our research, planning and final work.Using the blogs was a great way to see our work coming together visually,enabled us to plan out in our group what part of the tasks we were doingeach and was an easy way of keeping a ‘diary; of our work due to the blogshowing a timeline from the beginning of our work, to the final piece.Using the blog also allowed us to be creative because we were able to
  2. 2. create a background and chose the fonts and colours used. We were alsogiven the opportunity to increase our IT skills because we uploadedPowerPoint’s, Slideshares and Word Documents through Embed codes. Iused blogger last year in my coursework, and I feel the same as last yearthat using blogger is very easy and an efficient way of publishing work.Once we had made our blogs, we started our research process ofthe coursework. We used the Internet throughout our research, asit was a quick and efficient way of gaining reliable and validresearch and contained up to date information. We mostly usedGoogle because it is worldwide and is a useful source ofinformation. Within our research we researched well-known artists to find information about their brand image, album covers and videos. We used the search engine Google for this. Here is a print screen of an example of the research we carried out on Katy Perry’s album covers. Google enabled us to see clear examples of the album covers and allowed us to gain deeper insight into other things we needed to know.
  3. 3. Another way we found research was through You-Tube. We thought it wasvital to use You-tube within our research because our initial task was aimedat a music video therefore gaining research from a global website aimed atdistributing music videos was a great way of gaining information aboutconventions and techniques used. You-tube was appropriate to usebecause it is cheap, quick and easily available.We used You-Tube not only for our research but also for our evaluationquestions, such as in question one. Our aim was to analyse real media textsand incorporate their use into our media work. We used a wide majority ofvideos from You-Tube. We were able to use You-Tube because it is so easyto use due to its wide availability of music videos readily available from justa click of the button. We used You-Tube to also publish our own musicvideo. Using such a well-known global site was a great way of publishingour work and promoting our artist. We have already had 225 hits.
  4. 4. Another form of media technology used was the software equipment weused to film our music video. We filmed our video using a HD video cameraand a tripod in the media studio. The high definition camera ensured thatour footage was in the best quality possible, which helped our video to lookauthentic. We used a tripod to place the camera on to ensure all recordingwere still without any sudden un-even movements that would affect ourfilming. We were able to adjust the tripod to different heights to give us arange of camera shots such as long shots and middle shots.We were shown before hand how to use the equipment, even though I hadused the equipment last year so was still familiar with what to do. Beforewe filmed our actual video, we had a rehearsal whereby we filmed one ofour friends using the green screening. We added a background behind ourfriend to see if it would look realistic and so that we would have practice forour actual video.
  5. 5. We also used a 10-mega-pixel camera to take photos of our artist. As thecamera was such a good quality it allowed our photos to gain highresolution and be more authentic.Whilst taking our photographs, we used the lighting equipment in thestudio. We did this in order to ensure our lighting was the best it could be.We used a 3. Lighting to light our artist and 2 soft boxes to light the greenscreen to create a god croma key. It helped us to get the professional look.
  6. 6. Now that we had got our footage and images, we used Final Cut to edit ourvideo. We used a USB cable to transfer the footage from the video camerato the Apple iMacs. It was an easy way to do this because it was quick andefficient as all footage was saved and transferred easily. Once our footagewas on the Macs, we editing them using Final Cut.Final Cut was used massively throughout our project. We used final cut toedit our video from start to finish. Using Final Cut enabled us to ensure thatour video looked authentic because it had all the modern and up to datesoftware available. We were able to use the timeline to see our video inorder; this was helpful because it ensured that we were working inchronological order. We could also upload our track onto Final Cut so thatwe could edit our video clips to link to the music and make sure the lipsyncing was in time. We were able to edit the clips by adding effects suchas split screening, making the transitions of one clip to another be moreinteresting. We could make the video faster or slower and could rewindclips and even edit the clip to ensure the image looked bright and bold- toadd to the professionalism of our video. Overall using Final Cut hasmassively helped with our music video as it allowed us to make our videolook professional and authentic. Final Cut made it easy to edit our videoand also gave us opportunities to make our video even better due to thewide availability of effects obtainable.
  7. 7. We used InDesign to arrange, design and produce our ancillary tasks. This software was very helpful because it gave us the ability to be creative with our album covers and adverts. We used a variety of fonts that were available on InDesign and incorporated them into our ancillary tasks. We created our ancillary tasks onInDesign and I am happy with how they have turned out.When making our ancillary tasks, we uploaded a main background,uploaded the photos that we had edited, included font and usedtechniques on InDesign to make it stand out. We also used othertechniques such as flipping an image and making the image lesstransparent.I also used InDesign to create the backgrounds for our video. I created abackground and added an effect to it to make it look like a spotlight in themiddle.
  8. 8. We cut out the background using a pen tool to create a path to cutthe original background out from the green-screen. We also usedPhotoshop to make simple colour corrections and enhance the lookof our photos. We were then able to manipulate the photos to howwe wanted them to look using the cropping tools, editing thelighting of the photo and changing the colour. Using Photoshopworked well because I had used it last year in my coursework, and itis a quick and easy way to make our photos look even better for publishing.We also used Photoshop to produce mood boards for our research.
  9. 9. Another software device we used was Microsoft word and PowerPoint. Weused these to record important work, such as our evaluations andimportant PowerPoint’s for our research. I use Microsoft Word all the time so it was an easy way to publish my workas it allowed me to include text, images and helped make my work lookinteresting. I enjoyed using PowerPoint because it was also an effortlessway of creating a presentation of my work. I was able to include images,annotations, writing and video links. PowerPoint also enabled me to makemy work bold and eye catching as I could choose a background and colourscheme for my work. Overall I am very happy with the Microsoft software Ichose to use to publish my work, as I think it was a simple yet effective wayof displaying my thoughts and research.Finally, I used Slide Share to upload my work to Blogger. I found this a greatway of making my word documents and PowerPoint’s easier to read. Itensured that all my work was together and was easy to do; all I had to dowas upload my document to Slide Share, copy the link and post it to myblog.
  10. 10. Overall, throughout our entire media coursework for A2 we have used awide variety of media technologies in the construction, planning andevaluation stages of our work.I believe that the main factor for our work was the Apple iMacs as theyenabled us to fill our potential due to the wide availability of softwareavailable, such as Final Cut, Photoshop and In Design. Without the softwaredevices, we would not have been able to make our video look professionaland authentic. I am very happy with all of our work, from the research atthe beginning, to the evaluations at the end. I believe that mediatechnologies have played a massive part in this because of the up-to-datefeatures and effects available.