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2012 glee marketing

  1. 1. "Glee" pushes boundaries of TV marketingBy Observer ScenePublished: Wednesday, September 9, 2009Updated: Wednesday, September 12, 2012 11:09Several of the characters have Twitter, a MySpace, and a Facebook accounts. "RachelBerryGLEE," the Twitter account for the overachiever character, is most likely updated by an intern in Foxs marketing department, but the accounts 4,435 followers can read updates like "Wait, Cop Rock was cancelled???" and "Spent an hour trying to think of a style of performance I dont excel in and couldnt come up with one."During last weeks repeat airing of the pilot, cast members even updated their personal Twitter accounts for a live-stream commentary on the episode - blurring the line somewhat between reality and fiction. For example, the "sensitve jock" Finn, doesnt have a Twitter, but the actor Cory Monteith does (hes searchable as "frankenteen.") More than 10,000 followers read about this summers "Glee" mall tour through his regular updates.The long break after the pilot episode and the gimmicky musical format could work against "Glee," but the shows creator and promoters have used their resources to keep the quirky comedy in the publics mind like that summer song that you cant get out of your head.
  2. 2. http://www.thingfo.com/blog/4-entries/10-cnn-glee-breaks-ground-with-innovative-markWhen Fox aired a sneak-peek episode of its new series “Glee” four months before theshow actually premiered, it took a big chance that the audience would still care.To help maintain the buzz, it delved into social networking, maintained a strongonline presence, dispatched the show’s actors to malls across the country and held a fan contest.In an era when episodic television is battling for ratings against reality television andbroadcast TV faces the loss of audience to cable networks, those familiar with theindustry said, such innovation may have to become the norm.“Particularly for those networks that skew younger such as Fox, CW and ABC to anextent, they are going to have to really promote all of their shows all year long andfind new ways to keep them in front of their viewers and remind them that they arethere,” said Ed Martin, a television critic who writes for JackMyers.com….“The ‘Glee’ premiere this fall did better than what Fox is calling the preview after‘American Idol,’ ” Gorman said.The result has been an strong fan base with a deep engagement who are taking tosocial networking to spread the message and buying the songs on iTunes, Earley said.“What we have is this core of really passionate, very savvy fans, and they aredefinitely ambassadors for the show,” said Earley, who added that executives havebeen pleased with the ratings.…
  3. 3. http://www.vulture.com/2009/09/glee_1.html •9/9/09 at 2:15 PM • 15Comments Will Fox’s Unique Marketing Strategy for Glee Pay Off? •By Mark GrahamHey, you remember Glee, dont you? If youve beenwatching Fox anytime in the last few weeks, youvealmost certainly had the message drilled into yourhead that the show is relaunching tonight at 9 p.m.Fox has been carpet bombing its airwaveswith Glee promos fairly incessantly for the last fewmonths and has even gone so far as to rerun thepilot — which, as youll recall,originally aired back in May — two times in thelast week. All of this was part of anintensive marketing campaign for the program,one that got its start when critics positivelyswooned over the show during last winters TCAconference. So now only one question remains:Will you be watching it?
  4. 4. http://www.tvweek.com/news/2009/04/glee_pilot_doubles_as_marketin.phpOur goal is to turn the people who watched it into brand ambassadors, to usehackneyed marketing-speak,” Mr. Earley said. “We believe that when you watch thisshow, you can’t help but get out the word.”But Fox doesn’t just want word of mouth pumping up the fall premiere. Instead, it plans tomake the “Glee” pilot ubiquitous over the summer, so that people who hear the buzz for theshow can sample it immediately.To that end, Mr. Earley told TelevisionWeek that Fox plans to make the “Glee” pilot availablefor on-demand streaming via Hulu, Fox. com and other sites. In addition, producer 20thCentury Fox Television is considering a plan to make the pilot available on DVD not longafter it airs on the network—possibly by giving it away for free, a person familiar with thediscussions said.“If you talk to your buddy and say, ‘You’ve gotta watch this show,’ we want to make surethey have a place to go,” Mr. Earley said.
