Value Of CAAS Accreditation

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Learn about the value of ambulance service accreditation

Learn about the value of ambulance service accreditation

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  • 1. The Value of CAAS Accreditation
  • 2. The Value of CAAS Accreditation
    • Why are you here today?
  • 3. An Overview: CAAS Mission
    • “ The Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services is an independent accrediting agency which exists to encourage and promote the highest standards for medical transport systems.”
  • 4. An Overview: CAAS History
    • Conceptualized by EMS Task Force in the early 1980s
    • Independent Commission Established 1990
    • First Services Accredited in 1993
    • Currently Over 150 Agencies are Accredited
    • Internationally Recognized
  • 5. Over 150 Accredited EMS Providers
    • United States, Canada and Caribbean Islands
    • Fire-Based Services
    • Commercial Services
    • Government /Military Services
    • Small Volunteer Services
    • For-Profit and Not-for-Profit Services
    • Urban Services
    • Rural Services
    • Municipal
    • Hospital-Based Services
    • Public Utility Models
    • Public/Private Partnerships
  • 6. An Overview: What is CAAS Accreditation?
    • Five Steps to Accreditation
    • Step 1: Self Assessment
    • Step 2: Submit Application and Documentation
    • Step 3: Evaluation
    • -Off Site Review
    • -On Site Review
    • Step 4: Deliberation
    • Step 5: Accreditation
  • 7. What Are the CAAS Standards?
    • Nationally Recognized as The Gold Standard of Care
    • Established by EMS Industry Leaders from Across the EMS Spectrum
    • Considered to be Essential Components for a Modern EMS Agency
    • Often Exceed State or Local Regulation
    • Comprehensive yet Flexible
  • 8. What do the Standards Include?
    • The CAAS standards focus on increasing performance and safety while decreasing risk and liability across the entire spectrum of the organization.
  • 9. What is the Value of CAAS Accreditation?
    • Any agency can claim it is delivering a quality service; but a CAAS accredited agency can prove it.
  • 10. What is the Value of CAAS Accreditation?
    • Written, documented procedures, systems and reports
    • Strong financial accountability
    • Proven Medical Director involvement
    • Established Continuous Quality Improvement program
    • Closely monitored and trended response times
    • Systems for recognizing, identifying, resolving, reporting and trending issues as they develop- and preventing future events from occurring
    • Documented safety and compliance programs
    • Quality fleet and equipment maintenance programs
  • 11. What is the Value of CAAS Accreditation?
    • Increased Productivity
    • Increased Communications
    • Improved Financial Performance
    • Increased Accountability
    • Improved Clinical Performance
    • Increased Safety and Performance
    • Heightened Community Awareness
  • 12. What is the Value of CAAS Accreditation?
    • Fewer Clinical Errors
    • Reduced Risk
    • Decreased Liability
    • Reduced Loss
    • Fewer Insurance Claims
  • 13. What is the Value of CAAS Accreditation?
    • “ Accreditation demonstrates our firm commitment to providing top quality patient care to the Plano community that we serve… the maintenance of it will provide us with the stimulus for continuous quality improvement through critical self-assessment.”
    • Chief Hugo Esparza, Plano Fire Department
  • 14. CAAS- Beyond the EMS Community
    • Does CAAS Accreditation matter
    • to anyone other than EMS?
  • 15. CAAS- Beyond the EMS Community
    • State EMS Rules Regarding Accreditation
      • Currently 6 US States have already enacted legislation that recognizes
      • CAAS accreditation:
      • Missouri North Carolina
      • Texas Michigan
      • Iowa North Dakota
      • Recognizes that CAAS accredited services exceed state requirements and/or standards
      • Allows accredited agencies to bypass some or all components of the state licensing or inspection process.
      • 10 other states are currently reviewing the CAAS standards for consideration.
  • 16. CAAS- Beyond the EMS Community
    • County and Municipal Regulatory Oversight
    • CAAS accreditation becoming a requirement or highly desired component to Request for Proposal language
    • Many Cities and Counties now require CAAS accreditation by ordinance
    • CAAS is actively meeting with County, Municipal and Government officials across the county to increase the awareness of CAAS at the regulatory level
  • 17. CAAS- Beyond the EMS Community
    • Hospital and Healthcare Facilities
    • Have a heightened awareness of accreditation
    • Accredit not only their facility but many of the specialty care departments and subsidiaries
    • Are being held responsible by Joint Commission for the quality of contracted services
    • CAAS is working with Joint Commission and large healthcare providers to require or highly encourage contracting with accredited service providers
  • 18. CAAS- Beyond the EMS Community
    • YOUR Community
    • Preservation of your existing service area
    • Citizens want assurance that they are spending tax dollars wisely
    • Provide validation to the community that your agency is providing the highest quality service
  • 19. CAAS Application Fees
    • Three-Tier Fee Schedule Accommodates Agencies of
    • Varying Sizes
    • 1-4,999 Annual Patient Transports = $3,500.00
    • 5,000 – 19,999 Annual Patient Transports = $7,500.00
    • 20,000 or More Annual Patient Transports = $10,000.00
  • 20. Site Review Fees
    • $5,000.00 - $6,000.00
      • Travel
      • Lodging
      • Meals
      • Reviewer Honoraria
  • 21. How Can my Agency Justify the Expense?
    • “ Show me the money!”
  • 22. How Can my Agency Justify the Expense?
    • CAAS Agency Survey Responses
    • “ When seeking future funds, personnel positions and equipment, our local officials cite our CAAS accreditation as demonstration of fiscal responsibility.”
    • “ We have experienced overall improvement in almost every area of our operations. CAAS accreditation helps to maintain consistency within our department.”
    • “ CAAS Accreditation has helped streamline our organization.”
  • 23. How Can My Agency Justify the Expense?
    • CAAS serves as an independent review of your entire organization
    • CAAS provides the template for a comprehensive, high quality infrastructure
    • CAAS helps you increase productivity, quality and safety measures while decreasing your risk and liability
    • CAAS accreditation demonstrates your commitment to your employees, your patients, and the citizens of the community you serve
    • CAAS accreditation signifies that you are among an elite group of providers that has successfully reached the “Gold Standard” of pre-hospital care
  • 24. How Can My Agency Justify the Expense?
    • “ As a direct result of our compliance with CAAS standards, EMS revenues for the Town of Derry Fire Department are amongst the highest in our region. Higher returns in EMS revenues offset the costs associated with maintaining CAAS accreditation.”
    • Chuck Hemeon, Paramedic Director
    • Derry Fire Department
  • 25. How Can My Agency Justify the Expense?
    • Increased efficiency and productivity
    • plus
    • reduced risk and liability
    • equals
  • 26. Where Can I Learn More?
    • Contact CAAS at 847-657-6828
    • Visit our Website at
    • Call the Helpline at 1-877-457-CAAS (2227)
    • Contact a CAAS accredited agency
  • 27. Visit Us Online…
    • Visit for more information, materials and educational sessions designed to help your ambulance service become accredited.