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danny music video analysis

  1. 1. Analysis of Music videos
  2. 2. Ed Sheeran- The A Team http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAWcs5H-qgQ . This is a link to the music video of the song The A Team by Ed Sheeran . This is an example of a very typical music video because it fits in well with most of Goodwins six points. The visuals match the lyrics throughout the video as the song is about a homeless woman who is now a drug addict and a woman of the night. The video just gives the image of this girl doing these things.This is one of the opening shots that shows the protagonistsleeping on a Bench because she has nowhere else to go. There aremany more scenes throughout of her selling big issue and doingdrugs and then sleeping with a paying customer.
  3. 3. The A TeamThis music videos genre is indie, however there a a fewalternative characteristics to what you usually expect to see.There is only one scene with the artist in which is only a fewseconds, and there is no shots of him performing.This video does show a certainneed to sell the artist as itportrays Ed Sheeran as being anice guy and helping thehomeless girl outby buying a big issue.
  4. 4. There is a clear link throughout this song between themusic and the visuals. The song is a slow song and theediting works to represent this even more. The editingthroughout is quite slow and shots last quite long. Thereis a shot of the main character of the video sat down onthe floor of a main street, this shots lasts for quite awhile and the transitions are quite slow.
  5. 5. The White Stripes Seven Nation Armyhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0J2QdDbelmY&ob=av3eThis is a link to the music video of the song Seven Nation Army.This video is much different to the first one that I looked at. Itisnt based around a narrative. It is just made by some verycreative and effective editing.
  6. 6. Even though this is a music video that you don’t normallyexpect to see it still contains some of the genre characteristics.We do see the band in the video, and they are performing thesong which is typical of its genre. The video is done only usingthree colours; Red, black and white. This is effective because itgives a flashing effect as the video looks like its moving. It justlooks like there a triangles that keep moving through eachother and every time it shows the band doing something elsewhilst performing.This also goes to show that music videos don’t have to berelated to the song, this song has virtually no links between thevisuals and the music and lyrics. But because of the Creativeediting and everything that is happening the audience dontthink about this.
  7. 7. KASABIAN- FIRE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agVpq_XXRmUThis music video goes against Goodwins theorybecause there isnt any links between the visuals andthe lyrics. There is a link between the editing and themusic. At the start when there is just a slow paceddrumbeat and lazy vocals ,the visuals represent thisbecause the editing is slow, the camera stays on oneshot for quite a while. Then when the chorus kicks inthe editing speed is much faster.
  8. 8. There is a certain need to sell artist as there is with mostmusic videos around. It features the band throughoutthe whole video and they are the main characters in it.There are al so a few genre characteristics that match inthis video. The genre is indie. And the typicalcharacteristics that feature in this video are that theartists feature in the video, and they have guitars whichare normally associated with indie videos. Even if theyare using them as weapons.
  9. 9. ARCTIC MONKEYS- I BET YOU LOOK GOOD ON THE DANCEFLOORhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pK7egZaT3hs&ob=av3nThis music is very simple but effective. It just shows the bandperforming this track live. This uses all of the characteristicsof the genre for this song which is indie. It features a typical 4piece band performing their new track for the music video. Italso shows a need to sell artist because seeing a bandperform on the music video makes you want to go an watchthem live . There is a good variation of shots used in thisvideo to stop people getting bored when they watch it.