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Btec genre introduction
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Btec genre introduction


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  • 1. GENRE
  • 2. We will cover: Examine the concept of genre How genre can be useful to audiences and producers of media texts Use genre as a critical and analytical tool
  • 3. Definition Genre is a French word meaning type In media studies we use it to categorise media products which share similar characteristics E.g. Music, narratives, mise en scene etc. Genres are made up from rules or typical patterns. These characteristics/typical elements make up the formula of a genre. They are called GENERIC CONVENTIONS.
  • 4. Graham Burton (2000) “Genres are created through a process of repetition and recognition leading to anticipation and expectation.”
  • 5. The Last Stand (2013) Trailer http://www.yo tch?v=oc0x- jiewTE
  • 6. Genre & Expectation As genres become established audiences begin to have certain expectations These are all generic conventions that audiences would expect a gangster film to contain Car chases, Guns, Villains, Violence, Urban setting, Mafia, Family, Honour, Corruption, Beautiful women, Revenge
  • 7. Repeating formulas Reality TV is a sub-  Celebrity Big Brother genre of documentary.  I’m a celebrity Big Brother began the  The Farm craze in 2000. As soon as it proved successful  Escape the formula was  Space Cadets repeated over and over  Dumped as different  Come Dine with Me programmes.  Survivor Each is a slight variation on the Big Brother  Shipwrecked formula. “The same but  Hell’s Kitchen different”.
  • 8. Reality TV conventions Strangers with conflicting personalities living together Humiliating tasks A diary room Nominations/evictions Audience votes Hidden cameras Twists Conflict People trapped together
  • 9. Your expectations… What kind of experience do you expect from the horror genre? What kind of situations? Which typical technical elements do you expect? (Cinematography, lighting, editing, sound) What kind of narrative elements?
  • 10. Evil Dead (2013) Traier ag& m%2Fresults%3Fsearch_query%3Devil%2B dead%2B2013%2Btrailer%26oq%3Devil%2 Bdead%2B2013%2Btrailer%26gs_l%3Dyout ube.3..0l10.6078.14389.0.14483. 904PVs
  • 11. Why do We Like Genre? Genre texts are successful because AUDIENCES like their…- Familiarity (like a warm blanket!)- They give us an informed choice QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.PRODUCERS of media texts like themas they..- Give them a blueprint or toolbox to use and experiment with- They have a proves popularity - so they can (almost always) guarantee some success- They can target their audience more easily - marketing campaigns etc…
  • 12. Hybridity Genre’s can be mixed and combined to form genre hybrids There are two distinct advantages for producers and audiences: Film/TV Dramas are less predictable and feel new and “fresh” More genres means wider audience appeal
  • 13. How Genres Change All genre texts combine… “The familiar and the unexpected” (G.Burton 2000) The “same but different” (Nick Lacey 1999)
  • 14. How Genres Change Repetition of the conventions could lead to boredom. To keep us interested producers offer us what we know with a twistE.g. this can be …- Hybridity- New SFX- Different characters
  • 15. Shaolin SoccerHow does this genrefilm offer the “same butdifferent”?