Question 4


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Question 4

  1. 1. Technologies Used
  2. 2. Research and Planning We did all of our research and planning on the website ‘Blogger’ we posted updates on the progress we were making. This website also allows you too post ‘Powerpoints’ onto your blog. We did powerpoints on many things like codes and conventions and branding. They are a better way too present your work rather than a word document as they are more interesting too read and look at.
  3. 3. Research and Planning While researching popular music video trends we watched a lot of music videos on Youtube. This was really helpful as you could also read the feedback left by the viewers and see which music videos had the most positive reaction. We also later used Youtube too gain feeback on our music video. We also used the internet too research what kind of music genres were popular by looking at the past few weeks ‘UK Top 40’.
  4. 4. Research and PlanningDuring research and planning we had too create a brand image to do this we created alogo using InDesign. InDesign is a graphics programme you can use to create shapesand manipulate any other graphic images. We then Used this logo in the backgound ofour music video and in our ancillary tasks.
  5. 5. Creating the music video Before we made the music video we had too learn how to use a digital video camera. This was best too use as it is easy and lightweight too carry around if shooting footage outside of the studio. Although the image quality is not amazing. We also used a tripod so then the footage would be even and steady throughout although on some shots; for example the footage of the fox and Colette was filmed handheld to make the footage seem fun and casual.
  6. 6. Creating the music videoFor the studio footage we used a HD camcorder this was necessary if we wanted too usegreen screen as it is easier to apply the chroma key when the image is better quality asthe edges wouldn’t turn fuzzy or blurry. Also too get the best quality image we used a lotof lighting, and we used soft boxes so then the lighting would be spread across the wholeshot and it would be bright but subtle. We used the green screen too project our brandlogo into the background of the band doing performance footage we did this too create aconsistent brand image.
  7. 7. Creating the music videoWe edited all of our music video on the software package ‘Final Cut’. We used thisprogramme to create all of our green screen, split screen and montage shots. We all hadtoo learn too use the programme which mainly consisted of dragging clips onto thetimeline and the cutting the clips too the appropriate time length and inserting theminto the right position on the timeline. We also used final cut too colour grade ourfootage which would give it a professional look.
  8. 8. Creating the ancillary tasksTo begin with we had too take photos to befeatured in both ancillary tasks we took thesephotos in a studio so then they would bebright and they would be able too have a cleanbackground which would make them easiertoo cut out and edit later on in the process.We again used soft boxes too create the rightlighting and took a large selection ofphotographs to be used on our ancillary tasks.
  9. 9. Creating the ancillary tasksWe then had too edit the photos inPhotoshop. To make most of the pannels inour Digi-Pack we had too cut out each ofthe performers from the background oftheir photo and put them onto a new layerwhich was the striped background creatinga mugshot theme. We also adjusted thebrightness and contrast of the photos toomake them bold and stand out. And onother panels we added colour filters toogive them a soft multicolor tint as our bandslogo is very colorful and we needed toocreate a clear brand image.
  10. 10. My EvaluationIn my evaluation I have again used Powerpoint but too create something a bit different Imade a ‘Prezi’ which is a programme online too create a more interesting presentationwith lots of layouts and colors too chooses form and interesting zooming in and outeffects. We then also filmed a directors commentary using video cameras and final cutagain. I have then uploaded all of my evaluation too the website blogger with all of ourresearch and planning and our final media products.