ebuzzing beim SMCHH: Is your Facebook Fan Page worth anything


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ebuzzing präsentierte beim Social Media Club Hamburg (kurz: SMCHH) zum Thema "Is your Fan Page worth anything?"

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ebuzzing beim SMCHH: Is your Facebook Fan Page worth anything

  1. 1. Is your Fan Page Worth Anything?
  2. 2. We spread branded content through social media by leveraging a global audience of over... 800m+ unique users per month Using Social Video Advertising, Facebook Fan Recruitment and Sponsored Conversations, we have created campaigns for more than 2,000clients 40,000Influential blogs, vertical social networks, Facebook applications, social games and mobile apps, providing an explosive mix of INFLUENCE REACH ENGAGEMENT Who we are
  3. 3. Intangible Value Brand Equity, Audience Data, Product Feedback, engagement, gaining product ambassadors Tangible Value Direct sales, traffic generation, media equivalent value How Much Fan Juice Do You Have?
  4. 4. Measure the Fan Juice!
  5. 5. 1. Direct Action Tracking
  6. 6. Acuitis Case Study – Eyewear Chain > 350 Participants 8300 votes 5000 Fans recruited Phase 1: Facebook Casting
  7. 7. Acuitis Case Study – Eyewear Chain Over 125 Attendees 37 sales Generated At event >4000€ Gross Margin Generated Phase 2: In-store Fan Discount Event + Casting Results
  8. 8. 2. Media Value
  9. 9. Media Value Calculator – Beta Release Feb. 2012
  10. 10. Taste the Fan Juice!
  11. 11. 3. Audience Data
  12. 12. With our L.E.A.D tool we analyse 3Bn+ data points from the Social Graph to determine interest affinity and engagement in order to recruit the highest quality fans for you Blogger network Leveraging.Engagement.Affinity.Data
  13. 13. Philips LEAD Tiramisu Hyundai Olive Oil
  14. 14. Infiniti LEAD Pampers Tabasco Carlsberg
  15. 15. 4. Co-Creation & Product Feedback
  16. 16. Aubade Leading Lingerie brand Used Facebook competition to source content for their “Lessons in Seduction Guide”
  17. 17. Vitamin Water Vitamin Water Used Facebook app to source Flavor, name, packaging for new product
  18. 18. Yves Rocher Cosmetics Blogger & Facebook feedback about scent of a new product, led to rapid modification of product
  19. 19. 5. Fans to Ambassadors
  20. 20. Fan to Ambassador Value- Exchange Transparency, perks in exchange for sharing/recomme nding Measure Impact Net Promoter Score or Proprietary Measurement Engage Contact privately to involve start the “conversion” process Identify The Superfans based on engagement
  21. 21. Thank you ! Questions?
  22. 22. Brand Awareness ✓✓✓ ✓= Emerging ✓✓= Confirmed ✓✓✓= Powerhouse Existing Fan Base ✓✓ ✓= 0-25K ✓✓= 25K-100K ✓✓✓= >100K Content / Application ✓ ✓= Basic Contest ✓✓= Attractive prize/Innovative engagement ✓✓✓= Unique content/extraordinary prizes FB creatives ✓✓ ✓= Few options imposed by client ✓✓= Ability to recommend some images ✓✓✓= Full control Targeting Criteria ✓ ✓= Very specific demographic & geo-targeting ✓✓= Wide group with some delimitations ✓✓✓= Only country level Geographic Market(s) ✓✓✓ ✓= High competition (UK, Germany) ✓✓= Medium competition (France) ✓✓✓= Low competition (Italy, Spain) Campaign Timing vs. volume ✓✓ ✓= Small volume, short time ✓✓= Mid/Large volume (>30K) short time ✓✓✓= Large volume, long time Pricing Methodology for Fan Campaigns