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Suzanne Mc Guirkslideshare


Published on

About Me

About Me

Published in: Technology, Education

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  • 1. Suzanne McGuirk
    • My name is Suzanne & I chose to pursue a degree in Educational Technology to further develop my very basic computer skills.
    • I have 3 children, 2 boys & a girl, who keep me very busy.
  • 2. My Life Before I Joined the HHH Team
    • Before joining the HHH Team, my computer skills were very limited.
    • I use PowerPoint presentations in all of my classes and use Excel spreadsheets for all of my grade recording.
    • I utilize WebCT in all of my classes and find it to be an excellent tool to supplement my class notes, textbook, etc.
  • 3. My Work: Radiologic Technology
    • I teach at CW Post in the Radiologic Technology Program and have been there for many years.
    • The courses I teach are
    • Radiographic Procedures I & II, Radiation Biology & Radiation Physics.
  • 4. Technology I Currently Use
    • Web CT- All of my classes are posted on Web CT. I find it to be a great supplemental tool.
    • Powerpoint- I use presentations in my classes. I’m good at the basics but can use to learn more about graphics, audio,etc.
    • Smart Board – I love it!
    • Excel – Used for basic grade keeping
  • 5. My Kids
    • Matthew is 9
    • Jack is 3
    • Kathryn is 3
    • months
  • 6. Music I Like
    • Bruce Springsteen , AKA -The Boss
    • I know I’m showing my age, but I’ve liked him since I was in high school
    • He’s a talented artist. I love this YouTube clip.
  • 7. Other Music I Like
    • Faith Hill – Most who like
    • country, like Faith Hill
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    • v/mwd5eIc2hL8&rel=1&quot;></ param >< param name=&quot; wmode &quot; value=&quot;transparent&quot;></ param ><embed
  • 8. My Collaboration Group
    • My collaboration has chosen to do a project on what we feel is an important topic at a variety of grade levels. Our focus is on Character Education. We began last year by developing a program that encourages students to build character traits such as, responsibility, respect, apathy etc. We hope to continue with our program this year by creating a virtual quilt online that can be accessed by any
    • participating school.
  • 9. Why I Decided to Join the HHH Team
    • As an educator, I feel the the field of technology has grown & changed so much since I graduated from college. I decided to pursue a degree in Educational Technology in an effort to get up to speed on some of the latest technology. I already use some of the information I learned last semester in the courses that I teach.
    • Although I’m not the most technologically advanced student & it takes me time to get a good grasp of some of the technologies, I find it fascinating.
  • 10. My Second Year of TEAM
    • I’m hoping to further my knowledge of current technologies and hopefully become familiar with some of the latest tools out there.
    • I plan to finish my degree some time next summer.
  • 11. Thank You & Have A Nice Day!