  5. 5. Among the other ways Fox will keep people buzzing about “Glee” over the summer:—“We’ll be deepening engagements with characters from the show over the summer,working with social networks,” Mr. Earley said. Translation: Don’t be surprised if charactersfrom “Glee” start showing up on Twitter and Facebook.—Fox has partnered with Photobucket.com for a national promotion encouraging viewersto show off their “gold-star potential” by submitting photos and videos of themselves.—Extended featurettes will air in theaters throughout the summer blockbuster season.—Look for “Glee” advertising on major summer concert tours. Fox also will have streetteams promoting the show at recreational venues during major holiday weekends. “We’regoing to be in places where people gather over the summer,” Mr. Earley said.—Fox will use its summer hit “So You Think You Can Dance” as a marketing base, thoughdetails of potential cross-promotions have yet to be finalized.—Those who have already seen the pilot will be encouraged to remain engaged via asteady barrage of behind-the-scenes footage, interviews and other content, some of itculled from an advance photo session. The network has begun introducing outdoor ads and weekly magazine print ads touting the pilot, along with spots on its own air. It will have pre-May 19 screenings of the show in the top 10 media markets, including one at a Santa Monica, Calif., high school, which will be attended by the “Glee” cast.
  6. 6. http://www.outofmygord.com/archive/2009/11/18/A-Lesson-in-Social-Media-from-Glee.
  7. 7. http://marcbinkleymarketing.blogspot.co.uk/2010/10/glee-my-happy-exploration-into-m
  8. 8. http://www.thingfo.com/blog/4-entries/19-thingfo-powers-biggest-gleek-social-media-gamThe hilarious new show from Fox, "Glee", is using the latest product from Thingfo, code-namedBrushFire, to create the Biggest Gleek social media game.Built with our new product, the BrushFire game engine, the game is designed to find andreward the top fan evangelists for "Glee", who call themselves Gleeks. We do this in severalways by tapping into the social web to engage users, reward them for creating and sharingcontent and links, and engaging with Glee. Fans can join and sign in to the game with theirexisting identities from Facebook, Twitter or MySpace. We award players with points formentioning the show or its stars in updates to their Facebook, Twitter or MySpace statusfeeds. We give bonuses if content is commented on, @replied to on Twitter or Re-Tweeted,since all those actions indicate a measure of engagement if not quality. Importantly, weput limits on the numbers of times per day that players you can earn points for variousactivities (3x/day for status messages, for example) to discourage spamming.Players earn additional bonus points for using the game’s customized short URL’s(http//glky.us) toshare Glee-related content. With these short URL’s, our players can seehow many clicks they’re driving — and get bonus points for each click! 
  9. 9. Most importantly, the game is rocking. Look on the leaderboard for the BiggestGleek game and you will see some of the most passionate and influential Gleefans from around the web. Gabby Curtis, also known as “Gleeky4lyfe” on Twitter,is a determined fan who’s within striking distance. Other fans are climbing theleaderboard: Rob Black “GleekRob” who according to his Twitter bio, “runswww.GleeFan.com, a fansite and blog for Glee!” is now #4.The Biggest Gleek game is fun, it’s drawing in the top social evangelists andchanneling their energy and enthusiasm. We can do ROI analysis by countingmessages posted, numbers of followers and clicks driven, but the fan enthusiasmremains priceless.
  10. 10. The Glee Guide to Attracting a Raving Horde of Social Media Fanshttp://www.copyblogger.com/glee-social-media/
  11. 11. Encourage your fans to connect with you.Glee’s marketing team are absolute geniuses about social media.Glee has a vibrant website with regularly updated content, including video sneak peeks, interviews withactors, quizzes, and photos. The site features discussion boards and a weekly Gleek newsletter.The website even features an iPhone app called “Tap Tap Glee” for fans who want to go mobile with theirMcKinley spirit.In social media circles, Gleeks are invited to participate in the Glee conversation in a myriad of ways,including:•Glee’s Facebook page has attracted over 16 million fans. Glee posts at least twice a day with news,award announcements, special previews and regular reminders about upcoming episodes. Fans cancomment on all the status updates and videos with encouragement, suggestions, and feedback.•The Glee Twitter account is also constantly updated, and consistently links to the actors’ individual Twitteraccounts, assuring Glee fans have access to their favorite stars, too. Almost a million fans follow the mainGlee page and the Glee conversation is constant.•Glee’s YouTube Channel features more than 120 videos, most of them of musical numbers andinterviews. Their videos have received over 300 millions views. Fans can share their thoughts on anyvideo, and each video is embeddable, so fans can share Glee news on their own websites and blogs.By creating an online presence that gives fans scores of ways to interact with the makers of Glee and theirfellow fans, they provide an extraordinary supplement to the experience of watching Glee at home.They offer Gleeks the opportunity to talk about their favorite things — reliving this week’s show, andspeculating on possibilities for the next episode.Have you given your customers places to connect with you via social media?Do you give them news, interviews, and fun behind-the-scenes previews of what you’re up to next? Ifyou’re not, you’re missing a fantastic opportunity to turn your regular customers into crazy screaming fans.Give them a place to show the love.
