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Chris martin media evaluation question 3
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Chris martin media evaluation question 3


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Question 3 - Chris Martin Evaluation

Question 3 - Chris Martin Evaluation

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  • 1. Chris MartinWhat have you learned from audience feedback?
  • 2. What is the target audience?• Our target audience is mainly in the 14-22 age range. This links to our chosen genre (punk) – rebellious, energetic and angst-filled, so teenagers and young adults will be able to relate to it – as pop punk lyrics often refer to what is happening in many young people’s lives.• The socio-eonomic status of our audience is E (Subsidence). This is due to the target audience being students mostly – so they are likely to only have part time jobs at best.• Our Psychographic Profile would be Aspirers. This is because our target audience is likely to have phones, laptops, and other high tech, expensive technology or clothing that gives them status.• Using McQuail and Blumlers theory of Uses and Gratifications, we can see that our text could be used for our target audience to find ‘Personal Identity’, through linking lyrics in the songs to their own lives.
  • 3. How have we set out to appeal to them?• We have done this by providing an constant flurry of interesting shots that takes at least a few watches to try and watch them all. This also means that the more people watch it, the more they will notice about the video. We have also used a mixture of greenscreen and location shots in an attempt to keep our audience’s interest. Fast-paced editing has also been used – this not only keeps with the pace of the song, but keeps the audience interested.
  • 4. • Before starting production on our project, we asked our audience a variety of questions regarding their musical taste and their preference for music video. The results are below:
  • 5. We used the results of this feedback to help appeal to the audience. We did this byfocusing on the song and artist in the video – making it exclusively performancebased, without a narrative. While the results shows the majority preferring bothnarrative and performance in a video, we could not feasibly fit a narrative into ourproject.
  • 6. • Following the completion of our project, we asked our audience for feedback on the video. The results are below (while this is only one result, the questionnaires completed were all extremely similar):
  • 7. • While many of the audience enjoyed certain elements of our video, such as the fast pace and the choice of camera shots, some didn’t like other elements such as the lack of narrative. It was also believed that we used too many explosive backgrounds. However, all were in agreement that the editing was first-class.
  • 8. We also recorded the reaction of our audience immediatelyfollowing viewing of the video: