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Q6. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this project?
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Q6. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this project?


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Published in: Art & Photos, Technology

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  • What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this project?online -non copyrighted -non copyrighted - online blog-youtube, video uploads-prezi - online presentations-art of the title -blog analysing cideo clips of notable title sequences from film and tv
  • software:-adobe premiere pro cs5.5 -editing -adobe after effects cs5.5 - animation and effects - KEYLIGHT 1.2-adobe photoshop cs5.5 - image manipulation-Celtx - script writing
  • hardware:-green screen-lightscanon 550d, digital slr, full HD 720p 30fps, used 720 pixel aspect ratio because not enough room on the network (fs6), didnt use 50fps as not enough memorytripoddell PC, windowsMP3 recorder, sony
  • Transcript

    • 1. Q.6What have you learnt about technologies fromthe process of constructing this project?
    • 2.  Since the preliminary task, where I was introduced to Adobe PremierePro CS5.5, I have discovered more program’s and have developed an arrayof skills. I have had the opportunity to use equipment like the greenscreen and Canon 550 camera’s. I have learned how to use a lot of toolswithin certain software which has enabled me to help create a sequencefar better than the preliminary one. I am about to discuss the differentsoftware, hardware and online media which I have developed skills for inorder to complete our main task.
    • 3.  For the preliminary task, I only had the skills applicable to the basicusage of Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5; an editing software. Since then, Ihave discovered how to create a dynamic link using Adobe After EffectsCS5.5; an animation and effects software. I have also started to use theeffects, styles and transitions on Adobe Premiere Pro, whereas I didn’tknow about this before. One of the skills I now have on Adobe AfterEffects is being able to alter the sequences colour and background byanimating, stylizing, distorting and keying.Software
    • 4.  Our film, Elijah, is a gothic-fantasy, therefore we needed a non-realisticdream-like setting for the dream scene. This meant we could use the greenscreen. We used the process of keying in post-production to create thedesired background. On Adobe After Effects there is an add on calledKeylight 1.2, which enabled us to add the background to the footage.Keylight 1.2 not only let me change the background, but allowed me tosoften the edges of the characters in the footage in order to keepcontinuity, as it looks more realistic.Software
    • 5.  I also used Adobe Photoshop CS5.5; an image manipulationsoftware. I used this to create the title Elijah for the end of thesequence. I had never used Photoshop before, but I taught myself thebasics by just using the program. I did it on Photoshop because itsaves as a high quality image and also, it allows me to use fonts fromonline websites and manipulate them to how I want it. However, inthe end, we decided not to use this image.Software
    • 6.  I have also used the Celtx software which is a script writing program.It allows me to create a script which is usable in the film industry. It isimportant to have a legitimate type of script as every little aspect isimportant. For example the font needs to be Courier New instead ofsomething like Comic Sans – which would be frowned upon inHollywood. Now I know how to use this program, I can easily write up ascript readable for actors. These skills will come in handy when creatingfuture sequences.Software
    • 7.  The main piece of hardware which we used was the Canon 550d. The Canon 550dis a digital SLR camera which films up to 50fps at full HD (720p or 1080p). For ourfilm we used the 720p pixel aspect ratio because there wasn’t enough room on theNetwork- FS6. Meaning used only 30fps as there wasn’t enough memory space. I havelearned the basics on the camera like setting it up, getting the right angles, zooming,panning, lighting and focusing. As I quickly developed these skills I applied them to ourproduction; therefore I was a great help to the group. I have learned that the moreframes per second means the higher the quality of the image (higher pixel aspect ratio),I have also learned that it is vital to film more than one of the same shot due tomistakes going un-noticed.Hardware
    • 8.  We were one of the only groups to use the green screen and lighting providedby the college. We controlled the brightness and darkness of the scene usingprofessional studio lights. The lights had a swivel slightly translucent umbrella and atripod stand which could be altered to the desired height. By using this equipment,I’ve learned that lighting is important because its so easy to create unwantedshadows and unwanted bright patches. Also I’ve learned that having creases or darkpatches on the green screen ruins the outcome of the Keying on Adobe AfterEffects CS5.5.Hardware
    • 9.  Other hardware I used and developed skills for was a Dell PC with Windowsand a SONY Phillips MP3 recorder. I was able to develop loads of different skillson the PC using software already mentioned. I first used an MP3 recorder for theambience track in the Preliminary task, so I applied these skills for the main task andmanaged to get a good ambience for the silent parts of the sequence. Throughoutthis experience, I’ve learned that PC’s can be very temperamental when using lots ofsoftware at once and rendering entire sequences. Next time round I’ll probably bemore patient with it.Hardware