  12. 12. http://www.invokemedia.com/glee-social-media-interactive-television/Glee first stepped on the musical theater television screen nearly one year ago (May 2009). Asa television show, their marketing efforts were one of the first to push for a dominant onlinepresence. They recognized the shift from passive to interactive TV and were one of the firsttelevision shows to direct viewers online. This occured via blogs and social media sites likeFacebook and Twitter, with fans taking up the charge on other social media sites likeTumblr. Prime time TV is getting into interactive (or ‘social’) TV by maintaining social media sites meant to heighten the viewers experience with the story and the characters they’ve created…. and prime time TV isn’t the only one. By leveraging the social web, Gleeks (Glee + geeks = uber-fans) have more media to digest and more fun to be had than ever before. However, social networks aren’t the only places viewers can satiate their thirst, many social applications are finding their way to the market, such as our video conversation application Vidrollr designed to facilitate online conversations about anything from episode reviews to question & answer sessions with characters from the actual show. The CW Network offers another great example, claiming their programs are TV to Talk About. Their site is a place where viewers can discuss their favourite parts of an episode online and interact with video extras, behind the scenes clips, photos, forums, music and more.
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  15. 15. http://bundlepost.wordpress.com/2012/02/17/tv-show-glee-raises-fanpage-marketing-ba Every once in a while a brand does something really unique in social media that ups the bar by a huge level. Even more rare is a social media marketing technology that does that very thing also. This week, Fox Broadcasting‘s hit show Glee did both in partnership with the unique custom fanpage app created by Social Stage (read the announcement). The campaign allows fans of the show to create their own personal Glee fanpage. Fans are able to select their favorite characters and build their own customized Social Stage micro site complete with images, video and more right within their own created fanpage on Facebook.
  16. 16. http://rowmanblog.typepad.com/rowman/2011/01/everything-old-is-new-again-the-market January 31, 2011 Everything Old is New Again: The Marketing Magic of TV’s Glee By Elizabeth Barfoot ChristianGlee went on a four-city tour of 13 live concerts last summer. One Los Angeles show sold out in 30 seconds, surprising even longtime music industry insiders. Expectations for 2011 are even greater, as the audience has only grown. Gleehas graced the cover of Rolling Stone and performed for President Obama. Dozens of websites have been created by Gleeks, the show’s loyal followers, and keep a constant update on characters, musicians who should get the Gleetreatment, and merchandise offerings from ringtones to tangible products and where to buy them. Macy’s already has a Glee clothing line and plans to launch a home décor line this spring. “Glee” has become a brand unto itself.Entertainment Weekly writer Tim Stack called “Glee” the music industry’s “biggest story of the year.” First aided by its American Idol lead-in, it’s expected to gain further ground when in February FOX airs a special episode immediately following the Super Bowl. 
  17. 17. http://articles.latimes.com/2011/aug/11/entertainment/la-et-glee-3d-20110811 Marketing Glee the movieShow runner Ryan Murphy and 20th Century Fox togetherdecided that a movie was a sensible way to extend the "Glee"brand in the wake of the hit albums and concert tour."There were parts of the country we couldnt hit and parts ofthe world we couldnt hit, and this was an opportunity to makesure those people could also see it," said Dana Walden, co-chair of 20th Century Fox Television, which produces the showand was the creative force behind the movie, which is beingreleased by its sister Fox film studio.
