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PSEO Information for Midpoint Campus Center


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PSEO General Information for Midpoint Campus Center

PSEO General Information for Midpoint Campus Center

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  • Do not have to just take math, science, english, social studies, etc…can take courses for fun like dance, scuba, computer gaming etc…almost any course you wish if you qualify…
  • Give ACT scores/ point out sheet in packet…
  • Transcript

    • 1.  Post Secondary Enrollment Option B (PSEO B) Credit-in-Escrow/ Option A
    • 2.  Free tuition and books Counts on high school transcript and college transcript Must be taken during the academic year Fall deadline for application – June 15th
    • 3.  Paid for by student and parents Counts on college transcript / May also be used for high school credit Classes can be taken during the summer as well as the academic year Deadline for application – 3 weeks prior to start of term
    • 4. Freshman Sophomore 3.9 GPA for 7 & 8 grade  3.7 GPA for 8 & 9 grade accumulation accumulation Complete assessment  Complete assessmentJunior Senior 3.5 high school GPA  3.0 high school GPA Complete assessment  Complete assessment
    • 5.  If students do not  For example: meet the GPA  If a student has a 3.0 requirements for GPA in math, they PSEO-B, they can can take a college take a class in one level math. area that they have a special talent in.
    • 6.  Students can choose general education or core courses that will transfer to state colleges and universities. Students can choose electives or other courses that they find interesting or cannot take at the high school that may help in career exploration or to prepare for college expectations.
    • 7. Freshmen◦ one course per semester◦ must meet prerequisite Juniors and Seniors ◦ equivalent of a high school Sophomores day◦ two or more courses per ◦ must meet prerequisite semester may be allowed◦ must meet prerequisite
    • 8. # of periods in your high school day (excluding the standard lunch period)_# of Carnegie units you are taking through your high school__________________________________re sult multiplied by 5
    • 9.  Students should notify middle/high school of intent to participate (get intent form from school) by March 30 Complete college application AS SOON AS YOU DECIDE to PARTICIPATE . Turn in to HS immediately! Discuss college course selections with your high school counselor and have them send in school transcript.
    • 10.  Most Colleges require students to take COMPASS Assessment. Check for sample questions and lab hours. Or…Submit ACT/SAT scores to college.
    • 11. Benefits & Cautions
    • 12.  Attend college while still in high school Count credits for both high school and college Use credits at college or transfer credits Complete college degree in fewer terms and with greater flexibility Reduce overall costs of college education
    • 13.  at
    • 14. Cost Per Semester HourLCCC $ 103.05 CSU $ 373.00KSU $ 425.00 Univ. of Akron $ 385.19Univ. of Toledo $ 316.58 Baldwin-Wallace $ 820.00CWRU $1,615.00 Oberlin College $ 1780.00John Carroll Univ. $ 935.00Above tuition is for Universities on a Semester System for academic year 2011/2012
    • 15.  Offset the difficult process of obtaining scholarships Take courses not available at high school Increase opportunities for career exploration Experience diversity by exposure to students of different backgrounds, ages and beliefs
    • 16.  College Site: student is removed from the high school environment HB 282, 3.0 high school GPA is required in subject area
    • 17.  Grades earned in college coursework may affect high school class rank College grades are usually computed into GPA (depends on school policy) • Some schools add quality points for college courses, like they would for honors courses • Even an A in a college class can sometimes negatively impact student’s class rank
    • 18.  Students may find it more difficult to partake in high school extra-curricular activities Students will be exposed to course- work geared toward adult learners Students may not have the maturity for the college atmosphere
    • 19.  College transcripts are permanent records Students retain entering freshman status toward federal and state financial aid--check with receiving institution about their scholarships School districts will seek financial restitution if student fails or withdraws from a course
    • 20.  High school graduation may be jeopardized if a student fails or drops a college course that is also being used for high school credit. • Work closely with high school counselor • Give your absolute best effort • Talk to your instructors! • Get help/tutoring if necessary
    • 21.  Students will follow college calendar. Breaks and days off and finals may differ. FERPA – No interim reports or parent conferences…
    • 22. Thanks for coming out this evening!