Lady gaga research tasks


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Lady gaga research tasks

  1. 1. LADY GAGA – BORN THIS WAY Research TasksUseful (newspapers) 1) Collect a few outspoken quotes from Lady Gaga in magazine/newspaper articles (at least 3.) Why might she deliberately do this? Be controversial? 2) Who is Perez Hilton? Why is it useful for her (or any pop star) to have him as a friend/ally? 3) Has there been any negative publicity surrounding her recent tour? Look at some online newspaper articles.Marketing and Advertising 1) Visit the official Lady Gaga website (global) – note down what is available on this website. How can you interact with the website? Can you download music from the site? What else can you buy?
  2. 2. 2) What is ? What does this website allow fans to do? Can they interact with the website? Why might her fans like this? 3) What is The Haus of Gaga (visit the website above) what do they do? 4) The music video for the single ‘Telephone’ features a duet with Gaga’s label mate Beyonce (Universal Music Group label) – why do artists/ label do this? E.g. Rihanna and Eminem, Coldplay and Rihanna etc… 5) Lady Gaga bans professional photographers from her concerts but encourages her fans to shoot footage and share it online – go onto YouTube and look at some of the footage from the recent concert tour – The Born this Way Ball (2011-12) Why might she encourage her audience to do this?Promotions: 1) Watch the video for Lady Gaga’s performances on the MTV VMAs (Video Music Awards) in 2011 and 2010 – Do these push her brand image/star persona? Why and how? 1) Has she toured for her album Born this Way? What is the name of the tour? Where has it gone? (World-wide? Which countries?) How many shows? Has it been successful? Why do major artists do large global tours e.g. Katy Perry, Rihanna etc...?
  3. 3. 2) Try to find some posters or marketing material for the tour – does it push the brand image of Gaga and the album? (Print these out.)3) Watch the music promo videos for the single ‘Telephone’ and ‘Marry the Night’ – can you spot the product placement in the videos? How many products are advertised in the videos? Why do artists do this?4) Merchandise: Gaga has recently launched a new perfume – what is it called? What does she say about the product? Why do music artists do this e.g. Britney Spears, P Diddy, Beyonce etc..?