  18. 18. http://www.stltoday.com/entertainment/movies/reviews/glee-film-is-more-marketing-than Glee film is more marketing than movie When the TV show "Glee" started two years ago, it stood out for its combination of sharp dialogue, compelling story lines and well-chosen songs. The show has faltered a bit, but the franchise has expanded quickly with albums, tours, car commercials and even a spinoff competition show. With "Glee: The 3D Concert Movie," enough is enough. Even die-hard fans will cover their ears in protest. The film combines a hodgepodge of elements. Concert scenes from the cast tour are interspersed with interviews with the actors in character and footage of real fans gushing about how much they love the show. The result is more like a long commercial than a cohesive movie,
  19. 19. Glee Merchandise Season OneGlee (One Season)-         Singles on iTunes-         Glee the Music: Volume 1-         Glee the Music: Volume 2-         Glee the Music: Volume 3 Showstoppers-         Glee the Music: The Power of Madonna-         Glee the Music: Journey to Regionals-         Glee – Volume 1: Road to Sectionals – 4-disk DVD box set-         Glee – The Complete First Season –   7-disk DVD box set (Sept. 14th, 2010)-         Glee: The Beginning – Book (Sept. 1st, 2010)-         Glee: Foreign Exchange – Book (Feb. 15th, 2011)-         The series has also just signed a deal to release a Karaoke machine, a Wii game, board games, trivia games.-         Hallmark cards will be introduced-         Macy’s will be carrying a Glee-related clothing line.-         Summer Tour
  20. 20. http://vizeum.co.uk/p/case-study/20th-century-fox-glee-using-superfans-to-add-to-boxse Glee – Using superfans to add to boxset salesGlee is a huge E4 hit. Its upbeat, high energy and ironic styledelivers the perfect light entertainment fix to huge numbers ofviewers and opinion formers. Vizeum was tasked to find ways totranslate this cult TV community into volume DVD box set sales onthe High Street with a budget of less than £100,000.This was a far from simple task in a marketplace where due to theclosure of Woolies and increasing levels of piracy, box set salesslumped by 30% year on year.Our research also made it clear that our core audiences areexactly those who are most comfortable with PVRs, VoD, SeriesRecord functionality, iTunes and illegal downloading, meaningthey are unlikely to rely on box-sets for episode catch-ups.The Vizeum InsightGlee evokes a strong emotional reaction from many of its fanswith a high affinity between audiences and the characters. Ourbuzz tracking revealed that many viewers identified with thecharacters and would cheerlead for them online.
  21. 21. The StrategyOur strategy was to exploit this sense of participation by entering into a very earlyconversation with the show’s superfans to get them to identify and then create theadditional content which would make the box set an essential purchase. This extra contentwas then seeded and promoted through the same community groups that had helpeddevelop and create it. This content included:• Glee singalong spots on the X-Factor tour• Gleeoke nights at Lucky Voice• Gleemobbing events across LondonThis activity was broadened out and promoted through a Heat partnership, a Nationwidecompletion to find the UK best Glee club and a highly targeted TV campaign.ResultsIn a declining market sales of the Glee box set are already running 56 percentage pointsahead of the market average.Glee now has over 3m facebook fans.Consequently, Fox Marketing have established a permanent social marketing programme andare researching and marketing all future releases inside their social fanbases.
  22. 22. http://gr8erthan8.blogspot.co.uk/2011/03/glee-money-making-machine.html READ ALL ARTICLE ONLINEGlee charges "over $270,000 per 30 seconds in the fall and $370,000 in the spring,” which is the 3rd highest price for advertising on television. This is peculiar because they are ranked 33rd in total viewers. However, one should not be too surprised since they are able to draw in one of the most high-quality audiences that a show can have. However, in spite of this gigantic revenue base, the producers are still looking for alternate streams of income. Glee, which has a “cost [of] more than $3 million” per episode, has made up these costs by aggressively selling merchandise. The success of their first season’s advertising campaign to drive viewers to iTunes in order to buy singles, albums, and shows, culminated in “4.2 million downloads of songs featured in its episodes” and “as of December, ‘Glee’ now has 102 songs” that have made it to the Billboard top 100. Additionally, product placement has been huge. An entire episode was devoted to a bright yellow, convertible Corvette which allowed one of the teachers to “break out of his doldrums and try to win back his girlfriend.” The “Camaro and the Cruze” have also made appearances on the show, which is part of a strategy to target the heavy female audience. This use of product placement is only the beginning as producers and executives look for ways to make Glee as profitable as other primetime dramas that often cost up to 50% less. However, with a karaoke machine, a Wiki game, multiple board games, trivia games, and books, Glee is becoming profitable, which is unusual in the early life of a television series, and is becoming “not unlike the kind of revenue juggernaut [that] ‘American Idol’” turned out to be.